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Modern Ruins Archive #8

Girl Scout Camp
Posted by Andrea on 12/12/2003, 9:44 pm

I work in Chappaqua NY, and everyday on my way into Chappaqua I travel along Chappaqua Road in Briarcliff Manor. There's a small lake and some rustic old cabins along the lake. The area appears to be deserted, aside from the Girl Scout council across the street. What is this complex and who uses the lake?

Re: Girl Scout Camp
Posted by Andrea2 on 12/14/2003, 10:35 pm, in reply to "Girl Scout Camp"

I think you are seeing Camp Andrea Clark. It belongs to the Girl Scouts and is not abandoned. It's just not used in the winter.
It's funny that all our names are Andrea!!

Re: Girl Scout Camp
Posted by Sherri on 12/15/2003, 8:27 pm, in reply to "Re: Girl Scout Camp"

It is actually Camp Andree Clark, named for Andree Clark. Andree passed away in the 1920's at the age of 16. She was a highly devoted Girl Scout at the time of her passing. Her parents read about her love of Girl Scouts in her diary after she died. It was her parents who decided to donate the property that is now Camp Andree Clark to the Girl Scouts.
Camp Andree Clark is part of Edith Macy Conference Center, which is owned by Girl Scouts of USA. The conference center hosts training seminars and team building activities for the Girl Scouts year round. The camp is also open year round. There are two lake side cabins for rent, Lin House and Friedsam House, both open for rent year round.
Edith Macy Conference Center hosted the first international Girl Scout Jamboree at Camp Andree Clark in the 1920's. Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Lowe was on hand for the festivities, and gave input on how to design the original Camp Edith Macy. Camp Edith Macy became Edith Macy Conference Center in 1982, many original camp buildings are still in existance and may be visited Monday through Friday.
I work at Edith Macy Conference Center and have had to memorize this history!

Re: Girl Scout Camp
Posted by Nina on 12/28/2003, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Girl Scout Camp"

I've heard that Edith Macy Conference Center and the buildings on the property are haunted. Anyone know for sure? I've heard about a great hall that is haunted by Edith Macy herself, and an old camp infirmary that is haunted by Jane Deeter Rippen.

Pleasantville NY
Posted by Casey on 12/12/2003, 9:47 pm

I have lived in Poughkeepsie NY for the past 2 years. Everyday I take the Taconic Parkway to work. There's a bright pink estate type building along the end of the Taconic, near the Pleasantville exit. A few times I got off at Pleasantville to see if I could find this building, but have yet to find it. What is this odd looking building?

Re: Pleasantville NY
Posted by Andrea on 12/14/2003, 10:32 pm, in reply to "Pleasantville NY"

I think you are seeing Choate House. The building in on the Pace University P'ville campus. It was donated by a woman years ago. I don't remember her name and I am not sure of the entire story. But, I was told that she donated the house with the stipulation that Pace kept it painted pink.

Re: Pleasantville NY
Posted by Shannon on 12/15/2003, 8:19 pm, in reply to "Re: Pleasantville NY"

I am an alum of Pace University and know all about the "pink building". While it currently houses the offices of professors and faculty members, it was originally part of the Choate estate. The pink house is Choate House, which is just one of a few old buildings on the campus. Marks Hall, which used to be the Journalism building, was once attached to Choate House. Marks Hall was given to a member of the Choate family as a wedding present and moved down the hill to where it is now (by the first entrance). They moved the building on logs, around trees and the pond. The woman wanted to preserve the natural landscape. There is a lot of amazing history with that campus, as is there with the schools Briarcliff campus. Dow Hall was named after Mary Elizabeth Dow, who ran Mrs. Dow's School for Girls. It later became Miss Porter's School, and then Briarcliff College.
Hope this helps!

Re: Pleasantville NY
Posted by Sherri on 12/15/2003, 8:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Pleasantville NY"

Choate House may be an eye-sore, but it would be greatly missed if it weren't a part of the Pace landscape. You can visit the Pace library or the historical office for more information about benefactors and the history of the campus.
Yes, in order for Pace to buy and use the land, they had to agree to maintain Choate House and Marks Hall to their original splendor. While both have been updated and converted to offices and classroom space, the outsides of the buildings must remain pink and white respectively.

