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Modern Ruins Archive #1

Kings College
Posted by Bill Phillip on 12/17/2001, 4:58 pm

My wife, Alice and I visited the campus December 2nd 2001...There were workmen there completing boarding up some doors and windows. The place was a mess. From what we were told by the workers, the buildings will be demolished some time next year in preparation for homes. It's a shame what vandals have done to this once majestic site. Seeing the campus brought back many fond memories. I could almost hear the words of the beloved Dr.Cook echoing across the campus saying, "Walk with the King today, and be a blessing!"
Bill Phillips, Class of 1968

Re: Kings College
Posted by Dominick on 10/29/2002, 9:45 pm , in reply to "Kings College"

My mother was a graduate of the class of 1968.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Dawn on 12/29/2001, 8:40 pm , in reply to "Kings College"

I too visited the Briarcliff Manor campus. It was very heart breaking. It is very disheartening how in the American culture we do not preserve or restore our history through architecture!!! I have wonderful memories of The King's College.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Pamela on 11/11/2002, 9:39 pm , in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I was a student there from 1992-1994 when the campus was closed. In February of 1994, I was walking to class through the heavy snow covered pathways. Suddenly I saw something that stopped me in my tracks. I saw a slender woman with long straight brown hair and a long flowing black gown standing on top of the hill before me. It was strange because it must have been about 20 degrees that day. It was the kind of cold that makes your bones hurt. This woman wasn't wearing a coat or warm clothing. She just stood there for a moment. I made a right turn toward the building where my class was and took one last glance behind me and she was gone. I stopped outside the building and did a quick glance around to see if she walked down the hill, but nothing. I was convinced that I was either seeing things or very tired that day. She wasn't wearing clothes from 1994, more like 1924. It was very strange for me. I can't explain what happened.

Posted by Frank on 12/29/2001, 11:54 am

Im a demolition contractor and am around modern ruins all the time and usually the last to be. Although I take them down i still have a interest in them and have a very large collection of salvage for sale from many many past modern ruins from around the New York State. I may have some salvage or pictures from a past school,house or just from a building in your old town so feel free to email me and ask. Im also interested in finding out if any modern ruins i do not already know about are going to be demolished. Keep in touch... Statedemo(at)

ruinous adventures
Posted by Mark McGothigan on 1/3/2002, 8:03 pm

I lived in philadelphia in a place they called the ruins, because it was miles of abandoned factories and buildings. A dangerous place when I was driving a cab. Majestic in the snow and icicles. I made a film in high school in Stotesbury outside of Philadelphia which was a grand ruin 128 room mansion, now gone.

Re: ruinous adventures
Posted by wm schafer on 3/4/2002, 10:39 am , in reply to "ruinous adventures"

I live about 20 min. from site of old mansion. i truley regret never going to see it before being torn down. there are new homes there but no building is permitted on the mansion site since there is likely 5 stories below ground that was merely covered over.

Re: ruinous adventures
Posted by Nepenthe on 1/24/2002, 2:29 pm , in reply to "ruinous adventures"

I took the train into Philadelphia and was astonished by the abandoned nature of most of the city we could see from the train. So many beautiful old buildings just left empty - it's kinda wierd. Here in Boston, any building is of great value because everyone wants to live in the city and will pay a lot to do so. Although there are two ruins in Boston that I'd love to get a glimpse into - a theater and an opera house in the ladder district. I'm pretty sure that they are going to be refurbished - which is *much* better than demolition.
But no one wants to live in Philadelphia, right?

Re: ruinous adventures
Posted by mark mcgothigan on 2/7/2002, 7:30 pm , in reply to "Re: ruinous adventures"

History will judge us by our wasted resources.

Good Job!
Posted by Mike from Arlington on 1/13/2002, 7:18 pm

Before I stumbled across this site, I thought I was a solo adventurer in exploring these sort of places. In Richmond, along the James in the area of the old Lucky Strike factory is a wealth of urban archeology, much of it dating from Confederate times and earlier. Foundries, abandoned rail lines and bridges, old factories that have not been Starbuckized yet. Also, is anyone aware of the tunnels that exist under DC? Many were closed with iron plates years ago, they were a sort of early escape system from years past.

Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?
Posted by Chris on 1/16/2002, 11:39 am

For those of you have have been to Centralia, how feasible do you think it would be to go camping overnight in the wasteland (with a gas mask, of course)?
Is it a vast area to explore, or is the majority of the damage subterranean? I haven't got a good sense of the scale from the photos.

