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Modern Ruins Archive #3

Posted by frank on 7/18/2002, 11:18 am

On july 13 drove to bloomsburg pa with two friends to go to a truck show. On the way drove through Centralia or what used to be Centralia.Upon pulling up to the main intersection we stopped and looked around and could not stop thinking we were on the set of an x-files episode. It was surreal to see all the side streets with side walks and steps that led to nothing. Getting to work the following monday I thought I would just punch in centralia to see if there was any info available. I was blown away by the story of this unfortunate little town and that of Byrnesville also. I will definately be back to check it out.

Re: centalia
Posted by K on 10/29/2002, 10:11 pm , in reply to "centalia"

As of the spring of this year, about 24 people still lived there.

Re: centalia
Posted by Bullah on 11/11/2002, 9:17 pm , in reply to "Re: centalia"

NO that's wrong! NO ONE lives in Centralia, it's been closed by the government!

Re: centalia
Posted by Paisley on 2/1/2003, 10:00 pm, in reply to "Re: centalia"

Ummmm....There are still people in Centralia! The town still has a mayor.

Re: centalia
Posted by Clarellyn on 2/3/2003, 7:33 pm, in reply to "Re: centalia"

There are people who refuse to leave Centralia. There are only about 20 or so people, but they do live there. They have no post office, police department/fire department because the government won't support them. The government bought most of the homes and businesses from 1963-1990 or so. Most people relocated, a few haven't and won't. It is not safe or healthy to live there, but they do.

Re: centalia
Posted by Brian C on 3/7/2003, 8:31 am, in reply to "Re: centalia"

I was in Centralia in the Summer of 2002. Did a lot of exploring, and talked to a few of the folks in town. (Yes, there are people who live there) The explanation that I got was that the town was declared the property of the state in the early 90's. The govenor of the state could forcible remove the remaining residents, but would you want to be the one who forced 20 people off of their land? The state has just left it alone. One man told me that almost everyone left is at least 70 - 80 years old. I assume the state is waiting for these people to pass away or move on their own accord.

Posted by djkairos on 7/21/2002, 9:23 am

Hello. I recently went on a vacation road trip to the Quebec area, and the way home to PA I stopped in the MA area, primarily to visit the Seagus Iron Works, a restored and 'functioning' 17th cen iron kilm. On my way back, I passed through Danvers, MA, and decided to search around for the great asylum. It is not hard to find, nor enter. The main complex is under heavy security though, my sister and I were escorted out by some very friendly and educated security guards (the one who interrogated me sat reading a collection of Lovecraft stories, and grilled me on my time-tested and thinly prepared trespassing excuse: "i am doing my senior thesis on foucaltian architectural theory, and i wanted to visit this place, since i am researching it for my project." turns out he read foucalt, which i didnt, but i was able to 'sweat' my way out, although they confiscated all my photos). anyway, the place is beautiful, and the largest state hospital i have ever seen. a 15+ section main building, with 5+ 3-4 story side buildings, 2 churches (one in greek revival style), huge mansions, a greenhouse, and other side buildings dotting the grounds. also, wonderful architecture and design and planning on the main building, its sterile brownstone exterior adorned with gothic copper arches and ornamentations. the side buildings, down from the main lot, are able to be viewed and photographed, but pale in comparison to the main complex. im working on a map of the premises and a 'guide' to visiting it, which will be available on my website, if i ever get it up.... peace/ chris.

Upstate NY
Posted by T.S. Razcon on 7/25/2002, 9:42 am

Anyone know of an abandoned hospital in Upstate NY? I myslef have been there but am looking for more information on it. The engraving above the Main entrance reads "Saratoga County Homestead" and it's in he Galway area of Saratoga county. Some of the kids around here say it was an insane asylum but i think that's just rumor. Any info would be great. Where should i look?

Upstate NY
Posted by T.S. Razcon on 7/25/2002, 9:42 am

Anyone know of an abandoned hospital in Upstate NY? I myslef have been there but am looking for more information on it. The engraving above the Main entrance reads "Saratoga County Homestead" and it's in he Galway area of Saratoga county. Some of the kids around here say it was an insane asylum but i think that's just rumor. Any info would be great. Where should i look?