Kings College
Posted by Greg on 12/15/2003, 8:43 pm

Does anyone know the current state of Kings College? Have the remaining buildings been demolished or has demolition been rescheduled? My sister and mother were alums of Kings and those buildings hold special memories for them and our family.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Laurel on 1/4/2004, 9:03 pm, in reply to "Kings College"

Here we are, entering a new year without the glorious Briarcliff Lodge/The Kings College. A piece of history is forever lost in a pile of ash and rubble. May it haunt the developers forever!

Re: Kings College
Posted by dawn on 1/16/2004, 6:57 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I doubt that it will. Money distracts them from feeling regret.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Heidi on 1/17/2004, 7:29 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I was a student at Kings from 1990-1994, right before it closed. I truly believe that that campus was haunted. Anytime you were in the lodge, you got a sense that something was there, or that something wasn't right, even when the place was empty. There were nights when I would walk from the library to Miller Circle and hear strange things, or see weird shadows. A lot of my friends claimed to have seen similar things.
Believe what you will, I know I'm not crazy!

Re: Kings College
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 1/25/2004, 6:07 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

Hi Heidi-
By any chance did you have a roommate named Sherri while you were at King's College?

Re: Kings College
Posted by Marie on 1/23/2004, 6:48 am, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

what did these shadows look like? did anyone see them in the main building?

Re: Kings College
Posted by Rob on 12/21/2003, 1:07 pm, in reply to "Kings College"

I believe the entire Lodge has been demolished. The gym definitely has been. Miller Circle was still standing not long ago. All will be down very soon.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 12/27/2003, 9:08 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

Well, Rob... ...was to the tearful site today to see that yes, the 1909 tower section of the lodge is still standing however Miller Circle is now a pile of rubble as is the gymnasium and the power house/boiler building across from the track (which, by the way, is also tore up). Looks like Briarcliff Manor is virtually finished with its demolition of anything historic on the site. All that remains is the 1909 tower, the old science building (with pool in the basement) and the Robert A. Cook Science Building (which is of a much recent origin). The guard (who was quite friendly) informed me that all will be demolished to make way for the retirement community. I have had my heart broken reading and viewing all of this on the internet but I was so overcome seeing the sensless destruction that I could not even take a picture of what is as I wish to remember what was. A hopeless sentimentalist? Perhaps. But it was a place of incomparable architectural beauty that could have lived on for many generations to come had it been valued by those in government who callously had it destroyed. Their sense of stewardship to us, and the thousands who so valued The Briarcliff Lodge, as well as to history itself was SADLY LACKING! This illustrates first-hand the biblical statement about men being lovers of self & lovers of money rather than lovers of God and their brother. Quite treacherous!!!

Re: Kings College
Posted by Camille on 12/28/2003, 7:26 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I too ventured off to get one last glimpse of the place a few days ago. I was hysterical crying for much of the day after seeing what is left of Kings College/Briarcliff Lodge. I'm heartbroken, devestated, grief stricken, and genuinely pissed at the village of Briarcliff Manor. I just can't believe it's all gone, this is like a bad dream. Thank God for all of the wonderful Kings memories that will forever live on in my heart.
I hope the developers are happy with themselves. They've succeeded in ruining an irreplacable piece of our history and our heritage. They've succeeded in breaking hearts, crushing dreams and bringing on a flash flood of tears.
God Bless the alumni of Kings College who lived, learned, loved, prayed, grew, and achieved wonderous things in Briarcliff Manor. Let us all pray together and remember together! Long live Kings College, Briarcliff Lodge and Walter Law's dreams, hopes and ideas for a better today and an even better tommorrow!

