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Modern Ruins Archive #5

iron mines in put county ny
Posted by pete on 4/20/2003, 9:03 pm

lately i have been on the abandoned mine kick....putnam county new york has a lot of them...the brewster mine opening sits up on a mountain next to the village of brewster....the old mine shafts extent down the mountain and under the town....lake mahopac has three islands on it....petrie island has an iron mine on it that extended under the lake and beyond over a mile.....putnam valley has many abandoned mines, one of the larger being the sunk or steward mine on sunken mine old rail bed extends back into the woods about a 1/4 mile to a large opening in a big rocky hill....the opening has water at the base....past the water is dry section, then a drop of 20--30'....down to a large cavern that is dry.....this mine is said to go 600' deep, and 2000' long.....these mines closed in the late 1800's......all are watery , dark, and real dangerous.....

Re: iron mines in put county ny
Posted by rich on 8/18/2003, 8:56 am, in reply to "iron mines in put county ny"

I have heard of the mines on lake mahopac, didnt no if they really existed. I am interested in the "clover hill mine" in somers. have pictures of it.

Re: iron mines in put county ny
Posted by Brian on 5/20/2003, 7:29 pm, in reply to "iron mines in put county ny"

I have been to many of the abandoned mines throughout the hudson valley region. I am not aware of the brewster mine opening or the mines of lake mahopac that you mentioned in your post. Any information on how to reach these mines would be appreciated. I have been to Sunk mine also and it is pobably one of the largest mines in the area. Did you use the boat to cross the 12 feet or so of water about half way in. I have been to some old lead mines on the wurtsboro ridge in sullivan county. It doesnt look like much when you first look at the opening but once inside the tunnels are rather extensive ( I have not yet explored all of the passages). Harriman state park also has meny mines to visit. Anyway , any information on the brewster mine would be appreciated.

Cario NY
Posted by Jason on 4/21/2003, 11:02 pm

There is an abandonded hotel in Cario on 23b does anybody know any history about the place i think it was called Emerald Inn

is there any ruins on Long Island
Posted by Jason on 4/21/2003, 11:04 pm

does anybody know of ruins on long islnad

Re: is there any ruins on Long Island
Posted by Richard Cunningham on 4/22/2003, 7:04 pm, in reply to "is there any ruins on Long Island"

There are some old coastal artillary forts out by the fork, and on Fishers Island. Fort H.G. Wright and Fort Miche are two. There are others. Info can be found at

Posted by Harry on 4/22/2003, 3:16 pm

Anyone know of any cool spots in brooklyn that might need exploration? Particularly in the bay ridge area?

Re: Brooklyn?
Posted by Jim Boylan on 4/23/2003, 12:02 pm, in reply to "Brooklyn?"

Try Brooklyn Historic Railroad Association ( and their Atlantic Ave. tunnel. Also, the East New York tunnel on the Bay Ridge Branch of the Long Island/New Haven/New York & Atlantic Railroad is a favorite of many New York sites on the Urban Exploration Web Ring. There is an abandoned passenger station in it!

Lynbrook Camp
Posted by Jason on 4/22/2003, 9:07 pm

there is an old camp on the board of lynbrook rockville center board it's long ababndoned i was wondering if anybody has ingormation about like when it was closed what the name was. thungs like that

Freeport Hospital(long Island)
Posted by Jason on 4/22/2003, 9:09 pm

The free port hospital witch was empty for a few years is now have demolished it doesnt look like the town of freeport is going to finsh the demolishion

Abandoned house....
Posted by Carolina on 4/23/2003, 9:34 pm

I need to find out if anyone knows an easy way to find out information about the last owners or tenants of a now abandoned home in nj. how do you go about finding out who owned it last or who possible still owns it but has not been keeping it up? im interested in restoring this property. thanks.

Re: Abandoned house....
Posted by di on 4/23/2003, 9:57 pm, in reply to "Abandoned house...."

You might try doing a public records search on the address. Here in CA we have access to some of the more mundane ones online. Just gather what you can and begin to cross reference the info you have on the web. If you're a bit bolder, you might consider knocking on the nearest neighbor's house and asking about it. You could tell them you're interested in buying it or just curious about it (you find it charming, etc). A similiar option is to find a nearby store(preferably small) and ask if they know anything about the house (buy a pack of gum or something at least). Never know what a little detective work might turn up. ;-) Good Luck!

Re: Abandoned house....
Posted by Carolina on 4/24/2003, 9:28 am, in reply to "Re: Abandoned house...."

