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Modern Ruins Archive #10

Abandoned home\ or docter office.
Posted by Michael on 5/9/2006, 9:13 pm

Last month, I have visited a abandoned home, in Marietta Georgia Canton Road. Its my first building I've explored, instead of a Media Play, or a freaking Parking lot, or a Winn Dixie. I really explored this I mean really. I went inside the garage first, and there was this old car, abandonded six years ago to today. All I saw mostly was Junk. Saw Water heater, Electric area, Old coffie Maker, Old Keyboard, Old Cassete Player, Toliet, Kitchen was full of dishes, junk, ETC. I saw a new coke can, a Explorer, or the owner before me. I go Alone, and probably will do it for a while. I only brought my camera. No Flashlight darn it. But in one room I had to be careful cause of a daycare right beside it. Didn't want to use flash a lot, or make noise. A school Bus chased me out though LOL, Cause I thought it was a cop car. I also saw music notes LOL, and a old Computer keyboard.

under downtown Pittsburgh
Posted by chris on 5/26/2006, 9:52 pm

I have been told that under the second sub-floor to Kaufman's dept store there is old trolley cars ...also told to me by a city worker that there is mazes of old subway tunnnels not the canals but subway and train tunnels that connect downtown Pittsburgh to route 28, highland park, and several .......there is still a steam train from the 1800's buried in one of the tunnels under downtown Pittsburgh...also there is a tunnel built by the government during the cold war from Pittsburgh to Philli to transport materials...supposly the government is using it for transporting miltary items was built in the early 1900's...

Re: under downtown Pittsburgh
Posted by JimBoylan on 6/15/2006, 5:19 pm, in reply to "under downtown Pittsburgh"

The Main Line Canal tunnel under Grant Hill is not the same as the Panhandle Railroad tunnel, now used by a couple of light rail trips to Penn Station each day. Both were exposed by the construction of the United States Steel building about 1963, and there is a web site showing this.

Remains of communism
Posted by Mryia on 6/8/2006, 5:06 am

I've got found some new and hidden places in East Germany.
Just have a look...
Please tell me what you think...

Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by Heather Voges on 6/22/2006, 6:51 pm

I just discovered your pictures and weblogs of The King's College/Briarcliffe Lodge. I felt like a bit like a Titanic survivor looking at it's remains. I graduated from King's in '89, and never had the opportunity to see it after that. The pictures were painful to see, but thank you for posting them. IT was important to see them. I'll pass on the link to friends. FYI, TKC has reopened in NYC. It's thriving!

Re: Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by Dawn on 6/29/2006, 5:26 pm, in reply to "Briarcliffe Lodge"

Titanic Survivor. Good analogy. I would have graduated in 1981 if I stayed. I visited the property in 2002 -- hopping over "Do Not Trespass" signs and took some pictures then. I had no clue someone would try to burn down the landmark, otherwise I might have "borrowed" a doornob or such. I always dreamed of inheriting a huge amount of money or winning the lottery to buy the grounds to restore........ dreams. But sweet all the same. Kings was wonderful.

Re: Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by Steve '77 on 9/14/2006, 12:48 am, in reply to "Re: Briarcliffe Lodge"

Yes the passing and wanton destruction of the Briarcliff Manor King's College was a tragedy that defies description. It truly was wonderful and I am glad that I was privileged to be a four year graduate of such a wonderful God honoring institution. I am STILL blessed by the re-runs of Dr. Robert A. Cook on WFME in New Jersey. King's was four wonderful years of my life that I'd do over IF I COULD ! ! ! Dreams, Yes..... Ah, but sweet just the same.....

Re: Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by leelox on 7/1/2006, 8:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Briarcliffe Lodge"

Would you believe one of the actual Titanic survivors listed their address as Briarcliffe Lodge.