Re: Kings College
Posted by Marian Bove Liswith on 12/28/2003, 4:56 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I agree with your comments.
I am a graduate of Edgewood Park College. This is a very sad day for me. I also lived in Briarcliff for 20 years and it is difficult to understand how this beautiful property could fall into disuse and disrepair.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Nina on 12/28/2003, 7:31 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I hope those pompous arses in Briarcliff Manor are happy with themselves. They've spent decades fighting commercialism and industry and crowds. I hope the residents of Scarborough Road, Central Road, Dalmeny Road and the other neighboring roads are happy with their new aging neighbors. Do they think that there won't be traffic? big crowds? noise? Of course there will be! The didn't know how lucky they were when Kings was their neighbor. Most of the homeowners who live in the vicinity now, weren't living there when Kings was open, they were there after Kings closed down.
So many people would have preferred an aging, decaying, vacant shell of a college campus than some other business. I've always loved Briarcliff for it's quiet, serene, simple ways. Walter Law knew what he had when he built Briarcliff Lodge in that spot. I will miss that part of Westchester history, as I have since Kings closed in 1994.
God Bless you all!

Re: Kings College
Posted by Rob on 12/25/2003, 9:59 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

Let me clarify my above statement - the 1909 tower section of the Lodge is still standing. It too will be gone soon.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Shannon on 12/28/2003, 7:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

It may sound funny, but ever since the fire back in September, I've looked for the water tower when I pass by Pleasantville on the Taconic. I look briefly as I pass by, in hopes that the water tower will still be there. That water tower was like a beacon to me. As a Kings alum, that water tower always reminds me of Kings and the wonderful time I had there. Seeing that tower meant that Kings was still there. You may not have been able to see the buildings from the Taconic, but you could always see the water tower.
I like so many here, have spent many a day crying over this great tragedy. This to me feels like someone close to me has passed away! I will never forget the memories I have of Kings. The people I met, the friends I made and still keep, the lessons I learned, the Hudson River views, the fall folliage, the winter snows, the grand old lodge in all her finery, driving through the main entrance on my first day of school, swimming in the pool, jogging on the track, developing a belief in ghosts(lol), and that dreams really can come true if you wish and pray and work hard enough.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Greg on 12/25/2003, 8:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

How unfortunate that the lodge had to be completely demolished. It still amazes me and my family that nothing was ever done to preserve the historic building. It also amazes me how they just dropped the whole investigation into the fire. A friend of mine who is a fire fighter with Briarcliff Fire Department said that it was ruled an accidental fire. If that fire didn't scream arson all over it, I don't know what does. This is still such a horrible loss to Westchester history.

Re: Kings College
Posted by judy on 12/22/2003, 3:14 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College" I guess the fire investigation found nothing suspicious?

Re: Kings College
Posted by Shannon on 12/28/2003, 7:41 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

It sounds to me like the village is covering something up! You can't tell me that this fire wasn't an arson. There are just too many coincidences where this fire is concerned. Everything was just too convienient to have been an accident. If this was an arson, I don't know how those people are living with themselves. How can you live with something like that on your conscience?
If this fire was set by an alum, I pray you did it because you didn't want the developers to destroy your memories. You wanted the developers to have an imperfect landmark to work with.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Marian Liswith on 12/28/2003, 4:50 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

I am a graduate of Edgewood Park College. This fire is a very sad event for me. I never dreamed this beautiful property would fall in disuse and disrepare.

Re: Kings College
Posted by Erin on 12/28/2003, 7:44 pm, in reply to "Re: Kings College"

No one can believe this! Our hearts are all broken and our heads are down in sadness. I feel the most sad for Walter Law. This was his dream, his legacy, his heart and soul. I guess this is how Briarcliff Manor celebrates and honors the founder of their village.

central pennsylvania
Posted by matt on 12/18/2003, 12:42 am

i live in central pa, pretty close to harrisburg and i was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on nearby places for me to visit. the more suggestions, the better! thanks a lot.