Re: Upstate NY
Posted by CareBear on 12/8/2002, 5:10 pm , in reply to "Upstate NY"

I looked for information myself on the web and came up with nothing, my friend's father told me that it was an orphanage when he was little and the children all got sick and did from tuberculoises and it closed. I've heard the insane asylum one too, and that it was an old-age home too. If you find anything let me know

Re: Upstate NY
Posted by Ryan on 8/6/2002, 4:40 pm , in reply to "Upstate NY"

Try your local library's local history section or check out your local Historical Soceity. That usually works.

Abondoned Shopping Center
Posted by DJ Fox on 7/25/2002, 6:58 pm

Hey! I live in Pennsylvania and I have just found an abandoned shopping center right off of a highway. It may be a ways off from where many people live, but if anyone lives near the Philidelphia area here, you could check this out.

Near the intersection of Rt. 63 and Rt. 209 there is a movie theater called AMC 309 (I think that is what it is called) near an Olive Garden too. Across the street from there is an old shopping center called the English Village with no buisness at all. It looks like it was abandoned. There is vegetation and some poison ivy all over so look out for it... Even on the tops of the stores... However, you should check it out soon, they are planning to rebuild it soon (or so I've heard) I might be able to go over another time and take pictures and there is an open door around the back on the right side and it looks like there are holes in each store, one to another so you can go inside.

Posted by DJ Fox on 7/25/2002, 7:06 pm , in reply to "Abondoned Shopping Center"

I almost forgot one thing. The town it is in is Spring House PA and it is confusing to get there because there are two places where Rt. 63 and Rt. 209 meet up. Just go down there until you see the theater.

Re: DO'H
Posted by James Boylan on 7/29/2002, 1:51 pm , in reply to "DO'H"

Near the intersection of Rt. 63 and Rt. 209 Typing error, that's Pa. Rte. 309 NW of Phila. As part of the theme, that place used to have a red London, England double-deck bus. I don't know if it was anything other than a "prop". The "other" intersection is probably Pa. Rte. 463 & 309 at the former Montgomeryville Merchandise Mart. It has been rebuilt and modernized into an ordinary shopping center. [There's also an intersection of Pa. Rtes. 663 & 309 outside of Quakertown, Pa.

Re: DO'H
Posted by DJ Fox on 8/2/2002, 1:16 pm , in reply to "Re: DO'H"

Thank you for fixing all of my errors. Did you used to go there or something? and are those trucks out back owned by somebody? One looks very new but another behind it has alot of rust and looks like it has been sitting there for a while, possibly two-four years? Does anyone else have any info on this place like why people have left it?

Re: DO'H
Posted by Jim Boylan on 8/12/2002, 11:50 am , in reply to "Re: DO'H"

Mr. Fox asks, "Did you used to go there [to the English Village] or something?" The bank I used had a branch at a nearby competing shopping center called "Tudor Square". Both centers used similar themes and newspaper ads, which was confusing when I was looking for a sale or discount near the bank I was going to anyway. Jim boylan

Re: DO'H
Posted by DJ Fox on 8/6/2002, 7:54 pm , in reply to "Re: DO'H"

Ugh, so many replies from me. I think the other intersection was Rt. 309 and Rt. 63 (thats what the signs said) Right next to it. Well, almost next to it.

Ashley apartments Baltimore city
Posted by Chris G. on 7/31/2002, 8:56 pm

does anyone have any information regarding an abandoned apartment complex called "ashley apartments" on N. Broadway street in Baltimore city?

Re: Ashley apartments Baltimore city
Posted by Louella on 9/26/2002, 9:21 pm , in reply to "Ashley apartments Baltimore city"

I did hear from a lawyer friend that the complex was built on a contaminated site.

Re: Ashley apartments Baltimore city
Posted by Julitha on 10/29/2002, 10:08 pm , in reply to "Re: Ashley apartments Baltimore city"

There was a big lawsuit that the owners tried to keep out of the press. The site was contaminated by human waste and toxic cleaning chemicals that seeped into the water. I porta-potty company used the lot to dump the waste,prior to the building of the complex.