Re: Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by Alice Culp on 4/23/2007, 7:43 pm, in reply to "Re: Briarcliffe Lodge"

I had the pleasure of being on the staff of The King's College from 1962-1965. I was secretary to Terry Martin in the Alumni and Public Relations office. One of the photos showing the stairs to the second floor included the door to the room which was my office one of those years. I lived on the fourth floor the first year, and then because of increasing need for dorm rooms, moved to Ossining and lived with a King's graduate another year. I have such warm memories of King's...Dr. Cook...Louise Alfors...and so many Christian friends. It was a beautiful setting and the building should have been preserved. I was so sad when I began searching on the web for information on what had happened to King's. But nothing can take away the wonderful memories of those years and the "forever friends" I'll see again in Heaven.

Re: Briarcliffe Lodge
Posted by Sherrie on 4/27/2007, 11:55 am, in reply to "Re: Briarcliffe Lodge"

I also had the pleasure of being a professors kid at Kings in the 70's and 80's, looking at those pictures breaks my heart, but also brings back so many great memories, of running through the 4th floor and exploring all the tunnels underneath the lodge and just being a student there. Thanks for sharing this with us.

West Mountain Sanitarium
Posted by Nicole on 6/22/2006, 8:49 pm

Okay so I ma looking for directions to the west Mountain's driving me insane cause I can;t find it and if anyone needs some cool places around Saratoga, NY let me know

Re: West Mountain Sanitarium
Posted by Ron on 10/25/2006, 11:16 pm, in reply to "West Mountain Sanitarium"

Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels
Posted by Liz on 6/28/2006, 6:36 pm

Can anyone tell me if there are any abandoned mansions/mountain houses close to route 9, around the hudson, catskills. My father and i were driving along route 9 on vacation last year and stumbled upon an old stone structure that looked like stables to an old mansion. Wish i could be more specific on the location, not from the area.

Re: Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels
Posted by Nicole on 7/1/2006, 5:52 pm, in reply to "Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels"

Im not sure about abandoned hotels and such but I do know of a place around there called bennett college.....abandoned for some time and it is in Milbrook which isn't too far.....

Re: Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels
Posted by Roe on 7/2/2006, 8:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels"

we just happened across one today that sounds like yours.... beatiful stone main building with horrible added on "motel" looking structure on the back...stables, modern offices added too..but definitely abandoned... anyone ? info?

Re: Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels
Posted by Liz on 7/10/2006, 7:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Hudson Valley Mansions/hotels"

That could be it. I also visited a place in MD this weekend near Pen Mar park. It was an old TB hospital. There are quite a few in MD.

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Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 7/9/2006, 1:54 am

Just a quick note, this board is going to be taken out of service/repurposed on July 31.
The good news is our new board will have more nifty features! It will be located here:

Re: [ADMIN] Modern Ruins Message Board to move...
Posted by jimboylan on 9/16/2006, 1:33 pm, in reply to "[ADMIN] Modern Ruins Message Board to move..."

Do I have to re-register on the new version?

Re: [ADMIN] Modern Ruins Message Board to move...
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 9/20/2006, 11:41 pm, in reply to "Re: [ADMIN] Modern Ruins Message Board to move..."

Yes, you will need to register with an EZ Board account. (This will give you an actual account rather than just the web form.) The EZ Boards have less obtrusive ads and stuff, and are easier to manage than this one.

Hudson River state hospital
Posted by Nicole on 7/9/2006, 9:38 pm

Hey guys I'm planning on going into Poughkeepsie on Weds and checking out the Hudson river state hospital....I was wondering if anyone could give me an exact location of the place....I have a where abouts of it but maybe an address and also I was wondering of the possiblity of getting inside to score some pics? I would love to give anyone some info on some places in NY or PA....

Lake Wallenpaupack
Posted by Robert on 7/14/2006, 5:03 am

Does anyone know of a city at the bottom of the lake? I have heard of numerous stories of this but no evidence!!! Someone said it was the town of williston (probaly not spelled correctly but close)The church steeple was seen when the water is low! does anyone have any info on this ?