Re: central pennsylvania
Posted by boostay on 1/19/2004, 1:23 pm, in reply to "central pennsylvania"

see my site
check my pa exploration page and my various links im always looking for new things in pa too and im not far from you

Admin Contact Info
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 1/1/2004, 3:29 pm, in reply to "(no subject)"

I do periodically check in to maintain the board, and delete spam on the rare times it shows up.
It does help if people let me know there is a problem. There is contact information on my main homepage at

Saratoga death house
Posted by The Caretaker on 12/27/2003, 2:26 am, in reply to "(no subject)"

I seen your pics of the old homestead. Do not go in there or you will suffer dearly. Indeed it was a tb clinic and infact people did die. Everyone died as a matter of fact. Also in the 80's a bunch of people I know went exploring in there and are now struggling to survive, breathing their last breaths from oxygen tanks from all the asbestos in there. We have very interesting inside info to be interested in. Stay tuned for details.....

Re: Saratoga death house
Posted by tonydukes on 12/28/2003, 9:32 pm, in reply to "Saratoga death house"

Well I'm glad you have interesting details to be interested in, but I'm just interested in not seeing a spam post on what could be a decent forum.
Regarding interesting details, email me.

Posted by me on 12/29/2003, 1:05 am

any1 on here know anything bout an old abandoned mental asylum in philly called philadelphia state hospital or as i kno it as byberry if u do post back or IM me XTIMBERRR61290x - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by IronMiner on 7/2/2005, 5:26 pm

I figured that this would be the best forum to post something like this. I would like to announce the official launch of This site focuses on the history of the iron mining legacy in the Highlands of New Jersey and New York through picture and story. We have spent over 10 years going through books and journals about the various mines, performing field research, and photographing the landscape and interior of mines. This work has been put together to form a more complete picture and provide a unique learning experience about mining in the Highlands.
This will remain an ongoing project as we will be adding new material on an continual basis. Please feel free to stop by and explore.

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by Deanna Ranneklev on 7/5/2005, 1:20 pm, in reply to " - Mining History in the Highlands"

I hope you will be checking out the mining operations of the 19th century in Clarence Fahenstock Park (in NY). I periodically hike there just to see the old mines and the railroad bed (there was a small gage r.r. back then). The area was quite populated with schools & churches and homes. Unfortunately, none of that has survived. Now & then I pick up some iron ore and take it home as a souvenier! There's a lot of history there!! (the park is part in Putnam Valley, part Kent and I'm not sure what other towns). Sunken Mine Road is in the park, it goes from one end to the other.

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by porky on 7/7/2005, 5:09 pm, in reply to "Re: - Mining History in the Highlands"

the big mine by the old rail is the sunk mine..if you go in, you need a rubber raft....back in a ways there are 2 old boats used to cross the water filled shafts inside the mine...the mine goes in about 1500'....there are quite a few mines in the area....some are big open pits like the denny mine....others are tunnels, mostly with water in them....imagine whats in the bottom of those water filled pits....60-70' down....

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by Michael Maruuzella on 11/6/2006, 4:02 pm, in reply to "Re: - Mining History in the Highlands"

Mike Hetman ironminers web page is the best local exploration of iron mines I have ever viewed on the Internet! It is worth the web search just to see how adventurous the band of his faithful explorers actually are. He is well versed in both the history of the local mines and describing the iron mining industry. He plans trips to different locals in the NY/ NJ areas on a regular basis. He is always looking for new information and members on his web page.
Thanks Mike,
Mike Maz

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by IronMiner on 7/15/2005, 11:55 am, in reply to "Re: - Mining History in the Highlands"

Yes we have vistied that mine. We are planning another trip back soon so that we can rephotograph the mine and post pictures on the site. We didn't have enough time to get enough good pictures and haven't put them on the site.
I would have loved seeing the narrow gauge, too bad that is gone now. Going in one of the lower adits you can actually see two tracks of the narrow gauge RR going into the stope. However part of the stope above the tunnel colapsed onto the track both closing the tunnel and also perserving the rail.
What other tunnel mine with water are you referring too?

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by miner jose on 7/20/2005, 1:11 pm, in reply to "Re: - Mining History in the Highlands"

the sunk --- you go in with a raft....after ctossing over 2 water filled shafts you hit a flat run with the old tracks...