Re: Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?
Posted by Peter LaVerdiere on 7/25/2002, 6:50 pm , in reply to "Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?"

If you're curious about other people's accounts of it, the famous travel author explored around in that area and hte town itself while hiking the Appalachian Trail. The book is called "A Walk Through The Woods" by Bill Bryson. Also a funny coincidence is that the area is sorta depicted in the movie "Nothing But Trouble", a gruesome comedy with Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase.

Re: Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?
Posted by Dottie gavin on 5/25/2002, 10:05 pm , in reply to "Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?"

Why could'nt you camp out there, people still live there. They have a meeting place where former residents hang out on week-end evenings. I don't know however if you need permission to do so.

Re: Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?
Posted by don claypool on 2/25/2002, 8:17 pm , in reply to "Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?"

Camping would be a good idea, but the US Government would not let you do it. We were through the area a couple of years ago and there are signs that tell you to stay out(but then I can't read them anyway). what if the earth opened up right under you, i'd say it's worth a chance, seems like it might be fun.

Re: Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 1/17/2002, 10:07 am , in reply to "Would it be possible to camp out in Centralia?"

I would strongly advise against that. There are dangerous mine gases in the area. I get headaches after being there a few hours, so I suspect camping there overnight wouldn't be too healthy.
Most of the damage is below ground. There are wooded areas that are burned out and still smoking, but you definitely don't want to camp in the middle of all that.

Kings college letters
Posted by eclectro on 1/19/2002, 5:36 am

Those letters you found are fantastic. Urban exploration at its very best. By finding/preserving them, a bit of King's college has been preserved. They add to the atmosphere. This site deserves more photo exploration though. Nice Job.

Abandoned PA Turnpike
Posted by Jessica on 1/27/2002, 6:22 pm

For those of you who like wilderness as well as modern ruins, you can check out the abandoned sections of the PA turnpike that runs from (I believe) Breezewood to New Stanton (pardon if I'm wrong, I seem to have misplaced my notes at the moment!).
The new section of turnpike was constructed to replace 3 of the old two lane tunnels with more modern 4 way ones. You can still walk through 2 of the old tunnels (at your own risk, of course -- these are unlighted and do not receive mantinence). The third is used for PennDot salt storage.
There are many sites out there by road enthusiasts that detail how to find the abandoned sections and give interesting tidbits of info as well as some GREAT photos of the region.

Re: Abandoned PA Turnpike
Posted by James F. Boylan on 3/20/2002, 5:37 pm , in reply to "Abandoned PA Turnpike"

The Pa. Tpk. was built along a never completed railroad. 3 of the uncompleted railroad tunnels weren't used by the turnpike, altho one was completed and later abandoned by another railroad.
"Vandebilt's Folley" is the title of the history
of the railroad and turnpike.
Jim Boylan
General Freight Agent
Tyburn Railroad Co.
Penndel, Pa.

Kings Collage from a local
Posted by Ian Gall on 1/31/2002, 2:44 pm

It is a shame that the building is to be coming down, and I've not been to the site since 2000. I do remember that it was fully powered until the fall of 1999. And I've also heard some names of people guilty of vandalism...mostly Ossining kids. I know that even as a high schooler at the time, I loved the building and the architecture. \
The building always seemed to have life to it until the power was shut down, and the beautiful mantle in the Oak room was removed. Does anyone know what the inscription was? I recall that it began something like "Here upon this hearth..."

Oh and btw, many of the "fellow" visitor's comments on Rob's page are mine, He's done a great job in capturing many pictures.

bennet college--millbrook ny
Posted by pete on 2/4/2002, 10:03 pm

this old abandoned school looks like a castle at the
junction of rt 82 and 343 in millbrook ny....last open in the 70's, this huge stone structure is boarded up --it would be a great place to check out...