Thanks for your reply... this house is in the middle of the woods back in around a national park area here in nj. its a long rocky dirt road and everything around it is woods(part of this state park). this is a very very long road and there are only a couple houses few and far between. the problem is that they are all in this condition. there are 2 houses on this road that are lived in however they are leased out to these people by the gov. because they are historic homes. i have asked the rangers around this area about the house and according to them they have no clue about the owners of the property. i dont believe this. i think they just want to keep it quiet so the state can take it over. i dont think the state owns it yet though cause there are no signs like on some of the other abandoned homes stating its gov. propety and to keep out. i have looked on the web but im not sure what to look under to find these public records. ive tried a couple searches and yield nothing. ive been inside this house a couple times and ive seen cancelled check lying around of i guess the last inhabitor but i dont know what else to do. please help before the gov tears it down which i heard is what will happen if no one claim it. thanks.

Re: Abandoned house....
Posted by Gags on 5/13/2003, 2:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Abandoned house...."

Being that the only NP in N. NJ is the Del. Water Gap - this may be a property was taken by the Fed. Govt. to build the Del. Riv. Dam in the '60s. Thank goodness that never happened! As you may already know - upon death of the owner, title went to Uncle Sam rather than next of kin. This could be the case here.

Posted by CAROLINA on 4/24/2003, 8:18 pm


Posted by JimBoylan on 4/30/2003, 8:48 am, in reply to "MAPS ON THE INTERNET"

Can you give any more information about the location? Also, what kind of block and lot number? In at least Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Tax Map Parcel Numbers have a Block, lot, and PARCEL Number, a different parcel for each property in a lot in a block. Do you have some other kind of block and lot number, like from a surveyor's plan, a subdivision plan, a list of cemetary plots, or a mobile home (travel trailer, caravan) park or campground? Some Western states get into township and section numbers as well!

CT Ruins/New To This
Posted by Bill on 5/1/2003, 5:02 pm

Hello all. I am in CT and I love this kind of stuff!! I have always been facinated by abandoned and closed buildings. There is a big abandoned factory in CT that I will have access to in the near future in order to take photos. I will probably put them up on the web if anyone is interested. But anyway.. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any cool abandoned buildings or ruins in CT. I hope to start a small site one of these days with photos of this kind of stuff. Thanks! Bill

Re: CT Ruins/New To This
Posted by Jason on 5/1/2003, 9:15 pm, in reply to "CT Ruins/New To This"

What part of CT are you in I know of some on the long island sound

Re: CT Ruins/New To This
Posted by Bill on 5/2/2003, 4:23 pm, in reply to "Re: CT Ruins/New To This"

I am in Fairfield County.. so I am right on the Sound. I would love to hear about any places you know of. Thanks! Bill

Re: CT Ruins/New To This
Posted by colin on 5/14/2003, 7:29 pm, in reply to "Re: CT Ruins/New To This"

hey - i'm from ffld cty, also right on LI sound... let me know if you find anything, i haven't had any luck in CT yet!

Spikes and washers on the Putnam Line
Posted by DM on 5/4/2003, 4:51 pm

Along the bike trail, I have found 3 railroad spikes and 1 washer that I believe fits the spikes. I noticed these with no digging and just casually looking down. I believe this winter's frost pushed them up. Has anyone else found anything?

Long Island
Posted by Jason on 5/4/2003, 7:32 pm

is there any ruins on long island if you know any please let me know about them and also where they are

Re: Long Island
Posted by JohnL on 7/10/2003, 9:30 pm, in reply to "Long Island"

There are more places to explore here on Long Island than there is time to explore. Check out my webpage for more info Cantact me if you need more info.

insane asylum in PG county
Posted by R S on 5/5/2003, 3:38 pm

I'm trying to find out info on the abandoned insane asylum in Prince Geroge's County in Maryland. I think it's an asylum but im not to sure. If some has an info on it just e-mail me at onlydirtymexican(at) Thanks.

Southern NJ website
Posted by eX0dus816 on 5/6/2003, 9:32 pm

I know of a website that has pics and stories of places throughout NJ and beyond. If you want to check it out the address is

NY & Northern photo ID
Posted by Glenn on 5/8/2003, 11:06 pm

Hi ... I have a photo of a New York and Northern Ry station that no one has been able to identify as of yet. If anyone here would like to take a crack at it, just email me and I will send it along. Thanks, Glenn

stokes house
Posted by carolina on 5/9/2003, 10:41 am

just wanna know if anyone knows anything about a stokes house in stokes state forest in nj. its a yellow house located in the back roads of walpack center down the road from a cementary. if anyone knows anything about it at all please let me know.