Estalina, Rt 28A
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 8/6/2002, 8:50 am

Along Route 28A in Ulster County in New York, about a 2 miles or so before it connects to Rout 28, there are 2 stone pillars and the remains of some stone fencing. On both Pillars is engraves the name, Estalina. Does anyone out there know what this place was or is?

Los Angelenos out there?
Posted by Hal on 8/10/2002, 3:23 pm

Hey yall, need people in LA to explore with! I live near downtown and this city is like a ghost town because everything is spread out so much. Lets infiltrate a building down on broadway.

Re: Los Angelenos out there?
Posted by Chris on 8/31/2002, 12:26 pm , in reply to "Los Angelenos out there?"

I live in Santa Monica. I am looking to photograph old buildings.

Kings Park Mental Hospital
Posted by MeL on 8/20/2002, 5:20 pm

There's a link to a site about the Kings Park Mental Hospital further down on this page but just some quick information: Its really not that hard to break in there. Friends have done it thousands of times. The guy that posted the site also has good directions to get there. Theres also a really nice beach called "the Bluffs" right down the road from it. If you get lost ask anyone where the Bluffs are and they will be able to direct you to it. You pass through the hospital on your way there.

Torrance State Hospital western PA
Posted by Tasha on 9/2/2002, 10:17 am

Hey I know of this place in Western pa that is abandoned and very creepy. If anyone wants to know about it send me an email.

Re: Torrance State Hospital western PA
Posted by Adam on 2/3/2003, 1:01 am, in reply to "Torrance State Hospital western PA"

hey i live in western pa and would appreciate any info you have on the hospital... location, history, etc.... Thank You

Re: Torrance State Hospital western PA
Posted by Matthew on 1/27/2003, 6:26 pm, in reply to "Torrance State Hospital western PA"

Hello, Where in western Pa exactly. I filmed an abandoned steel works in hoestead in may of last year??

Posted by James on 9/9/2002, 12:19 pm

I wonder sometimes if anyone thinks about the future relative to the past. Doesn't anyone know why this structure cannot be saved so my twin 5 month old daughters can enjoy the magnificance of such architectural beauty in the future?

Abandoned Coal Mines
Posted by Chris on 9/15/2002, 7:58 am

We have a site on exploring abandoned mines and old railroad buildings. If anyone else knows of an abandoned mine we will expolore it.

Re: Abandoned Coal Mines
Posted by website on 9/15/2002, 8:09 am , in reply to "Abandoned Coal Mines"

Ashley Apartments
Posted by DJ Fox on 9/22/2002, 11:53 am

It looks like it was either recently abandoned or not abandoned at all. From the looks of this page people still live in it. It is in Laurel, MD, Right? Go here and you can see alot of people have rated the apartment, maybe it just recently stopped because of bad management.

Baltimore county MD area sites and explorers
Posted by Chris G on 10/3/2002, 3:15 pm

I live in baltimore county MD and im looking for some new sites to visit in the baltimore/howard county area and i'd like to get in contact with some area explorers. you can contact me through aol/aim, screen name - feuermachtspass or e-mail me.

Baltimore county MD
Posted by Shieldr on 12/21/2002, 11:19 am, in reply to "Baltimore county MD area sites and explorers"

Ruined seacoast fortifications are all over Baltimore County. You can download complete maps from the internet if you do a search. Also, if you've got absolutely no concern for your own safety or the laws of the land, you can kayak out to some abandoned lighthouses and sunken ships in the area. Fort Armistead, Fort Carrol, and Sharps Light all come to mind. Be Careful.

I lived near Centralia all my life!
Posted by Ray on 10/7/2002, 11:34 am

Hello, I grew up in a town called Wilburton#2 (yes #2, Wilburton #1 is a mile away,both towns named after mine shafts)Wilbutron is about 5 miles north of Centralia.The town only had the smoke at the south end of town for the longest time but in never worked it's way north into town.Centralia was a pretty big town.Our school bus stopped 2 places in the town.When the minefire started to cave in Rt 61, they would close the road but open it back up again when they repaired the damgage.Finally they closed the road for good.I remember when they started to board up the buildings around the mid-eighties.They would board up all the windows and spray paint a number on the home.One home here and there was closed and then finally all of the homes were boarded up.I remember when they finished tearing all the homes down and there was nothing left in the town.At night when I would drive up the hill past Centralia they would still have on all the street lights for the town but nothing was there!I think a couple years ago they finally turned the lights out.

Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!
Posted by dkennedy09 on 10/13/2002, 6:44 pm , in reply to "I lived near Centralia all my life!"

Hello: although i am currently attending school in scranton, i live in mount carmel, around five miles from centralia. when i was younger, i also remember the hustle and bustle of centralia, its ethnic churches and many shops. but that was during the eighties, and the mine fire was already posing a problem - i distinctly remember the ground opening up under the weight of people in backyards (which isnt as strange as it seems, living in a deeply mined area; it happened more often than one would think where im from). on a side note, there is a play about centralia, made afew years ago. not to sure about what it is about, but i remember it being performed in my area... peace/ chris

Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!
Posted by Charlotte on 10/29/2002, 9:23 pm , in reply to "Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!"

My father was a doctor and had a private practice in Centralia during the 60's and 70's. My father died of lung cancer in 1980 and my sister and I now live in Mount Pocono and Wilkes-Barre respectively. I grew up there and still miss it very much.

Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!
Posted by Lydia on 11/11/2002, 9:15 pm , in reply to "Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!"

Charlotte, did you live in Centralia for a long time? Was your father's lung cancer a result of the mine fires?

Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!
Posted by Julianne on 2/3/2003, 7:20 pm, in reply to "Re: I lived near Centralia all my life!"

I was born in Centralia but we moved to Harrisburg in 1982 after a neighbor's kid was almost sucked into a massive hole that opened up in his backyard. My mother developed psychological problems from the fumes in our house. My dad was a firefighter and always felt guilty about this incident.

interesting photographer
Posted by Matt S on 10/10/2002, 5:19 pm

This guy shoots nudes among abandoned buildings, etc. I don't know if I agree with his tactics of using wire cutters to get past fences though..

Pa. Trolley Tunnels
Posted by James F. Boylan on 10/18/2002, 4:21 pm

"The Other Side of the Tracks" message board at: has a topic `"New" Trolley Tunnel'. It's about the Lackawana & Wyoming Valley "Laurel Line" tunnel in South Scranton, Pa. There are also refferences to the Wilkes-Barre & Hazleton Rwy. trolley tunnel under Interstate 81 at Penobscot Mtn. James Boylan

Re: Pa. Trolley Tunnels
Posted by yankee on 11/2/2002, 7:11 pm , in reply to "Pa. Trolley Tunnels"

The Laurel Line tunnel is back in service. It closed in the early 70's, I believe (I could be wrong). New tracks have been run through the tunnel and they do have the electrical wires up for the trolleys. The frieght trains have been running through it for the past year and trolleys are set to be running through by next April. Right now they are tourists trolleys that go on short 20 min runs, but in the future there may be passenger service between the new vistors center near Montage Mountain and the trolley musuem in downtown Scranton. The tunnel was interesting to see while it was abandoned, but it's good to see trains going through again. Yankee

Re: Pa. Trolley Tunnels Crown Avenue Tunnel
Posted by Shohola on 11/14/2002, 1:09 pm , in reply to "Re: Pa. Trolley Tunnels"

There are before and after pictures of the Crown Avenue Tunnel of the Laurel Line Interburban at explore

Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Erin on 10/29/2002, 10:06 pm

There is this huge white stately mansion in the middle of a residential area in the town of Cortlandt Manor New York. The house has a huge unmowed lawn and a high barbed wire fence around it with a gate. I've driven past it a million times and have never once seen cars in the driveway, trash cans out front, lights on inside or anything. There is also another house nearby. In the town of Putnam Valley on Canopus Hollow Road is a big brick house with a high barbed wire fence and no tresspassing signs. There's a beautiful house next door and even they don't know what goes on in that house or if anyone even lives there. Does anyone have any information on these houses?

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Andrea on 11/29/2002, 3:26 pm , in reply to "Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

I just passed the house on Caopus Hollow Road today with my Aunt. She owns a summer home hear there. The story she heard was that a police officer built that house for his wife. She had some kind of mental illness and the fence was put up to keep her from wandering off. However, she doesn't know if they still own the place or if anyone still lives there.