Re: bennet college--millbrook ny
Posted by Richard Cunningham on 2/5/2002, 6:00 pm , in reply to "bennet college--millbrook ny"

There are a few websites with pictures of it. If you go there there is a close eye kept on the place. The man (caretaker) who approached me was very pissed off that the place is on the net. The buildings seem tightly sealed up. Try and go to Tom Rhinaldi's section. Some pics can also be found at

I've been in there... haunted! Dorm stories.. more to come
Posted by Melissa on 6/8/2002, 1:10 pm , in reply to "Re: bennet college--millbrook ny"

I've been inside Bennett. A few times inside the dorms... to get in, you must go to the front of the dorms (facing rt 44) and there is a large room in the front with a sliding glass door. Once you are in, you can go either to the right, where you will find rooms of old furniture and an old kitchen as well as a basement. If you go down the basement stairs you will see another stairwell going down to what is a SECOND basement.... in otherwords 2 LEVELS below ground. It was in this area where 2 of my friends were checking things out..... there were five of us altogether... myself and the two others were waiting by the sliding door for the other two. The sun was going down and we wanted to leave before dark. Neither one of us three wanted to go down to even the first basement. The two others finally came back up from the basement and we decided to leave since it was almost dark outside. The next day one of my friends that was in the basement said that he wished Tisha didn't come down and tell them to go because he wanted to stay there and check things out. I said "She didn't go down there.. we were all to scared to." And he said "Yes she did, she said 'Come on guys, we should go,' and I turned and saw her walk out." And I told him again, "I'm telling you, we were all to scared to go down there, we were sitting upstairs until you guys decided to come up, then we all left."
If you go straight up the stairs (about 4 or 5 stairs) you can go left which will lead you to one wing of the dorm as well as a health center... and you can go right... which takes you on sort of a maze of an interior built of freight elevators and laundry shutes. For some reason this wing has more bathrooms and showering facilities than the other wing. When you go through one hallway you will find two flights of stairs leading to the first floor of dorms... which is really the second floor of the building. When you go up the stairs you are instantly hit with curiosity. There is a colage of females (it was a girl's school) and poems about lady actresses.... there are pictures of Sharon Tate, Goldy Hawn and Patty Duke.... along with newspaper clippings about women and suicide, a picture of a nun with bloody eyes.... paintings all about.... as you walk through the halls there are paintings of anything you can imagine.... from devil worshipping to Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger.... these are PAINTINGS done BY the female students.. this is not graffitti done by vandals.
While walking on the third floor, myself and my other 4 friends all entered a bathroom. There were 5 stalls and a row of sinks in the midle of the room. As I was standing in the doorway, my friend was looking around.... we heard a "creak"ing noise and one of the stall doors shut. I looked in the hallway and the other 3 were walking around. Both of us heard and saw the door shut, but we were both on the opposite side of the room.
Upon entering the left side of the wing, you are going through many hallways and passing many rooms. Some of these rooms still have cots in them and clocks are still hanging on the walls but there is no other furniture or belongings left there.
Above the Health Center there are vines growing up the side of the building. for some odd reason all of these rooms are locked. One time we managed to get into one of these vine covered rooms and it was pitch black.... even in bright daylight.... they are only vines, the windows aren't boarded up. BUt anyway... there are concrete floors... with drawings on the floor. The one room we went into had satanic symbols and phrases... we were so scared to have broken that lock and "intruded" that we ran out of there....
On another visit in the same wing of the building... you go to the very top floor and go all the way down to the end of the building. As you go down the stairs, you look up and will see a passage to the attic.... We had forgotten our flashlights so even when one of my friends climbed up there to see what was inside, we could not see because it was pitch black.
There is no entrance to the Health Center from inside the building.
I will post about every area of Bennett College that I've been through... and I have been in a lot of areas, but not even close to all of them......

Re: bennet college--millbrook ny
Posted by Ken on 6/8/2002, 1:07 pm , in reply to "Re: bennet college--millbrook ny"

I have been inside a couple times. This place is SERIOUSLY HAUNTED. No joke. I'm not a bullshit artist. I went in with a few friends and we split up into two groups. As myself and Andrea were on the third floor, I noticed an entrance to an attic. As I climbed the small ladder to check it out, my friend's girlfriend had come through the nearby double doors and told us to meet Dave in the opposite hallway, and that he had seen something. I turned around and said, "One Minute, Be Right there", and proceeded to check the attic section. It ended up being locked, and 'Tisha had apparently gone back to meet up with Dave again.
About twenty minutes later, they ended up catching up with us and I asked Tisha where they were. They were in the auditorium the entire time that we were near the attic area. The auditorium is on the complete opposite side of the building on an entirly different floor.
Also, when we arrived at the college(in the springtime), there was snow on the ground about 5 feet away from the front face of the building and also near the auditorium(Just coincidence?)

Hopefully somebody that reads this will believe me-I have 4 people that will testify to my story.