Posted by Lynne on 5/16/2003, 1:52 pm

A perfect way to discovery the history and the mystery of Bannerman Castle is on a Bannerman Castle Cruise sponsored by the Bannerman Castle Trust twice a month through October. The ship PRIDE OF THE HUDSON departs from Newburgh Landing in Newburgh NY and cruises south to Bannerman Island where from the ship the trust historian presents a lecture about its history as you hover near the island. Then after continuing south a bit you can watch a short video which makes you feel like you are walking on the island through the ruins. For dates and more information

Philadelphia State Hospital *Byberry*
Posted by Radical Ed on 5/18/2003, 8:30 pm

I've been recently taking a photographic history of the monstrous abandoned insane asylum in my neighborhood here in Philadelphia. The huge complex has over two dozen huge buildings that were built between 1910 and the late 1960's. The final door was shut in 1990 and it's been abandoned since. A great deal of the complex has been demolished over the last twenty years but the largest and best buildings remain standing due to asbestos concerns. At it's peak it contained over fifty buildings. I have over 275 pictures thus far and this is very much a work in progress. I have over 60 pictures still undeveloped and I'll be taking more as my time allows. I went to great lengths to take these pictures due not only to dangerous architecture, but to the illegality of entering the property as a whole. I'll answer any questions anyone has, including history, location, and the finer points of the complex. An interesting note is that all of the buildings, new and old, are inter-connected by steam tunnels similar to those found under college campus's around the USA. Once inside, every building and every room is accessible from the underground. I also have a few links to other sites that focus on the legends of the place, but my Yahoo Picture page is the most comprehensive collection of pictures available. Just click on "show all" and click on the thumbnails to enlarge. The page gets updated monthly so be sure to bookmark it if it interests you. I hope to hear from some of you soon and as we "Byberrians" like to say: "See you inside!" Radical Ed

Re: Philadelphia State Hospital *Byberry*
Posted by chaz on 6/20/2003, 12:16 am, in reply to "Philadelphia State Hospital *Byberry*"

be careful if ya go to pennhurst in the last couple months they've been cracking down on security they even blocked the roads so you can't just drive up anymore but if you do decide to go try and visit "fricks-locks too it's little ghost town outside of of north coventry about a 10 min drive from pennhurst

Any good abondon Places in Sacramento California
Posted by Peter N on 5/20/2003, 5:46 pm

Just a starter but wondering if there is any places good to look at in sacramento California Thanks

Slaughter House in Orange County
Posted by SlaughterBoy on 5/24/2003, 4:21 pm

there is an old abandoned SLaughter house, off exit 126 on rt. 17/rt. 6 in orange county. been there a few times, walked out with a plethora of meat hooks and signage from when it was in use, nearly 17 years ago. close to highway, so the cops are always a danger.

Glendale Hospital
Posted by rain theory on 5/30/2003, 10:33 pm

Could anyone help me with finding glendale hospital in Maryland? I believe it is in baltimore, and I would be coming from Frederick (about 45 miles west)... I have heard of this place and am very interested in doing some photographic work there. If anyone could help me with this, please e-mail me. thanks! -Aaron

Kings College Student
Posted by Lauren on 6/5/2003, 7:33 pm

I know that a few Kings College alum visit this site from time to time. My good friend Karin O'Kesson was a student there until her tragic death in 1993. If anyone remembers her or can share stories with me, please post here or send me an e-mail.

Re: Kings College Student
Posted by Grace Wyler on 6/16/2003, 7:13 pm, in reply to "Kings College Student"

My husbands sister was a student at Kings from 1992-1994, and was there when it closed in 1994. She transfered to Pace to finish her degree. She was devestated when the school closed and often visited the site when she was living at Pace's Briarcliff campus. Sadly Shannon was killed 7 years ago while she was a student at Pace. If she were alive, she too would be devestated by what is happening to Kings. I know that my husband and his family are devestated, as my mother-in-law was also a Kings graduate. She went to Kings from 1964-1968 and also loved it.

Re: Kings College Student
Posted by Lori on 6/16/2003, 7:03 pm, in reply to "Kings College Student"

I was looking through some different websites on Kings and came across some pictures that brought me to tears. As an alumni of the college, this particular one had me the most devestated and angry. Take a look for yourself, you too may break down in sobs!

Re: Kings College Student
Posted by N on 6/12/2003, 7:49 pm, in reply to "Kings College Student"

I do remember her, quite well actually. She was a beautiful, wonderful young woman. The whole campus was effected by her tragic passing. Even those who didn't know her personally were effected by her death. She was so young and everyone related to that. We all were awakened to the fact that we're not indestructible and that our lives and the lives of those we love and care about, can end abruptly without notice. I am very sorry for your loss and hope that you're doing well now. It was everyone's belief that God took Karin from this life for a purpose. We may not understand what that purpose was/is, but God needed her in heaven more than we needed her on earth. May God bless you and be with you always!

looking for new Places
Posted by Talon on 6/13/2003, 9:12 pm

does any one know any good places to explore in Md i have been to a lot of places ,Fort armsted, parts of Ellicot city,a place off of 198. i look for more places where i don't have to worry about getting bused .