Re: Lake Wallenpaupack
Posted by EAWV on 8/22/2006, 8:51 pm, in reply to "Lake Wallenpaupack"

If you search through some old posts on here this lake is talked about and someone even submitted a link with some old pics of the town. mOstly just concrete buildings. Lake Raystown and Kinzua Damn (both in PA) also have small towns at the bottom. About 10 years ago I remember a huge newspaper article in my hometown newspaper b/c the water at Kinzua damn was so low you could see an old gas station - they even had pics so it was pretty cool. There are quite a few of these lakes with little towns under them, but it is very hard to find info or pics of them. I wonder why?

Re: Lake Wallenpaupack
Posted by Rob on 7/25/2006, 9:17 am, in reply to "Lake Wallenpaupack"

I've heard the same things; my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Kizer, used to scuba dive in that lake (we're talking over 30 years ago now) and told us about the town that was there (name escapes me); apparently it wasn't very big, maybe the size of a village or hamlet. There are also apparently the remains of old farms and quite a bit of forest under there, all likely rotted down to foundations and stumps now.

Lake Wallenpaupack,PA
Posted by Robert on 7/14/2006, 5:07 am

Does anyone know of a city at the bottom of the lake? I have heard of numerous stories of this but no evidence!!! Someone said it was the town of williston (probaly not spelled correctly but close)The church steeple was seen when the water is low! does anyone have any info on this ?
centralia pics
Posted by Michael on 8/8/2006, 7:13 am
and many others linked from their. enjoy

homestead san. in middle grove ny
Posted by carolphar on 8/21/2006, 8:02 pm

the sanitoriam that was mentioned in somebody's 2003 enconter was a TB hospital in the 30's and 40's (and even into the 50's) Both my parents were there for years. I can remember visiting my Mom and not being allowed inside and could only wave to her from the window (I was 4 or 5 at the time). I still visit in the area (my Dad who is 91 has lots of stories about being there with tb for 3 years.) and lives right down the road. It is a spooky place, but the horror that went on in there trying to help people with tb is what makes it so spooky. I am sure lots of people died there and are plenty of ghosts. Just a little back story about the place and what it was. I'm sure there are "lots" of folks walking the halls up there!!

Re: homestead san. in middle grove ny
Posted by Billie51 on 10/5/2006, 11:24 am, in reply to "homestead san. in middle grove ny"

Your story is fascinating. I would like to hear more about the methods of treatment used on your dad. Obviously they were good and they worked!
My parents lived in the area when I was a child. They report that the facility was well cared for and that there were accommodations for children but they never saw even 1 child playing about.
Were the patients used for experimental purposes? Was the chief doctor "insane" as reported in the urban legend?
Please share more.

South of the Border (SC)
Posted by EAWV on 8/22/2006, 3:33 pm

I recently drove on 95 south and stopped at South of The Border...on the NC/SC state line. What a dump, however on the other side of 95 across from SOB there is a big pink motel. It seemed to be abandoned and closed down. I have googled it with no luck. I have found other web sites where people are asking about it also though. Anyone out there have any info - or perhaps explored it and have some pics of the inside? It is the tackiest looking thing ever I'm dying to know what's on the inside! Thanks for any info!

centralia PA
Posted by Becca on 8/29/2006, 11:07 am

I have been to centralia just this past july I was amazed, I had to see it for myself to believe it! I saw the highway that was shut down, OMG! I took tuns of pictures. I am going back on the 9th of sep. It is a shame that almost all of that town is so empty, it was like driving through a ghost town!

Re: centralia PA
Posted by Ron on 10/25/2006, 11:15 pm, in reply to "centralia PA"

UEX in Poland
Posted by qbanet on 9/20/2006, 5:04 pm

Urban Exploration in Poland -
band camp road
Posted by jessica on 9/20/2006, 10:58 pm
anyone have any info about the abandoned buildings on band camp road in saugerties ny

Saratoga Homestead
Posted by Kevin on 10/7/2006, 6:02 am

hey all the people that wanna know about the saratoga homestead can ask me i know everything me and my ghost hunting group go up there every saturday night about 9pm. there is a lil gurl in a white dress we got on video but he has no head it was scary but we know everything about that place. it took us 8 hours to cover that place....