Please reply so I know that I'm not crazy-


Re: bennet college--millbrook ny
Posted by Melissa on 6/8/2002, 1:34 pm , in reply to "Re: bennet college--millbrook ny"

I am trying to put my pictures up... they should be accessable here.....
temporarily.... I will make a webpage with them soon.


Philadelpha rail lines
Posted by Sean on 2/11/2002, 6:49 pm

I was told about an "underground city" in Phila., essentially it sounded like a rail line that had just been abandoned. Does anyone know of it's existence or any info?

Re: Philadelpha rail lines
Posted by Joe on 7/7/2002, 10:14 pm , in reply to "Philadelpha rail lines"

I know that there used to be bowling alleys and such where what is now Suburban Station in Center City. Ive always wondered what happened to them. It is huge underneath there and there is restaurants and shops. Maybe this is what you heard

Re: Philadelpha rail lines
Posted by James F. Boylan on 3/20/2002, 5:33 pm , in reply to "Philadelpha rail lines"

Callowhill St. Subway of the Reading RR under Pennsylvania Ave.; 4 tracks wide.
Small sections of the Market St. Subways' loop around City Hall, abandoned in the 1930's. Parts have since been used for a reroute of the subway-surface trolley loop around City Hall, so parts of the trolley loop are now abandoned.
2 or 3 sections of the never completed Arch St. Subway, including about 125' of the 11th St. station.
Portions of the subway's pedestian concourses, especially under Broad St. North of City Hall.
Uncompleted Ben Franklin Bridge Plaza trolley station.
Presently not-stopped-at Franklin Square Subway Station.
Surplus bits of other in-use subway stations.
Jim Boylan
General Freight Agent
Tyburn Railroad Co.
Penndel, Pa.

poughkeepsie rail bridge
Posted by pete on 2/28/2002, 3:47 pm

a fire closed the bridge that spans the hudson river in 1974...built in the late 1800's, the bridge remains with ties intact. walkway over the hudson is trying to convert it to a walkway. bridge is fenced at entrance to keep people out...

fillmore east theater
Posted by country boy on 2/28/2002, 7:27 pm

before the fillmore east theater was torn down a couple of years ago, i took a ride down to 2nd ave and 6th st in ny city on a sunday morning to check it out...the once famous theater where hendrix and everybody played ,had been boarded up
since the late 80's when it was a disco. i noticed
that a set of metal doors leading to a tunnel under the backstage area was open...i took my camera and wandered in....when i got around the far side of the theater which was not accessable from anywhere but inside the place or through these gates, i found all the old steel side theater doors open. i climbed up the old fire escape, and went inside....the old concert hall was gutted, the 1st balconey was now the main floor of what became the disco..the upper balconey still remained. the stage was long gone,
but the arch still had the artwork from the old days. i rumbled was pretty dark in there, tried to take some inside shots, but it was too dark....i got many exterior shots.. within a year the main part of the theatre was gone.....the lobby is now a bank.....

Re: fillmore east theater
Posted by jimi hendrix on 6/27/2002, 9:38 pm , in reply to "fillmore east theater"

the fillmore closed 31 years ago today...6/27/71

flooded PA. town
Posted by william schafer on 3/4/2002, 10:18 am

I am trying to locate a PA> town that was flooded I believe in the 60's. the town was left in tact,buildings ,banks ,streets lamp post etc. when flooded there would be boating ,fishing and scuba diving to the town below. there was an article in the defunct 'phila Bulletin" I was told Temple U. has the "bulletins" records but I havent been able to contact them. any one know the locale of this town.

Re: flooded PA. town
Posted by tribes on 3/25/2002, 4:37 pm , in reply to "flooded PA town"

I believe the town that you may be referring to may be the Walpack center. This was an old village that was abandoned during the 1960's when the Tocks Island Dam Project was still under consideration. The federal government was going to dam up the Delaware River and create a huge National Park/Hydroelectric plant in Northern NJ/Northeastern PA. Many people were upended and moved by the federal government for this project. The project however was ended after energy companies, fearful of a government run hydro-electric plant bigger than Niagra Falls lobbied Congress to pull the plug. The Walpack Center was never flooded but still remains abandoned. It is an entire town/village.