Re: - Mining History in the Highlands
Posted by IronMiner on 8/2/2005, 2:07 pm, in reply to "Re: - Mining History in the Highlands"

We have been to the Sunk mine. A very cool mine. It is probably one of the more adventurous mines given what you have to go through in order to explore the mine. In the lower levels, you have to either bring your own boat, or use one of the damaged cracked ones to cross the water filled winze. These is a rope provided that you can use to cross it.. Then cross another winze that you can get by without a boat. Then there is another chamber you need waders for. Then you can finally get to the end.
There are also the upper levels of the mine where you need to repel and ascend to get into. Once you get down, there is only so far you can go until you reach a shaft. You have to climb back up and go down again to see the rest. Kind of cool.. Then past that there is a little more you can explore in another stope. You need rope again.
As far as flooded tunnels, I wasn't sure if Porky was referring to another mine with tunnels that were partially flooded.

Stone Chambers
Posted by Deanna on 7/5/2005, 1:56 pm

There is a lot of info on the Stone Chambers of Putnam County (NY). What I would like to know is if anyone has actually been in one? Are there really heirogliphics? And what about this "magnetic field" at the entrance? To me, they look like harmless root cellars. However, I just moved across the street from one and for the heck of it, I took out my compass. Sure enough, it won't give me the right reading, but points to the Stone Chamber! I would like to get info from people that have actually been in them, if possible. Thanks everyone!

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by bmac on 9/20/2005, 5:34 am, in reply to "Stone Chambers"

Damn...there is a LOT i/we don't know about things in this world. I get amazed everytime I get little bits of info like this. What exactly are these things????? And will the compass go crazy due to these, or just where they are? What is REALLY going on?

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by Michael Maruzzella on 7/9/2005, 10:18 pm, in reply to "Stone Chambers"

I've lived in the Putnam county area for over 25 years. Since I was a child, my father talked about the root cellars he saw near his summer house in Fishkill. Martin Breech, an historian living in Mahopac, has put forth a theory that Celtic kings were buried in the small stone chambers. The markings, which are varied and circumspect, are the result of weathering, not inscriptions. I have visited many of the stone chambers, and there is nothing unusual about them. The opening, usually faces east, to let sunlight reach the back of the chamber, and most of the doors have rotted away. The unusual fact is that Putnam County has approx. 200 chambers, far more than any other area in new York State. You can see a Stone Chamber along route 22 traveling north before the Indian Restaurant on the right in lower Southeast. There is a large one near the intersection of Farmers Mills Rd. and Route 301, and another chamber further west on Route 301 on the right.
I hope I have been helpful,

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by Deanna on 7/15/2005, 11:12 am, in reply to "Re: Stone Chambers"

Mike..yes, you've been helpful! Thank you for the info. I located a map of the stone chambers! There was one on Route 6 diagonally across from Kmart ..saw it 2 weeks it's gone. Same w/the one on Rte. 301 & Rt. 52...gone. Isn't there a way we can preserve them?

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by Mike on 1/5/2006, 6:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Stone Chambers"

I had heard a lot about these but have only seen the one off of Oscawana. Where did you get the map of the chambers?

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by Deanna on 1/31/2006, 12:33 pm, in reply to "Re: Stone Chambers"

I tried to locate the map of the chambers and it said the site was disabled. I'm sure if you check "stone chambers" on google or yahoo you'll come up w/a lot of sites, they usually tell you where they are located. I never noticed the one on 22 before the indian restaurant. I'll have to take a peak!

Re: Stone Chambers
Posted by porky on 7/7/2005, 5:12 pm, in reply to "Stone Chambers"

there is a web site on the chambers....we just worked on oscawana heights rd in put valley and i saw one there....i've heard of people camping out in them....