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Daytrips on 11/20/2002, 5:17 pm , in reply to "Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

The "abandonded farm house" on Stoney Steet is really an old barn with several sections to it. It's owned by the Phoenix House. Inside there is alot of their junk and religious ornaments. The actual farm house is across the street and lived in. "A lady bled to death", please. The mansion on Lockwood has always been lived in. There's a working car repair shop on the property as well. The very spacious lawn isn't cut because these people aren't rich. The lawn immediately by the house is cut.

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Scott on 11/7/2002, 8:33 pm , in reply to "Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

Sorry, I can't answer your question, but could you tell me on what road that house in Cortlandt Manor is located? I live nearby and would love to check that out along with the one in Put. Valley. Thanks!

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by anthony on 11/11/2002, 1:20 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

Please let us know the road these houses are on... I live in Cortlandt Manor, right on the Put Valley border Have either of you ever seen that abandoned farmhouse on Stony Street between Rt 132 and Rt 202 in yorktown. It's directly across from the entrance to the Phoenix Academy. I'm dying to know what's in there...

RE: abandoned farmhouse
Posted by Scott on 11/24/2002, 2:06 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

I actually just noticed that farmhouse on Stony St. yesterday as I was driving a friend back to his house..I'm hoping to check it out soon with another friend of mine..I'll let the board know if/when I do. -Scott

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Schae on 11/11/2002, 9:14 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

Local rumor has it that a woman suffered a miscarriage and bled to death in that farmhouse. No one knows what happened to her husband, neighbors say he left early one morning and never came back. The houses in Cortlandt Manor and Putnam Valley aren't close to each other. The one house is on Lockwood Road, you can't miss it. The other house is on Canopus Hollow Road.

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Sue on 11/16/2002, 7:57 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

Um, that house on Lockwood Road is not abandoned, people live there!

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Andrea on 12/12/2002, 6:45 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

Are you talking about that huge house on top of the grassy hill? (has a chain-link fence at the foot of the driveway, on the left hand side of Lockwood when heading away from the Shell Gas station?) Anthony

Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?
Posted by Josh on 2/3/2003, 7:17 pm, in reply to "Re: Abandoned Homes in Cortlandt and Putnam Valley?"

The people who live in that house are descendents of the Lockwood family. I went to school with the great granddaughter of one of the Lockwoods. It's not abandoned, just weird. No one seems to know what goes on there. I've seen cars coming and going, but I've never seen actual people walking on the property. No one goes up to the house, not even on Halloween. The girl I went to school with doesn't live in the area anymore.

Posted by TankDude14 on 11/1/2002, 2:17 pm


Posted by Yankee on 11/2/2002, 7:34 pm , in reply to "ISNT THAT DANGEROUS?"

It is extremely dangerous! Whenever exploring abandoned buildings you must use extreme precaution. You should be aware of the floor and roof in each area of the building you explore. Years of decay take their toll on buildings. The floors weaken and the roofs may be falling down. The buildings also may be abandoned due to hazardous wastes or unsafe structures. Also abandoned buildings may contain populations of homeless ( I doubt this in your case) so try to avoid them. Also be aware of things you may step on. ie nails and such. Also NEVER go alone. Make sure you always go with at least one other person and another person who is not with you should know where you are. Technically it is never legal when you go on someone else's property. You might want to obtain their permission first (if possible). Use your judgement. Also as a rule "Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints." understand? Its people who go to the places and cause trouble that ruin it for the rest of us. Yankee

Posted by Tank14 on 11/3/2002, 4:59 pm , in reply to "Re: ISNT THAT DANGEROUS?"

thanx dude. The place is on public land but there have been 2 fires there since I began exploring it. ! of them occured naturally when a tree was hit by lightning. The other was set by some teenagers who went there at night. I think they were arrested. Anyway, there are also 2 wells at hte place i call The Old Silo. Luckily for me, they are well marked and one of them is boarded up. Most of the houses are in ruins so it is hard to tell what they once were. Is there a way of finding out what may have originally stood there? The houses/buildings/whatever they are have long since collapsed. Only the concrete silo remains standing. If there is a way to find out what these 1920s/30s buildings are, plz tell me. I woulkd really appreciate it.

Posted by Tank14 on 11/3/2002, 5:12 pm , in reply to "Re: ISNT THAT DANGEROUS?"