Re: flooded PA. town
Posted by James F. Boylan on 3/20/2002, 5:24 pm , in reply to "flooded PA. town"

Most of these stories omit the detail that the former residents were allowed to salvage any thing they could before the flood, so the only remains to be seen during a drought are cellar holes, foundations, and small concrete buildings.
The town at Lake Wallenpaupak was on the downstream side of the dam, so it wasn't flooded in the 1920's.
There are ruins of other sorts to be found under the waters of artificial lakes in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. If I get requests, I'll tell of some.
Jim Boylan
General Freight Agent
Tyburn Railroad Co.
Also a member of
Wreck Raiders' SCUBA Club
Penndel, Pa.

Re: flooded PA. town
Posted by kassandra on 8/12/2002, 11:44 pm , in reply to "Re: flooded PA. town"

consider this a request.


Re: flooded PA. town
Posted by Jim Boylan on 8/14/2002, 10:02 am , in reply to "Re: flooded PA. town"

Due to requests, I'll shortly post information
about Raystown Lake, Pa. and Great Crossings, Md.
Jim Boylan
General Freight Agent
Tyburn Railroad Co.
Also a member of
Wreck Raiders' SCUBA Club
Penndel, Pa.

Re: flooded PA. town
Posted by Rich on 3/7/2002, 9:19 pm , in reply to "flooded PA. town"

Hi Bill!
Did you ever get any REAL information on this? For years there were rumors of a town under Lake Wallenpaupack, but that dates from much earlier than the 1960s. I remember an Associated Press article about two years ago that told of a town that was beginning to show itself due to low water conditions. Can't remember where it was, but believe it was along the northern tier of the state. Please let me know if you find anything!

kings college
Posted by Frank on 3/5/2002, 2:59 pm

Spoke to somone today there and they are planning to demolish it but not for a while, still there is action up there due to the water tower..ALSO i was told that two people were arrested up there just yesterday so dot go there unless invited like i was.

Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address
Posted by Matt Johnson on 3/6/2002, 3:07 pm

Does anyone have Rob Yasinsac's email address? I would like to talk to him about the Briarcliff Lodge, particularly when Kings College was located there. His website is by far the finest that I've seen concerning ruins. It's not only a picture show but a history lesson as well. That's what makes it superior. Anyway his address does not seem to work on his website. Any help would much appreciated. Does anyone know what's up with the big balloon, and the 2 flags on roof of the lodge are for? Maybe marking it so it can be found and surveyed by air? Who knows. Thanks for the help. Be safe. Matt

Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address
Posted by AM on 3/7/2002, 12:15 pm , in reply to "Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address"

I also noticed the large balloon, im working right across the street and have noticed a large number of cars coming in and out of the lodge. I spoke to somone while i was there and he said that the future of the lodge wont be decided for a while.

Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address
Posted by Rob Yasinsac on 3/8/2002, 8:47 am , in reply to "Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address"

My address is yazmcboo17 (at) aol (dot) com

The website URL is

Rob Yasinsac

Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 11/12/2002, 9:36 am , in reply to "Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address"

Is there nothing that can be done about the possible impending demolition of The King's College / Briarcliff Lodge structure??? I have followed your advice and e-mailed Barrington (as well as the Westchester government). As an alumnus I am truly heart broken!!!!!

Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address
Posted by Rob on 11/14/2002, 12:59 pm , in reply to "Re: Rob Yasinsac's defunct email address"

I don't know if it can be done but you can write to the Village of Briarcliff Manor, write to lcoal newspapers, attend village meetings and speak out against demolition, and get your friends to all do the same. A loud vocie will surely be heard.

Dallas Ruins
Posted by Eddy on 3/16/2002, 12:54 pm

Hey there,
Just wanted to saythat I have taken on the role of urban explorer here in Dallas Texas .I live in the rual southern edge of Dallas co. and am just starting out doing this.Have already "infiltraited" one abandond store w/ three houses in the back of it ,,,very strange ,will be processing the photos today and hopfuly have a page up soon .My prime target right now is the old Sportatorium downtown where they used to do WCCW wrestling till it closed in 86' A korean couple owns it now and are not doing anything w/ it ,,they bought it cause they own the liquer store accross the street and dont want anyone to put "another" liquor store there So there it sits ,,,soon ,,,soon
Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the page ,,,it rocks!!!I also live 10min from the old Super Collider that never got finished ,,,,and it all just still sits there ,but probibly at least 5 miles of tunnel down there ,,,,,,danm !!now I am wanting to go there ,,,,right now!!! I,,,I,,,I,,, have to go !!!!

