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These are the archived messages from our old modern ruins message board. They may be useful to other people who are researching local history or are interested in abandoned buildings and urban exploration.

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An abstract of each archive is listed below. Note each abstract is an overview, not a complete listing of contents.

  • Archive #1 – King's College, Centralia, Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, Bennett College
  • Archive #2 – Putnam Division, King's College, Enchanted Forest, New Jersey ruins, Norwich State Hospital
  • Archive #3 – Centralia, Trolley tunnels, Abandoned homes in Cortlandt/Putnam Valley, Dutchess Mall
  • Archive #4 – Hudson Valley Forts, Bronx New York Central, King's College, Pocono Mountains, Centralia, Yorktown, Pennhurst
  • Archive #5 – Iron Mines in Putnam County, Bannerman's Castle, Byberry, King's College, Saratoga County Homestead Asylum, Centralia, Cornish Estate
  • Archive #6 – Mauseleum in Hancock New York, King's College (Fire)
  • Archive #7 – Saratoga County Homestead, King's College, Bailey Hall - Katonah NY, Centralia, Tilly Foster Mine
  • Archive #8 – Girl Scout camp, King's College, Iron mines in Hudson Highlands, Stone Chambers, Centralia, Bennett College
  • Archive #9 – Dixmont, Sunk Mine, Byberry, Putnam Division, Mt. Airy Lodge/Stricklands/Pocono Gardens, Westchester and Putnam ruins, Bailey Hall
  • Archive #10 – Briarcliff Lodge, Hudson Valley mansions/hotels, Saratoga Homestead, Pocono Gardens Resort