Also, i found some info last year that may help. The place was originally owned by the Tufts(i think thats how its spelled). They owned a large part of the land that is now DeSoto Texas along with the Nances whose house/farm still remain and are a city landmark. I live in DeSoto which is just south of Dallas. Anyway, the Tufts grew cotton and raised horses and cattle. I know this because of the remains of horse stalls that are there and a large concrete basin that was probably used for animal drinking water. My question is, why would the Nances farm still be there in perfect condition with people currently living there but the Tuft's farm be gone?

(no subject)
Posted by Eileen (Gaughan) Cizewski on 11/1/2002, 11:15 pm

I am searching for information on my Centralia/Ashland ancestors. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Hugh Hart came from Ireland some time before 1860. During the 1860 Conyngham Township, Columbia County PA census, he is shown residing in what appears to be a boarding house owned by Pat and Grace McDonald. Hugh is listed as a miner, aged 27, who was born in Ireland.
Also listed in this boarding house is Sarah Hart, age 20, born in Ireland. I suspect that Sarah is the sister of Hugh. They are not listed together, but quite a few names apart. Hugh will later have a daughter named Sarah, most likely named for this sister. Between 1860 and 1870, Hugh Hart married Catherine Monaghan, who was born in Ireland, and was likely residing in the vicinity of Conyngham Twp. when they met.
In the 1870 Conyngham Township, Columbia County PA census, Hugh Hart is listed as age 50, working as a laborer in the mines, born in Ireland. Listed as his family are:
Catharine, wife, age 47, born in Ireland
Mary, daughter, age 7
William, son, age 4
Catharine, daughter, age 1
Sallie (Sarah), daughter, age 9/12

1880 census for Butler Township, Schuylkill County, which neighbors his previous residence, Hugh?(tm)s family is listed as follows:
Hugh Hart, age 50, miner
Kate Hart, age 50
Mary Hart, age 17
William Hart, age 13, laborer
Kate Hart, age 12
Sarah Hart, age 9

1890 directory for Butler Township shows the Hart family as follows:
Hart, Catharine. William 24 laborer, Kate, Mary.
Hugh?(tm)s daughter Kate married Daniel Henry Doolin, who is the son of James Doolin and Ann Kennedy. Daniel was born and raised in Ashland PA, which also neighbors Butler Township. Daniel and Kate had 4 children:
William Doolin, born Apr. 1893 (died WW1 of influenze)
Ann Doolin, born Nov 1894
Marie Doolin Brennan McDonald, born 1902
Daniel Hugh Doolin, born May 18, 1905

Daniel Hugh Doolin married Madeline Martina Long, the daughter of Edward Long and Magdalena Wertz. Daniel and Madeline had 4 children:
Catherine T. �Kitty� Doolin Madden Silvestri, born 1927
William M. Doolan, born 1929
Ann Marie Doolin Gaughan, born 1935
Daniel Joseph Doolin, born 1939
Ann Marie Doolin, my mother, married Donald Gaughan, of Centralia. Their children include:
Joseph W. Gaughan, born 1953
Daniel P. Gaughan, born 1956
Coleen A. Gaughan Hulse, born 1957
Joleen E. Gaughan Leggett, born 1960
Donald D. Gaughan, born 1962
Eileen C. Gaughan Cizewski, born 1972

Another of Hugh and Catharine?(tm)s children, Sarah, married John Dorsey, of Strong PA, which is located outside of Mount Carmel. John Dorsey is the uncle of the Fabulous Dorseys, Tommy and Jimmy, of the the Big Band Era. Sarah and John Dorsey owned a tavern outside Mount Carmel, and had 4 children, but I believe only one of them survived beyond childhood age.
1930 census records show them as:
John J. Dorsey, age 60, proprietor
Sarah Dorsey, wife, age 57
Mame Moore, daughter, age 42 (Mary or Marie)
Sarah Moore, granddaughter, age 19
Kathryn Moore, granddaughter, age 18