Places in western P.a./ Irvine estate
Posted by Sophie on 7/13/2005, 10:28 pm

Hi! I'm looking for abandoned places in Northwestern pennsylvania and anyone who wants to keep me company exploring. Also, I'm extremely interested in the Irvine/Newbold mansion and the Irvine history

Centralia, all there is to see?
Posted by SteveH on 8/1/2005, 9:18 pm

I've been to Centralia twice in the past, but I dont think I have seen it all. I've been to both graveyards (near the diverted section of 61) and have walked down 61. I have also been to the area near the 4 way stop with the natural gas vents, which is also near a graveyard. I dont see how these areas could have housed 1000-200 people. Where is the heart of town? I must be missing something. Feel free to Email me at BMW533i(at) if you are knowlegable about the area. You can also send me an Instant Message on AIM at OhTwo BMW THANKS

Re: Centralia, all there is to see?
Posted by ericF on 12/19/2005, 9:02 am, in reply to "Centralia, all there is to see?"

i was just there on the 16th of december. there is a old wash house just south of town on 61 right over the hill. from my reading the heart is the 4 way stop where 61 and 42 meet, a park bench sits near by. there is an old abandoned house 10 feet from the road. small but good house to look around in.
heres a map that helped me out

Re: Centralia, all there is to see?
Posted by Tracy K. on 10/24/2005, 9:20 am, in reply to "Centralia, all there is to see?"

I have lived close to Centralia for all of my childhood and most of my adult life. For some of you there may not be alot to see about this small abandoned "ghost town". But if you really want to explore this wonderful little town before you go and see. I found a great site that may help you before you decide to go exploring (like so many people do even though the warnings are there of the gases and possible colapses). Here is the site and then you can decide for yourself
Please note that you will be exploring at your own risk. There is a danger of gases and underground colapse. Please proceed with caution if you do decide to go.

Re: Centralia, all there is to see?
Posted by IronMiner on 8/2/2005, 2:09 pm, in reply to "Centralia, all there is to see?"

Does anyone still live in the town? From what I heard, most of the homes were demolished. Are there still some left? Are you allowed to drive through the down to view whats left?

Re: Centralia, all there is to see?
Posted by Scott K on 8/2/2005, 7:00 pm, in reply to "Re: Centralia, all there is to see?"

I live in PA. Last thing I heard there were about 15 or so holdouts. Almost all of the houses are gone.

Updates at DUST
Posted by mryia on 8/3/2005, 8:43 am

I updated my DUST website (disused structures), that shows modern ruins in eastern Germany.
I added an abandoned lumber mill and a former russian nuclear missile base. I hope you like my pictures..

Re: Forgotten Link
Posted by mryia on 8/3/2005, 8:44 am, in reply to "Updates at DUST"

Maybe I should add the link too...

Insane Asylum
Posted by Megan on 8/24/2005, 11:50 am

I live in upstate NY, and about the "insane asylum" it's known as that but it's really an Old TB asylum, it's the old MapleWood Manner....The new maplewood manner is in BS and is a nursing home. But people call it the insanse asylum because it's haunted, and theres a guy who runs it who lives next door so to get in you have to sneak. I can't find it either, but alot of my friends have been there so i'm sure i'll be able to find it soon. it's in east galway and as soon as i find more i'll let you know, but i do know its an old Tuberculosis asylum and is haunted.

Re: Insane Asylum
Posted by Nicole on 7/9/2006, 9:48 pm, in reply to "Insane Asylum"

Hey the building you're talking about is the Saratoga Homestead and it is off of Bills Rd in Galway.....It is also known as the Bills rd infirmary....I have done extensive reseach and exploration of this place....very interesting and not too hard to get into....I recommend check it out in the day first...the people next door arent too bad but be careful they have dogs....there is a small parking area to the right of the building where u can park and they wont see you.....if you want to see my pics check out my xanga
you'll have to go back in the archives to august of last year....if you want more info hit me up....

Re: Insane Asylum
Posted by caretaker on 8/27/2005, 7:27 am, in reply to "Insane Asylum"

i is the caretaker at the assilum....stay da hell outta there....

Rockefeller state park
Posted by lburesch on 8/30/2005, 1:28 pm

Does anyone know anything about the abandoned section of Gory Brook road that runs through the Rockefeller State Preserve in Pocantico Hills NY?
There are nice hiking trails that follow the abandoned road, and a couple interesting bridges that are no longer used.