Baltimore Area
Posted by Shieldr on 8/2/2003, 6:25 pm, in reply to "looking for new Places"

Hey-- The Baltimore area has more abandoned places than just those . . . I recommend checking out the other seacoast fortifications there, Fort Carrol being my favorite (rent a kayak). Also, right next to Fort Armistead are some sunken ships. They're in a little cove between Armistead and the factory to the north. If you're in a kayak, you can get right up to them and look down into their rotting wooden hulls that are preserved below the waterline . . .

Kings College Pictures
Posted by Grace on 6/16/2003, 7:08 pm

I believe someone else may have posted this link, but here goes. This site literally brought me to tears. Thats how devestating, disturbing, and heartbreaking they are. Those of you who hold a special place in your hearts for Kings, may also be brought to tears as I was. That's how horrifying these pictures are.

Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)
Posted by JT on 6/18/2003, 5:58 pm

Does anyone have driving directions from the Northway (I-87) to the abandoned Sanitorium in Saratoga (Galway). Many people might know it as the abandoned Asylum.

Re: Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)
Posted by JT on 6/28/2003, 10:07 am, in reply to "Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)"

I found it. Scary problem with the neighbors luckily though. THanks!

Re: Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)
Posted by David on 6/22/2003, 11:43 pm, in reply to "Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)"

Beware of the nextdoor neighbor and their dog!!!!

Re: Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)
Posted by David on 6/22/2003, 11:23 pm, in reply to "Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)"

Take exit 14 (Saratoga) to Union Ave. Stay on Union till you hit RT 29. Stay on 29 all the way to RT 16 (Barkersville RD) Take right and follow 16 around pond to top of hill. Asylum on right, can't miss it.

Re: Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)
Posted by Michelle on 6/29/2003, 10:18 pm, in reply to "Re: Saratoga Homestead (Asylum)"

This place is crazy--- the building is absolutely humungous, (also destroyed..) but at night there's this weird glow coming from the middle of it when you look at it from the road. The basement has this creepy stretcher, and weird medical equipment. There's a lot of old strage books lying around in one room upstairs. The best part of the whole place is the theatre room... we videotaped every single one of our trips to this place, but one video in particular was creepy. When someone would take a picture, the flash on the camera would be at the exact same time a door was slamming in the back of the stage. This happened like 3 or 4 times. It really freaked us out, and watching the tape later at home, we heard a scream on the tape that we didn't hear when we were there. Highly reccommended to other thrill seekers.... ***Watch out for the neighbors - they know you are coming, they have a feirce Rottweiler. Don't park your car out front, hide it down the street at the fire station. Make sure you have at least one flashlight per person, it's really dark and creepy, don't get lost, and good luck!

Old Hosteler Place
Posted by carolina on 6/19/2003, 4:35 pm

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the old hosteler on old mine rd in sussex county nj

PA Explorers
Posted by Beau on 6/23/2003, 3:16 pm

I was wondering if there is an explorer's group in Pennsylvania. If so I'd love to join, if not is anyone here interested in forming one. I'd figure we'd plan on our destination during the week and go exporing on the weekends! There are a ton of places I am interesting in checking out. One is Centralia, another is the ghost town of Parker's Glen and third is the old "Gold Mine" town near Philly. I am game for anything though. Interested? Send me an email or reply here.

Re: PA Explorers
Posted by Jim on 7/8/2003, 12:43 pm, in reply to "PA Explorers"

Hi, What in part of PA. are you looking to form a group? I am in where NY,NJ and PA meet. There are a few places I have heard about in Pike County that I am researching. One is an old Gold mine and the other the remains of a amusement area. Jim

Re: PA Explorers
Posted by C on 7/1/2003, 8:25 am, in reply to "PA Explorers"

Hi Beau --I live in VA but would be interested in making the drive up to Centralia or Parker's Glen. The Gold Mine sounds cool too. Drop me a line at badandy75cs(at) if you want to get a group together.

Re: PA Explorers
Posted by Addy on 7/3/2003, 5:54 am, in reply to "Re: PA Explorers"

Hi all! I live on the outskirts of the PA Coal Region, and been to Centralia many times. Planning to take a day trip in the very near future. If you'd like any assistance, please drop me a line.

Re: PA Explorers
Posted by Lynnie on 8/2/2003, 7:27 pm, in reply to "Re: PA Explorers"

I am from the coal regions...As far as rocky Glen goes..There is nothing to see. Don't waste your time. Centralia is cool and worth the trip. I am up for a good adventure. Thanks ~lynn

Boston, MA
Posted by Bones on 6/25/2003, 5:18 pm

I have seen a lot of info about tunnels underground Boston but no site ever explains where the entrances to these tunnels are. Also interested in any abandoned buildings worth exploring. Thanks for any information you have.