Their residence was at 234 Girard St., Mount Carmel Twp. John Dorsey and Sarah Hart were married in 1889, in Ashland. It is recorded in the records of Northumberland County.
If anyone can provide information regarding the family of Hugh or his bride Catharine Monaghan, I would greatly appreciate it. Who are Hugh and Catharine?(tm)s parents? Siblings? What counties in Ireland did they come from? Why? When? How?
I am hunting for pictures, additional family members, stories, burial sites, anything at all! Also, I wish to locate descendants of Sarah Hart Dorsey, William Hart, and Mary Hart.
Please contact me with details at lilred72(at)
Thank you,
Eileen Cizewski
Stillwater PA

(no subject)
Posted by Eileen (Gaughan) Cizewski on 11/1/2002, 11:15 pm

I am searching for any guidance on my ancestors who landed in the coal fields of Centralia PA. The 1900 census shows a large clan of Gaughans emigrated in 1884 to Centralia and neighboring village Byrnesville. I believe a good portion of this brood is as follows:
Anthony and Mary (Wilson) Gaughan (born 1840 & 1853)
Patrick and Julia (Dixon) Gaughan (born ____ & 1838)
Edward and Rose Gaughan (born 1849 & 1849)
Dennis Gaughan?
Michael and Hanna Gaughan (born 1854 & 1856)
William Gaughan (born about 1850s)
Patrick and Honora Gaughan (born 1848 & 1851)
Mary (Gaughan?) Ruddy (born about 1845)
Bridget (Gaughan?) Barrett (born about 1845)

I suspect that most of these are siblings.
I know for sure that Anthony is the son of Anthony and Mary Gaughan.
The hard part is the loss of the 1890 census! This brood was in the US for 16 years before they showed up on any census. I have not been able to trace what ship they arrived on, and can find nothing on them until 1900 (with the exception of marriage and birth records). Can anyone direct me on better ways to trace their paths?

Now Anthony Gaughan and Mary Wilson Gaughan's clan includes the following children:
Mary Gaughan Gillespie (born about 1865 - 68)
Honoria (Nora) Gaughan Fallen (born 1865)
Anthony J. Gaughan (born about 1873)
Ann Gaughan Byrnes (born about 1873)
James Gaughan (born about 1875)
Patrick Gaughan (born about 1878)
Philip Gaughan (born about 1879)
Catherine Gaughan Monahan (born about 1881)
Margaret Gaughan Laughlin (born about 1882)
Anthony and Mary had a total of 11 children. I suspect this may be their child:
Bridget Gaughan McAndrew (born about 1866)

Their son, Anthony Joseph, is my great grandfather. He married Ellen A. Daley, of Centralia, and had six children:
Anthony J. Gaughan (born 1897)
Sarah Gaughan Smolke Harris (born 1899)
Owen Gaughan (born 1902)
Philip Gaughan (born 1906)
Joseph O. Gaughan (born 1909)
Mary "Mamie" Gaughan Tyson (born 1913)

Joseph Owen Gaughan married Esther Rita Dropesky, of Mount Carmel PA, and had 5 children:
Anthony J. Gaughan (born 1929)
Virginia Gaughan Reilly (born 1930)
Donald P. Gaughan (born 1932)
Joleen Gaughan Yokemick (born 1936)
Raymond J. Gaughan (born 1943)

If you have any info that can help me, primarily regarding the older generations, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!
Eileen Cizewski

Dutchess Mall
Posted by Haleigh on 11/16/2002, 7:59 pm

Does anyone know what happened to the Dutchess Mall on Route 9 in Fishkill NY? It's been empty for about 10 years now and looks really bad. The place is falling apart. When was it built and when did it officially close?

Re: Dutchess Mall
Posted by Tim on 2/3/2003, 7:28 pm, in reply to "Dutchess Mall"

The anchor store for most of the time Dutchess Mall was open, was May's Department Store. It closed in 1980 and was vacant for about 6 or 7 years. They had a big blue curtain covering the entrance in the mall, no gates or anything. My aunt worked at the department store from the time it opened till the time it closed. She said that the management gave them three weeks to get the store ready for closing. She said it was rather strange because the store was doing well. Unfortunately the area was drying up as new malls were built in other neighboring areas. The mall itself is very creepy now. A friend and I went to the McDonald's at the mall last weekend. We decided to take a walk near the mall. While they use the old Jamesway/May's for flea markets, the rest of the mall is falling apart, and spooky. There is no sound, no nothing, very eery.