Re: Rockefeller state park
Posted by ht on 9/4/2005, 8:50 am, in reply to "Rockefeller state park"

the putnam railroad ran through there---then rocky had it moved.....there should be old rail bed and bridges still there....
Quehanna Wild Area
Posted by Phil on 9/5/2005, 3:32 pm
Does anyone know what was at location off of Quehanna Highway just West of Wykoff Rd. on North side of highway. There are gates acroos both roads and second road leads to abandoned builiding and blacktopped area?

Re: Quehanna Wild Area
Posted by Bill on 11/27/2005, 1:37 am, in reply to "Quehanna Wild Area"

I lived in Pine Glen and my dad worked at Quehanna for Curtis Wright back in the early 1960s. I used to eat lunch in the reactor room (pool reactor) back then. We built a reactor for phillips petrol at the time. There were also 2 engine test sites with block houses. After CW closed the site friends of ours maintained the buildings until they were pass'd to PSU. I used to visit up there all the time.

Re: Quehanna Wild Area
Posted by Joe on 5/16/2006, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Quehanna Wild Area"

Did you live in one of the four unit houses? I am interested in the history of this site.

Re: Quehanna Wild Area
Posted by lucky on 10/17/2005, 9:57 am, in reply to "Quehanna Wild Area"

You found the old Curtis-Wright research reactor. It was in the process of being cleaned up. Just Google it and you'll get info.

Bennett College?
Posted by Mary on 9/10/2005, 3:54 pm

Apparently there is a big abandoned college up in Millbrook, NY. If anyone could give me directions I'd appreciate it.

Re: Bennett College?
Posted by dana on 10/23/2005, 10:06 am, in reply to "Bennett College?"

I grew up at the college, my dad was a professor at the school, that building was absolutely beautiful before it was shut down. I spent alot of my childhood playing in its many,many rooms and multiple levels. About 10 years after it closed, me and a friend snuck in a window to look around. I was just heartbroken, I cannot begin to express how beautiful the place used to be, and now it is totally ruined, ceiling crumbling, dead birds, paint peeling and scary floors and stairs. I do not ever remember bad vibes when the place was open, although with a building that old there is always that unexplainable feeling of being watched. After we snuck in, I still didnt feel any evil vibes but there was definately a feeling of being watched. Because I grew up there, I probley shouldnt have gone in, beacause the sadness haunts me, and I dream of the place almost weekly. It is interesting that people still want to go in, just be careful, pretty dangerous at this point. (I never saw any security or old man when we were there-if you see the old guy question him, maybe he had something to do with the school(?)
And just for the record, the school was co-ed for the last 10-15 (?) years that it was opened.

Re: Bennett College?
Posted by Melissa on 10/17/2005, 7:52 pm, in reply to "Bennett College?"