Modern Ruins in North East OH
Posted by Justin on 7/6/2003, 2:04 am

Anybody know of any modern ruins near the N. East Oh/ West Virginia Panhandle area? I know this area has a big history from the prohibition era and i hope theres something worth checking out besides the place where Pretty Boy Floyd was gunned down.

white haven sanitarium in northeastern pennsylvania
Posted by Tara on 7/7/2003, 2:38 pm

does anyone have any info? some say it's gone, some say no...

any news on kings
Posted by frankie on 7/12/2003, 9:18 am

is there any new news on the kings college

Re: any news on kings
Posted by Sasha on 7/14/2003, 7:02 pm, in reply to "any news on kings"

I have heard that it's a hopeless cause. Any efforts to save it were for nothing. The village would rather sell it to developers, than to preserve history. Nevermind the fact that without Walter Law and his Briarcliff Lodge, there wouldn't have been a Briarcliff!

Re: any news on kings
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 7/24/2003, 2:35 pm, in reply to "Re: any news on kings"

Please check out (May God help us all...)

West/Putnam Ruins
Posted by Morgan on 7/15/2003, 5:13 pm

hey just though I might add a couple sites to the Westchester County area itinerairy. 1.Tilly Foster Mines in Brewster(aka The Satan caves) 2.Abandoned train tunnels on Dunderburg Mnt (actually in Rockland across the river from Indian Point) 3.Small reservoir in Briarcliff Manor off of Sleepy Hollow RD (at the front of the reservoir there are old pumping houses and control bldgs, at least there were last time I was there. 4. Burnt out church? on Dennytown rd in Put Val (incidentally same road as weird brick house with barbed wire fence around it) 5. Baily Hall. Be careful with this one, it's located in Katonah and was an old insane asylum. I was in it twice, VERY creepy. All the bed's were there, gurny's, metal carts with medication bottles, strange writing's on the walls from the patients. I dont know what has happened to it since, but the police around there act quick when they hear of someone in there. Old dairy farm (aka The Castle) this place is cool but if you go please respect the fact that people live right next to it and you are in fact trespassing. It's located off Stoney St in Westchester. Also there is a cool gate house sort of thing up the road from the Satan Caves. Right after you go under the small arch tunnel, park and go into the wwods on your right hand side, you will see a strange bldg straddling the outlet from the reservoir. The bldg has large metal doors extending deep into the murky water keeping it from going anywhere. Pretty cool. Write me with any Questions.

satan caves
Posted by rich on 8/18/2003, 9:05 am, in reply to "West/Putnam Ruins"

hey , are the "satan caves" on magnetic mine road? I am lookinng for a old stone indian structure near there that is said to be a center for paranormal activity.

Re: West/Putnam Ruins
Posted by Punisher on 7/21/2003, 7:39 pm, in reply to "West/Putnam Ruins"

How can one get to Bailey Hall? I did a quick web search and found photos of a big fire from the Katonah FD in 2000 - how much of it still stands? Much Thanks

i live 5 mins. away from Centralia
Posted by sunshine on 7/18/2003, 4:02 pm

I live in a little town called Mount Carmel i go through Centralia all the time, its a very sad town.

Re: i live 5 mins. away from Centralia
Posted by Eddie Ciccarone on 7/21/2003, 10:19 pm, in reply to "i live 5 mins. away from Centralia "

hi sunshine! i just posted a message on this board if you'd like to read it. since you live so close to centralia, do you remember what it was like when it was more populated? if so, can you share your recollections? the place was so abandoned and desolate that my girlfriend and i had a hard time picturing its streets filled with homes and businesses. we are especially curious to know what the intersection of 61/42 looked like -- what used to be in that area? thanks! eddie

Re: i live 5 mins. away from Centralia
Posted by Kim on 7/31/2003, 8:43 pm, in reply to "Re: i live 5 mins. away from Centralia "

I grew up in Schuylkill Co, and spent the last few years in Ashland. I used to drive through Centralia on a regular basis on my way to college. To (hopefully) answer some of your questions, I can remember, vaguely, when Centralia was still populated. There were a lot of boarded up houses. At that particular inter section of 61/42, there's the Speed Spot, a racing shop that did well because of the drag strip in Numidia. The Speed Spot was open until just a few years ago when it was damaged by fire of an undetermined origin, however, the mine fire was ruled out, I believe. I remember there being a Rite Aid or some kind of convenience store in town as well. I'll post more stuff as I can remember it.

NJ Stuff
Posted by Jon on 7/20/2003, 3:40 pm

I used to live in NJ before I moved to Philly and used to always get this mag: Has some explore/wierd places stuff and other random stuff as well. Definately worth a read.