Re: Dutchess Mall
Posted by Karinna on 3/13/2003, 1:23 pm, in reply to "Re: Dutchess Mall"

When you go to the Flea Markets at the old mall, you can see that the entrances to the mall are just locked. You can still see into the mall from the glass doors. There are ceiling tiles missing, cracked floor tiles, wire hanging from where lighting fixtures once were. When the Flea Markets are in the old Mays/Jamesway store, they have a good portion of the store blocked off. They don't let you get anywhere near the in store mall entrance. It smells very musty and things are dirty. It's really a shame because this looks like it was a very nice mall at one time. My husband and I just moved to Fishkill last year so we weren't here when the mall was open. It's such a beautiful area.

Re: Dutchess Mall
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 11/18/2002, 9:03 pm , in reply to "Dutchess Mall"

I remember going to the Dutchess Mall when I was a kid. There was a department store there called "Mays." They had commercials on TV with a slogan: "Every day's a sale day at Mays." According to, the Dutchess Mall was built in 1974. It closed in early 1999, and by October the Dagar Group announced plans to convert the defunct mall into the "Hudson Valley Metro Center." Additional reading: Ancient Mall Reveals How Humans Used To Shop

Re: Dutchess Mall
Posted by Lauren on 11/18/2002, 9:07 pm , in reply to "Re: Dutchess Mall"

I was going to college in the area during the late 60's and could have sworn the mall was open in 1968 or 1969. Maybe I'm mistaken. If you say it opened in 1974, it must have been 1974. I must be thinking of another mall.

News from Overseas
Posted by Eike "Mryia" Kreibohm on 11/21/2002, 6:46 pm

Hi again. Maybe I have said it before, but I don't know that so a say it again: My name is Eike and I'm living in the city of Berlin, Germany. In the former socialist east side of Berlin, to be exactly. With the fall of socialism and the industry, but also with the cultural worths, many buildings and instititions are abandoned now. A great place for someone who likes modern ruins Recently I found a nice ruin in the forest near a S-Bahn station: The "Waldburg", a former tourist cafe, at last used as a vacancy home. I've put some pics online at OK, so much for that. For all who are interestet in showing their local modern ruins, on photos or descriptions, I founded a yahoo group: At least I will try to post there regulary Oh, and don't blame me for my maybe bad english, I try my best Greetings, Eike

Re: News from Overseas
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 12/2/2002, 11:59 pm , in reply to "News from Overseas"

Hallo Eike! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! -Karl

Posted by Patrick on 11/26/2002, 11:47 am

Why does every other state have all these cool abandoned things? Virginia seems to have a tendancy not to abandon things, with the exception of a few old NIKE sites. Does anyone know of aything in VA that is good to go to? I'd go to Maryland as well. I went to the Glendale Hospital. It is huge. Caution is advised though, as there is a Prince George's county substation right on the campus that is manned 24/7.

Posted by Shieldr on 12/21/2002, 11:13 am, in reply to "Virginia"

If you are willing to cruise up to Baltimore, MD for a weekend, I heartily recommend renting a kayak and camping out in the ruins of Fort Carrol in Baltimore harbor. I got the idea from a webpage posting about a kayaker who visited it once, but as far as I know I'm the only one who has ever spent the night there alone since it was abandoned. Blueprints of all disused seacoast fortifications can be found online--we even have some here in Virginia! If you have any questions or want more info, I'll do what I can. For anyone who decides to go--please be careful, these ruins are part of our history and the Fort Carrol lighthouse in particular has been vandalized several times.

Re: Maryland
Posted by Chris G on 1/13/2003, 6:30 pm, in reply to "Maryland"

i am very interested in visiting such a place, do you know the address of those web pages?

Posted by Shieldr on 1/17/2003, 9:54 am, in reply to "Re: Maryland"

PDF maps of Seacoast Fortifications: The inspiration for my journey: [dead link] Quick clarification: This isn't MY webpage, but rather the webpage where I got the idea from. I went after dark one February night and had a very different adventure. Shieldr

Re: Virginia
Posted by JimBoylan on 11/27/2002, 12:46 pm , in reply to "Virginia"

There's a railroad tunnel under Richmond that collapsed in the 1920's with the last train still inside!