Re: Saratoga Homestead
Posted by Joe on 3/2/2007, 1:23 am, in reply to "Saratoga Homestead"

so you and your friends go up there on weekends huh?
and you know all about it? care to lead a few through it? and this video can you send it to my email? i had only just learned of the place and a few of my friends and i would very much like to see it, but fear the caretaker and authorities, we just want to spend like an hour or two IF THAT there.

Harlem Valley Hospital
Posted by Tim on 10/9/2006, 1:59 pm

Wondered if anyone has been in the Harlem Valley Hospital. I know it's been purchased by Dover Knolls and I've seen a few pictures of it on various sites. I only live about 20 minutes from there and have made a couple scouting trips, but today was stopped by a security guard for pulling into the wrong parking lot "on private property." He was very polite about it and just said I had to stay on the public roads. Anyone been inside? Wondering where is the best access and place to park?

Re: Harlem Valley Hospital
Posted by eric on 10/18/2006, 11:02 pm, in reply to "Harlem Valley Hospital"

i wish i could remember where i heard about the HVH but if you look hard enough you will find that people have explored it without getting caught. if i find anything i'll be sure to post it.

Re: Harlem Valley Hospital
Posted by Thom on 4/21/2007, 11:50 am, in reply to "Re: Harlem Valley Hospital"

I've been to HVH several times now. The security is tight. My gf's mom worked there for several years in one of the wings that's now at Taconic DDSO. She told me about tunnels and "floors that noone should go on." that was all basically about the ghosts that are said to haunt the place though. The only place I've heard you can get into is the medical building. If anyone wants to ever meet up, I could use a good exploring buddy. I only live 25 minutes from the place.

searching for bricks
Posted by Janet on 10/10/2006, 6:34 am

Hi - just stumbled onto this site. How interesting. I've often wanted to stop and look at such places and didn't know how to get permission or want to get in trouble.
I'm searching for bricks imprinted CALVERT. The company is out of business and I'm sure many places being demolished might have these bricks.
Any suggestions or guidance for my search? Much thanks!

pocono gardens resort
Posted by Nicole on 10/10/2006, 8:21 pm

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the location or whereabouts of the pocono garden resort or the stricklands resort....I have heard quite a bit of interesting things about them....I know of quite a few abanonded places in PA and NY and would be willing to trade info...

Re: pocono gardens resort
Posted by EAWV on 10/26/2006, 6:58 pm, in reply to "pocono gardens resort"

This is a great site with lots of pictures and info about the entire Pocono Garden/Strickland/Mount Airy resorts. however, I think much of it has been demolished. I am pretty sure Mt. Airy is gone, and P. Gardens have been sold and if not demolished - will be.
Anyway, check this link:

Re: pocono gardens resort
Posted by Ron on 10/25/2006, 11:13 pm, in reply to "pocono gardens resort"

Here is my link to pictures of the place it also has street signs.

abandoned buildings in the bronk
Posted by Jessy on 11/21/2006, 10:16 am

hey, im new here and im here to get some information on a project that im doing for my high school and i would like to know if any one knows any information on government abandoned buildings in the bronx, new york ( one of the five boroughs).I would like to know that info because i want to know why are they abandoned because our rates of homeless people is rising at an increasing rate and why dont they reconstruct them so that way we can get more money into our economy and so that the rate of homeless people can decrease..And also with the more money that we can recieve from the new reconstructed houses the more we can try yo make our borough a better place.....please contact me with information at my e-mail la_rcker1016(at)

abandoned farmhouse needed
Posted by Matthew Hepler on 11/28/2006, 2:10 am

My name is Matt and I am a senior film major at the University of the Arts in Philly. Im looking for a location for my senior thesis film which I plan on filming sometime soon. I need an abandoned farmhouse in a wide field. Ill need to shoot interiors as well so I need something that has some insides. I have seen some buildings in the Eastern shore of VA just off of the bay bridge tunnel but something closer to PA would be great. The next couple of days I am going to be searching NJ and parts of PA so any info is welcomed. Thanks alot.