Lived close to Centralia/Ashland
Posted by Joe Rice on 7/21/2003, 9:15 pm

I was raised in Ashland from 1970-1982. I remember going coal hunting with my Grandfather we would walk the mountains for hours picking up coal we would find holes with fire and smoke comming out. at that time centralia was a fun town. I also remember my mom would go to BINGO at the Am.Leigon we would be all over town. I was 6-17yr. Have lots of memories of Centralia & Ashland

My trip to Centralia
Posted by Eddie Ciccarone on 7/21/2003, 9:59 pm

My girlfriend & I just got back from a stay in Central-Pennsylvania. Among the places we visited was Centralia. The town was eerily-fascinating, and left us with a feeling of desolation & sadness. We looked with sadness at the bare landscape that once contained many houses & businesses. It was very haunting knowing what used to be there. We saw, for ourselves, the smoke coming up through the ground. We looked at the old section of Route 61, which was once a busy highway, but is now becoming overgrown with foliage. The whole experience left us with many questions: (1) If St Ignatius Church was demolished, then why wasn't its cemetary relocated? The ground adjacent to it was billowing with smoke & looked as if it was going to give way any second, so surely this wasn't a good place for the cemetary. Also, the air reeked of a noxious odor. (2) Is the blue onion-domed Church on Rte 42 (you can see it at the intersection of 61 & 42) within Centralia proper?? If so, is it endangered by the fires?? (3) Where is the exact location in Centralia where the fire started?? what is there now?? If anyone has answers to these questions, I would appreciate a response at my email address: zenone3(at)

Hudson Valley G. E. Cornish estate
Posted by Ronnie Brown on 7/24/2003, 10:59 am

This estate is in on Route 9D between Beacon and Cold Spring in NY State. Cornish was apparently a millionare who owned the American Lead Comp. early in the 20th century. There are paved carriage roads, the stone remains of several large lavish buildings...even a swimming pool. Can anyone suggest how I can find out more about this ruin? Have any of you heard of it?

Re: Hudson Valley - Edward J. Cornish estate
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 7/31/2003, 10:28 pm, in reply to "Hudson Valley G. E. Cornish estate"

I've gone hiking there before. The mansion was built in the early 1900s from rock cut from Breakneck Mountain. The only other information I recall about it is that the Cornishes died in the 1930s, and the mansion sat vacant for years afterward (IIRC, the heirs were fighting over who would inherit it, and it eventually got taken over by the state). The mansion burned down sometime in the 1950s. The Cornish's estate and dairy farm (further back up the mountain) are mentioned in "Hudson Valley Tales and Trails" by Patricia Edwards Clyne.

Re: Hudson Valley G. E. Cornish estate
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 7/25/2003, 9:45 am, in reply to "Hudson Valley G. E. Cornish estate"

Ahh, the Cornish Estate. I often take my church youth group on hikes through here. As for information, that is hard to find. Even the book Hudson River villas" did not include this place. Have you tried ? This is most likely stuff yoiu all ready know, but it is worth a look.

West Mt. Sanitarium, Scranton PA
Posted by Kim on 7/31/2003, 9:03 pm

Hey...Im having a heck of a time finding info about the West Mountain Sanitarium. We were up there a few weeks ago, and the place is still in pretty good condition. Other than a few collapses, and the damage done by people playing paintball, it's a pretty stable set of buildings. Any information that you all could offer up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Near Lewistown Pa

Posted by Lynnie on 8/2/2003, 7:38 pm

Last week I was driving home from Raystown Pa on 322E after I drove thru lewistown pa there are about 5 to 6 miles of old boarded up buildings & houses & there is also a street that has about 5 boarded up houses. They still had the satallites and junk around the houses. I thought it was kind of scarey. So, I stopped & asked why everything was boarded up...the people said that they are making a 4 lane highway called the Joe Paterno Highway due to the traffic during PSU games. Anyways, There are about 20 houses and buildings on that strip and little side roads that seem like a cool place to exploring. I would of went but I was by myself and not dressed for any adventure. So if anyone is is interested in checking this out please let me know. Thanks ~lynnie

Saratoga County Homestead
Posted by dave on 8/3/2003, 7:24 am

I'm looking for any information anyone may have on the history or the exact whereabouts of the abandoned Saratoga County Homestead. It's rumored to be an abandoned insane asylum, and before that a children's orphanage. Any information would be awesome. Feel free to email me directly if you do have any info. Thanks.