Re: Dallas Ruins
Posted by kassandra on 8/12/2002, 11:39 pm , in reply to "Dallas Ruins"

don't know if rumors of it's destruction are true, but there was a mint-green art deco building on mockingbird, on the edge of the expressway across from smu. last time i visited the place was '93, and it was impregnable at the time, not to mention very well guarded. does anyone from the area have any pics of it? really not sure, but it might have housed the dr. pepper or frito lay offices.

Posted by b on 3/20/2002, 8:56 pm

Is there any neat abandoned places to go in cleveland? any websites?

Re: Cleveland
Posted by James F. Boylan on 3/21/2002, 6:13 pm , in reply to "Cleveland"

The Detroit-Superior high-level bridge has a trolley subway in it, something like the Broad St. bridge in Rochester, N.Y. I haven't seen it, just read about it in history books.
Jim Boylan
General Freight Agent
Tyburn Railroad Co.

Re: Cleveland
Posted by santee on 3/20/2002, 9:12 pm , in reply to "Cleveland"

didn;t the indians abandon that stadium? that place was like a ruin even when they were playing there.

Posted by Eike "Mryia" Kreibohm on 3/25/2002, 8:08 pm

Hello Board,
I'm a great fan of modern ruins, and we have lots of them here in post-socialism east Germany.
I have introduced some of the modern ruins in my home town, Berlin, on my homepage:
I'm still working at an english version, but I thing the pictures speaks for itselves. But you can ask questions if you like to.

Re: Germany
Posted by Chris on 3/25/2002, 9:12 pm , in reply to "Germany"

I really like your site. Are all of those buildings still there?

Re: Germany
Posted by Eike "Mryia" Kreibohm on 3/29/2002, 2:38 pm , in reply to "Re: Germany"

All of the buildings there are still existing and (excepting one) are in the same contition.
I hope to add a new project soon.


Re: Germany
Posted by kassandra on 8/12/2002, 11:30 pm , in reply to "Re: Germany"

was hoping to view your website, but the url doesn't seem to exist any longer. have you moved it?


Slaughter house
Posted by Chris on 3/25/2002, 9:21 pm

I am looking to photograph slaughter houses or Meat packing plants. I live in LA but I will be doing a trip to the east coast in a few months.
Any ideas?

rankin pa
Posted by Matt the industrial rat on 3/30/2002, 4:18 pm

hello, I am doing a project with a modern dance collective that will include film of abandoned buildngs. I know of some places in western pennsylvania but I was wondering if anyone knows how to get to some abandoned steel mills in rankin ,pa or anywhere near pittsburgh.???

Re: rankin pa
Posted by Tasha on 9/2/2002, 10:10 am , in reply to "rankin pa"

Hey I was wondering if you could tell me where those places in western pa are? I just recently looked at torrance and i'm realy into the abandon buildings scene. Thanks Tasha

Re: rankin pa
Posted by Matt on 1/27/2003, 6:32 pm, in reply to "Re: rankin pa"

Hello, I just called the RIDC and asked if I could film an abandoned steel mill. They said yes and I got nine hours of footage. Matt Do you know where the atlas cement plant is??

wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut
Posted by colin on 4/1/2002, 2:02 am

hey, there. this is an excellent website. i'm happy that there seems to be a growing interest in exploration of modern ruins. anyway, my post here concerns three things: 1) Wyndcliffe. Does anyone know what's going on with this unfortunate situation? How can Rhinebeck sit back and allow Wyndcliffe to deteriorate??? 2) Scranton has an abandoned sanitarium ("West Mountain Sanitarium") located near the Pennsylvania Turnpike/Northeast Extension in Newtown Township/Scranton, on West Mountain. Does anyone know anything about it? Also, does anyone know about any other Scranton area ruins? "Concrete City" in Nanticoke is the only one that immediately comes to mind. (see: 3) Connecticut. I live in this pompous state and have great difficulties finding ruins, especially in Fairfield County. Does anyone know of anyplace to go?

Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut
Posted by Ryan on 6/26/2002, 11:50 pm , in reply to "Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut"
here is a link for the correct photo of west mountain sanitarium towards the bottom of the picture in the lighter shaded area

Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut
Posted by Djkairos on 5/27/2002, 5:35 pm , in reply to "wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut"

Hi: I live in scranton, so i am very familiar with the ruins in the area. The West Mountain Sanitarium is in excellent condition, despite some demolition (one small wing of the main building is demolished and the left wing has some fire damage/ construction work). I have pictures of it, and i plan to put them up on my webpage. Also, Scranton had the wonderful Hotel Casey, a magnificent 5 story hotel now demolished; plenty of old mining structures, Nay Aug zoo (fully intact), Luna Park (im not sure if this remains), concrete city, ashley/sugar notch breaker (oldest coal breaker intact in the eastern US), the world's largest pothole... plenty more in the NEPA area, particularly down in the centralia coal region... email me or ask for more info...

Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut
Posted by Jim Boylan on 4/1/2002, 9:13 am , in reply to "wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut"

I was going to mention the Wilkes Barre & Scranton "Laurel Line" interurban trolley tunnel under Crown Ave. in South Scranton, but after many years, it's no longer a ruin! Last winter, the tracks were relaid and the trolleys should be running any day.

Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut
Posted by The Jester on 6/19/2002, 4:54 pm , in reply to "Re: wyndcliffe, scranton/sanitarium & connecticut"

Indeed, I would not recomend a visit to the Laurel Line Tunnel. It was under renovation in October of last year when I drove through it with my car. We had a lot of fun until we attempted to leave and met the Scranton bike cop who was waiting for us. Needless to say, we havn't been back. If the trollies haven't started using it again (and my friend tells me they have), the police still watch it pretty closely. Stay out. Sincerely, The Jester

Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels
Posted by john john on 4/1/2002, 2:13 pm

Does anyone know of an abandoned hospital in NY state that has a series of tunnels running beneath it. Thanks.

Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels
Posted by Ken Churchill on 6/8/2002, 12:55 pm , in reply to "Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels"

I may have some info for you. If it's the right place, it's an old mental institution around Hyde Park, NY or the surrounding vicinity. My friend claims that his friend took some papers that were found in there, and ever since then have been tormented by supposed "ghosts". One of them is now in a mental institution because people did not believe him. Reply soon. -Ken

Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels
Posted by Stephanie on 6/9/2002, 11:37 am , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels"

I think I have heard of this place before, do you happen to know what the former name of the hospital was?

Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels
Posted by Ken on 6/17/2002, 6:58 am , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels"

The name is Hudson River Pyschiatric Center. We're going soon, we found the location. Want to join us? We're not creeps or crazy and really serious about checking it out with audio/video equipment.

Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels
Posted by Jo-Anne on 6/24/2002, 12:19 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned Hospital w/Tunnels"

The Hudson River State Hospital has been sold. I heard it will become a conference center and hotel. The road that leads up to it has been blocked off, and there is security all over. I went up there last year and took some photos. A security car pulled up and the guy asked me nicely to leave. There is a website with photos and information about the place that I found.

Session 9 (featuring Danvers State Hospital)
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 4/1/2002, 7:05 pm

Just thought I'd mention: I saw Session 9 on DVD a few weeks ago. It's a cool movie about a team of asbestos workers renovating the abandoned Danvers State Hospital. There's tons of footage of the interior of the hospital (it was filmed on site, very little was added) and the movie has a creepy feeling to it, like Blair Witch Project or The Shining. Rent it if you get the chance.

NY Adventures
Posted by Brendan on 4/6/2002, 6:50 am

looking for local ny adventures to go on, if you have any ideas or know any stories give me a message, already explored: castle in dansville, cresent moon house in victor, rochester subway, caverns at highland park, latta rd house in greece, and mushroom factory in kendal. Interested in buffalo terminal, and buffalo institution, also amityville house, in amityvile, ny any info would be great.

Re: NY Adventures
Posted by Lisa on 8/30/2002, 9:20 pm , in reply to "NY Adventures"

I lived in NY for 11 years about 23 years ago when we lived there we used to vacation in the St. Lawrence/Alexandria Bay/Black Lake area. I recently visited the Black Lake and Rossi area and I couldnt believe there were still houses and businesses that were abandoned back then still are. and not trashed by vandals. I can not give exact locations right off but you can Email me back and I can try.

Re: NY Adventures
Posted by MeL on 8/20/2002, 4:56 pm , in reply to "NY Adventures"

Apparently people still live in the Amityville "Horror" House. If you go to Amityville (on Long Island) anyone you see could point you toward it but there isnt much to see. Last time i drove by it looked like a normal house with candles in all the windows.