Re: abandoned farmhouse needed
Posted by RiverRunner23 on 11/29/2006, 11:14 am, in reply to "abandoned farmhouse needed"

Just head north from Philly and you are bound to find something. There were a ton of them in the Lehigh Valley but bit by bit they have been torn down to make way for luxury homes and industrial parks. I know Bucks county has a bunch, too. There were some around Haycock Mountain (near Lake Nockmixon). Just grab a map so you can find your way back and start driving the back roads.

The Russian Church in Centralia
Posted by Rakovsky on 2/25/2007, 3:53 pm

You can see a 1920s postcard of the Russian Orthodox church in Centralia which is no longer there. The cornerstone is now in the church cemetery.

new site:
Posted by Bartje on 3/4/2007, 3:54 pm

Hi to all!
Finally had some time to put my UE pix online.

Re: abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny
Posted by mike persichetty on 3/6/2007, 4:42 pm

I have been to the abandoned mausoleum in Hancock, NY. In
the summer of 1974, a group of about five or six from one of
the camps in Lake Como, PA went to Hancock on our day off.
There were several building on the site, the largest being the
mausoleum. It was two or three story cement building with no stairs to the upper floors. The floor had openings with cement covers, many that had been removed. The walls were the same
as the floor, with openings for caskets. There was at least one
casket present, as well as a mumified torso. About ten years later I tried unsuccessfully to find the place again, on my way from Syracuse to New Jersey, but without a map I didn't know where to look. I saw a posting from 2002 asking about this place, with no responses.

Re: abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny
Posted by Jen on 4/2/2007, 10:43 pm, in reply to "Re: abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny"

I was there as of 1996 or 1997. The place was a wreck but I still found feet in their shoes in one of the crypts.
In 1966 or '67 my mother climbed the tower. She went really slow and made it to the roof. I think she might have been one of the last ones up there. The staircase is in a heap at the bottom. My mother also told me of a cave used by the Native Americans on the cliff side just below the mausoleum.
Dunno if I can do this in the message... but if anyone wants to see pics, my friend took some recently.

Hudson Valley Abandoned Subdivision
Posted by Kevin on 4/6/2007, 5:22 am

I was looking at this site about abandoned buildings in the hudson valley area of new york.
Here is a link to the site:
It mentioned this large property that has a large older home from the early 20th century and 7 model homes that were built in the 70's that were all abandoned. Apparently in the 70's a large scale subdivison was planned here, even the model homes were constructed, but the subdivision never got off the ground. Several other attempts have been made over the years to turn this property into a subdivision, with no success. I was just wondering if anyone out there might know more about this property or where exactly it is located since this website doesnt state where it is. I would reall appreciate it. You can email me at StangKev97(at)

Davis House Walls
Posted by R3! on 4/9/2007, 9:34 am

I have a feeling those LP albums driven into the wall in that farmhouse are going through exposed asbestos insulating boards. A lot of old houses in MD and VA still have exposed asbestos sheets lining the walls where the gypsum wallboards were torn out and replaced during the height of the asbestos fireproofing craze. A lot of people never bothered to cover the asbestos sheeting with new wallboard because they believed sheetrock or gypsum board burned while the asbestos sheets did not. Some of my family lived in a house like that near Annapolis. All the walls and pipes had been lined, and the attic living area walls were painted asbestos sheets. The cost of cleanup and disposal was insane, it required complete renovation. Once it was reported the houses were condemned and demolished. So long as you don't poke holes in it, it's perfectly safe. But it's soft enough to push your finger through.

Posted by Marc M on 4/15/2007, 7:30 am, in reply to "NY"

Check out my website at, it's all on buildings in the Jefferson County, NY and upstate area.

Yanna Farm
Posted by Robert on 5/12/2007, 9:53 pm

anyone ever heard of this place? It is located on Rt 52 somewhere outside of Ellenville, N.Y. It is supposed to be a craftsman style ruins of Rockefellers??? Firestones??? I think was what I was told. I can't find any information on the web though. I met a person today who was there though and hiked the ruins of it. Unfortunately I was under the impression I could find info by Google and I can't.