Re: Saratoga County Homestead
Posted by Ana on 8/13/2003, 1:17 am, in reply to "Saratoga County Homestead"

hey wassup does any body know the adress how to get to insane asylum if u do plz contact me at my emai ty

Stotesbury Hall, Pennsylvania
Posted by Philip on 8/13/2003, 1:37 pm

Here's a website everyone might enjoy...the home is long gone, but here is some documentation of it's grand history and decline. It was located about 30 minutes from Philadelphia, PA- now a housing development and only the carriage house remains.

fire towers- Ninahm mt., kent, ny
Posted by rich on 8/18/2003, 9:21 am

Ninam mountan is NY state multiple use area located off gypsy trail road in putnam. lots of trails for mountain biking. the area is on both sides of the road. the fire tower is located on top of the mountain. Drive up dirt road to the gate on right. walk up hill for about 1.5 miles. Fire tower is missing first two flights of stairs, but is easily climbed. Climbing the tower is illegal but highly reccomended. on a clear day the catskills are impressive. Be ware of the ranger who patrols on a horse. Ninam also is the site of ancient stone structure and arsenic mine. Camping and fires are permitted,free,..great alternative to Fahnstock

Re: fire towers- Ninahm mt., kent, ny
Posted by Scott on 9/21/2003, 11:48 am, in reply to "fire towers- Ninahm mt., kent, ny"

I read on Kent's website that they're supposed to be renovating the fire tower so that it can be open to the public to take advantage of the amazing views.

Centralia Aerial Photos
Posted by chris on 8/23/2003, 6:45 pm

We recently added 3 aerial pics I took of Centralia to our site. Anyone with an interest in this fastinating town and its story should check this out. later chris

Re: Centralia Aerial Photos
Posted by Artie Greene on 8/26/2003, 4:19 pm, in reply to "Centralia Aerial Photos"

I LOVE the photos on Centralia. I also love the way you create a sort of mysterious aura around this fascinating place. I grew up in NEPA, but now live in Los Angeles. All of my family still live there, and I used to dread trips back 'home' because the place was, what I thought, depressed and dwindling. A recent trip back home sparked all sorts of interest in the Susquehanna, the Poconos, Abandoned Collierys, other landmarks and the quirky people of the region. I now find quite a few things about this region fascinating. Centralia in the 80's was shutting down, I remember hearing this on the news all the time when I was a kid. Pretty intriguing to now see a website with photos! You've done a great job!

Re: Centralia Aerial Photos
Posted by Lori on 8/30/2003, 11:39 am, in reply to "Re: Centralia Aerial Photos"

Those are amazing pictures, thank you for sharing them. You're site is great!

Bluefields Rifle Range
Posted by Zardoz on 8/25/2003, 2:01 am

Does anyone know anything about the structures on Clausland Mountain in Rockland County? It was called Bluefields Rifle Range as far as I can tell, but am unsure of the purpose of the buildings at the site. Has anyone been there? I would appreciate any information.

Re: Bluefields Rifle Range
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 8/26/2003, 12:08 am, in reply to "Bluefields Rifle Range"

I was exploring either there or at Camp Shanks back in the early 1990s. There were lots of tunnels with graffiti on them, and an old rusty pickup truck abandoned in the woods off the main trail.

Helpful links: Rockland's Military Roots Revealed: Bluefields Rifle Range:

Re: Bluefields Rifle Range
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 8/25/2003, 2:54 pm, in reply to "Bluefields Rifle Range"

It was a training camp for WWI. The tunnels where part if the rifle range. It was closed after the war as the range was too close to homes. A good site to find info on this and other military posts in New York is

Agnes Flood
Posted by Artie Greene on 8/26/2003, 4:38 pm

Hey man, if you are intrigued by abandoned buildings and Centralia, I wonder if you've heard much about the GREAT FLOOD OF 1972: Agnes? I remember looking at Flood Books of photos of the Wyoming Valley UNDER WATER, and more photos of the subsequent clean up efforts, all of which have a very eerie sinister quality, which I personally find magnetic. If there aren't any websites dedicated to the Agnes Flood, there ought to be. Or perhaps you should start a page on your site. The books I remember reading show pictures of unearthed cemetaries, stormy skies pounding the Wyoming Valley with rains, wilted sandbags piled on the Market Street bridge that were no match for this storm, department store window mannequins standing proudly in waist-high muddy Susquehanna water, and homes knocked off their foundation and cracked in half by the raging force of the waters.

It is quite a spooky experience to look through these books, and even cooler to hear first hand stories from my relatives who lived through it.

I'm gonna do a google search right now on Agnes Flood to see if someone's made an official homepage!

Re: Agnes Flood
Posted by DeeBee on 9/16/2003, 4:08 pm, in reply to "Agnes Flood"

I was a little kid during that flood. A lot of my family members in the Wilkes Barre area were affected. I remember it well.

My grandmother has a really cool large picture book that someone published after the flood. It's a huge book and it contains before, during, and after photos. I agree they are eerie and magnetic. I'm going to try to get it from her sometime. I thought it would be cool to scan the photos and put up a Web site.

Posted by Jermafenser on 8/28/2003, 9:27 am

Hello. Does anyone know where I can go about exploring modern ruins in the DC metro area of Maryland? I live in Rockvillie. Thanks for your input.

Maryland / ruin hunting tools
Posted by Jeff Conlin on 9/9/2003, 2:32 pm, in reply to "Marylanders"

There's a lot to see in the DC/MD area... much depends on your particular interests. just off the top of my head ... Old institutions/colleges : - Glenn Dale Hospital, Glenn Dale MD (my mother actually volunteered there in the late 60s... it sounds as though PG county has approved a plan to renovate the main buildings and convert them to commercial assisted living centers) - St. Mary's College, Ilchester MD (was in much better shape until the last couple of years when a fire destroyed much of it) - Potomac Women's Institution, Ellicott City MD (ruins, but nicely landscaped and reinforced... too well-cared-for by the state to be spooky)

- Both Spring Grove in Catonsville and Springfield in Sykesville are beautiful old complexes that are still in partial operation and worth checking out, too... as is the "Hillcrest" building at UMBC which used to be Spring Grove's maximum security wing.

- Ammendale Normal Institute, Beltsville MD (heavily guarded, but I've flown over it and viewed it from satellite imagery) Government : - Abandoned gov't airfield, Beltsville MD (now a plant disease research wing of the USDA, old style military hangars are still present and the two runways can clearly be made out from overhead. From what I understand, A DC-3 was kept there ready to evacuate the president in case Andrew's AFB was attacked) - Nike missile site in Granite (in surprisingly good shape, radar towers still stand and some radar hardware is still present) - other sites are in Croom, Davidsonville, Waldorf, La Plata, Annapolis, and Phoenix... though many have been converted to new local gov't usage. One note : I've had great success using Keyhole's "Earthviewer" software (made famous by the virtual flyarounds of Baghdad on CNN during the recent Iraq conflict) for zooming in on ruin sites that aren't necessarily easy to get to otherwise, like Ammendale in Beltsville. I live only two miles from there, but the current property owners have tremendous security in place. The yearly license is about $65, but the omniscience you feel is pretty cool... very detailed aerial/sat data of most metro areas fed on-demand... lets you smoothly zoom/pan/tilt around. Worth checking out, and helps in planning slightly... less-used methods of entry into some sites.

If anyone's interested, I can send example screenshots of some of the places I mention.

Re: Maryland / ruin hunting tools
Posted by Jeff Conlin on 9/9/2003, 2:34 pm, in reply to "Maryland / ruin hunting tools"

whoops, that was supposed to be Patapsco Women's Institute in Ellicott City. Another thing I forgot to mention is interest in the old DC Trolley system, secrets of the Metrorail system, etc. And the always-rumored, but rarely-displayed DC tunnels... still working on that.

Recent photos--Briarcliff Lodge
Posted by Andrea on 8/28/2003, 10:24 pm

This past weekend I took a ride up to King's College. My curiosity was killing me and I HAD to see this place for myself before anything happened to it. I went to Pace University right up the road from 1986-90 and I am SO sorry I didn't know about this building back then. It is phenominal to say the least. I wish I could have saw it when it was full of life because what I saw saddened me to such a point that words cannot describe. I left there with a true feeling of despair as well as anger. I can't believe that such a beautiful place is in danger of being torn down.

I was only there for a few minutes. As I drove up a patrol car was on his way down. I wouldn't doubt that this is on a routine patrol. I was able to take a few pictures. If anyone is interested in seeing them please e-mail me. I am happy to share them.

Re: Recent photos--Briarcliff Lodge
Posted by Janey on 9/21/2003, 8:38 pm, in reply to "Recent photos--Briarcliff Lodge"

I would be very interested in seeing those pictures, given today's tragic news of the buildings. Please, please e-mail them to me at

riptide_46(at) Thanks so much! Jane

Re: Recent photos--Briarcliff Lodge
Posted by Lori on 8/30/2003, 11:37 am, in reply to "Recent photos--Briarcliff Lodge"

I to am a graduate of Pace University (1996-2000) The site of King's saddens me too. I just can't believe the village isn't fighting for this piece of history. The old lodge is the foundation of Briarcliff, and the village board members obviously don't see this or care about this. I try to drive up to Lodge Road/Scarborough Road at least once a month, as I work in the area. I hate to see the place become further and further in a state of dispair. This just disgusts and angers me!

dutch church belleville
Posted by dave on 8/29/2003, 1:14 pm

they say there is a tunnel underneath that goes from Belleville to Kearny.....anybody been there, know about it, photographed it?