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Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 5/20/2007, 11:16 am

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My Town
Posted by jason j labota on 5/22/2007, 1:42 am

My name is Jason Labota. Mine was pretty much the last generation to call Centralia its home town. My family moved from Centralia in the 80's, I was about 7 or 8. I'm 29 now and living on the west coast, in an environment that could not contrast more to that of my origins. Here it is pretty much always 72 degrees with a breeze. Everyone is beautiful and trendy. Easy going, with a sense of gratitude and content well-being, an undercurrent of appreciation for the paradise we live in here. The sunsets over the Pacific bleed into the sky with colors that could wring halleluias from any angel... and as I watch another sun disappear and feel the hush in my soul as night becomes, I think of where I am from. I feel kind of rudderless. I never would have been able to predict that I would wind up here. Everything is somewhat surreal, I can't help but wonder how differently my life would have unfolded had my little town not been decimated by the fire beneath it and razed by a beaurocracy that dealt with a community's pleas for help by wiping it out.
I have to imagine that there was a logical chain of progression laid out for me, a girl who lived a few blocks away that I would grow up with and eventually marry, a job with a company that my parents or their friends may have worked for before me, friends that I knew since before kindergarten and who's weddings, and funerals, I would have attended...
As it is, I live in a virtual paradise on Earth. I have a job that I love and make more money at than I ever could have expected to earn back home. I have bon-fire parties on the beach at night instead of mine fires sending up evil steam next to the cemetary where my grandfather rests... But I don't have home.
I don't have that sense of being where everyone remembers that time that thing happened...
A person's world is not Earth. A person has knowledge of the planet we live on, a person is aware of the world in its greater and real sense, but each person's own world, their LIFE, is made up not of current events or of all of the media bringing them news from everywhere all at once, a person's world is made up of the people and the places he knows and loves, the places one has memories of and the people who share those memories. Noone here could understand what I meant if I talked about walking the Tipple Road.
Cherish your home. The play defines the player. Without it the player can stand upon the stage and has the freedom to do and say anything at all, but the feeling is gone. I can do as I please but it's all just kind of for kicks. Without those around you who see the things that you see, from the same starting point of view, you can never really... explain. And it's very lonely.

Rob Yasinsac's photos
Posted by Diane Perry on 6/24/2007, 3:42 pm

I have been trying to find the photos of abandoned buildings around the Hudson River Valley by Rob Yasinsac. Supposedly there were some at:
but I can't get the page to come up at all. Anybody know where to view his photos? Thanks!
Diane Perry
A fan of the Hudson River Valley and old buildings

Re: Rob Yasinsac's photos
Posted by Rob Yasinsac on 7/8/2007, 10:47 pm, in reply to "Re: Rob Yasinsac's photos"

Plenty of free pix hosted and continously uploaded at, where we've been happily ensconced since August 2001.

abandoned steel mill
Posted by Ryan on 6/29/2007, 11:30 am

there is and old abandoned steel mill in my town. it was shut down in the 60s or 70 when a furnace blew up and killed over 300 men. there is a huge hole in the floor and roof where the furnace once stood. the other parts of the mill seem untouched tho like work has been going on for the last 20 years. there are old trains and old railroad cars inside some loaded and some decaying. theres a bunch of the old equipment cranes water towers etc. still inside.
the mill is in milton pa

SURFACE : Industrial Decay
Posted by sigma on 8/4/2007, 2:25 pm

My first book is now available.
Locations Include the following
- Bethlehem Steel - Lackawanna, New York
- Wickwire-Spencer Steel - Tonawanda, New York
- AR Williams Liberty Street Plant - Toronto, Canada
- Loblaws Groceterias 1930's HQ - Toronto, Canada
- Don Valley Brickworks - Toronto, Canada
- John Inglis Maintenance Shop - Toronto, Canada
- Wellington Destructor - Toronto, Canada
All photographed between 2004 and 2006.
Now available to order.
You can either pick it up through the publishers website
or if you have a PayPal account you can visit my website and pick it up there