Here is my post from 2002 on Bennett College including a link to a few photos that I took:
I've been in there... haunted! Dorm stories.. more to come
Posted by Melissa on 6/8/2002, 1:10 pm , in reply to "Re: bennet college millbrook ny"
I've been inside Bennett. A few times inside the dorms... to get in, you must go to the front of the dorms (facing rt 44) and there is a large room in the front with a sliding glass door. Once you are in, you can go either to the right, where you will find rooms of old furniture and an old kitchen as well as a basement. If you go down the basement stairs you will see another stairwell going down to what is a SECOND basement.... in otherwords 2 LEVELS below ground. It was in this area where 2 of my friends were checking things out..... there were five of us altogether... myself and the two others were waiting by the sliding door for the other two. The sun was going down and we wanted to leave before dark. Neither one of us three wanted to go down to even the first basement. The two others finally came back up from the basement and we decided to leave since it was almost dark outside. The next day one of my friends that was in the basement said that he wished Tisha didn't come down and tell them to go because he wanted to stay there and check things out. I said "She didn't go down there.. we were all to scared to." And he said "Yes she did, she said 'Come on guys, we should go,' and I turned and saw her walk out." And I told him again, "I'm telling you, we were all to scared to go down there, we were sitting upstairs until you guys decided to come up, then we all left."
If you go straight up the stairs (about 4 or 5 stairs) you can go left which will lead you to one wing of the dorm as well as a health center... and you can go right... which takes you on sort of a maze of an interior built of freight elevators and laundry shutes. For some reason this wing has more bathrooms and showering facilities than the other wing. When you go through one hallway you will find two flights of stairs leading to the first floor of dorms... which is really the second floor of the building. When you go up the stairs you are instantly hit with curiosity. There is a colage of females (it was a girl's school) and poems about lady actresses.... there are pictures of Sharon Tate, Goldy Hawn and Patty Duke.... along with newspaper clippings about women and suicide, a picture of a nun with bloody eyes.... paintings all about.... as you walk through the halls there are paintings of anything you can imagine.... from devil worshipping to Whinnie the Pooh and Tigger.... these are PAINTINGS done BY the female students.. this is not graffitti done by vandals.
While walking on the third floor, myself and my other 4 friends all entered a bathroom. There were 5 stalls and a row of sinks in the midle of the room. As I was standing in the doorway, my friend was looking around.... we heard a "creak"ing noise and one of the stall doors shut. I looked in the hallway and the other 3 were walking around. Both of us heard and saw the door shut, but we were both on the opposite side of the room.
Upon entering the left side of the wing, you are going through many hallways and passing many rooms. Some of these rooms still have cots in them and clocks are still hanging on the walls but there is no other furniture or belongings left there.
Above the Health Center there are vines growing up the side of the building. for some odd reason all of these rooms are locked. One time we managed to get into one of these vine covered rooms and it was pitch black.... even in bright daylight.... they are only vines, the windows aren't boarded up. BUt anyway... there are concrete floors... with drawings on the floor. The one room we went into had satanic symbols and phrases... we were so scared to have broken that lock and "intruded" that we ran out of there....
On another visit in the same wing of the building... you go to the very top floor and go all the way down to the end of the building. As you go down the stairs, you look up and will see a passage to the attic.... We had forgotten our flashlights so even when one of my friends climbed up there to see what was inside, we could not see because it was pitch black.
There is no entrance to the Health Center from inside the building.
I will post about every area of Bennett College that I've been through... and I have been in a lot of areas, but not even close to all of them......

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I have been inside a couple times. This place is SERIOUSLY HAUNTED. No joke. I'm not a bullshit artist. I went in with a few friends and we split up into two groups. As myself and Andrea were on the third floor, I noticed an entrance to an attic. As I climbed the small ladder to check it out, my friend's girlfriend had come through the nearby double doors and told us to meet Dave in the opposite hallway, and that he had seen something. I turned around and said, "One Minute, Be Right there", and proceeded to check the attic section. It ended up being locked, and 'Tisha had apparently gone back to meet up with Dave again.
About twenty minutes later, they ended up catching up with us and I asked Tisha where they were. They were in the auditorium the entire time that we were near the attic area. The auditorium is on the complete opposite side of the building on an entirly different floor.
Also, when we arrived at the college(in the springtime), there was snow on the ground about 5 feet away from the front face of the building and also near the auditorium(Just coincidence?)
Hopefully somebody that reads this will believe me-I have 4 people that will testify to my story.
Please reply so I know that I'm not crazy-

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Posted by Melissa on 6/8/2002, 1:34 pm , in reply to "Re: bennet college-millbrook ny"

I am trying to put my pictures up... they should be accessable here.....
temporarily.... I will make a webpage with them soon.

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I work in back of Bennett -- does anyone know if there is a pipe organ in the auditorium??

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Posted by petrus on 7/26/2007, 4:10 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

I've heard that there is a photo of a ghost/girl who was murdered at Bennett and the picture is so clear they could find here in the yearbook!
Does anyone know if this picture is online somewhere??

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Posted by Dee on 8/23/2007, 7:36 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

You guys are really funny. Every abandoned building has its tales however, there has never been anyone who committed suicide or was murdered at the Bennett Campus. My dad worked there from the mid 40's until the place closed in 1978. He stayed on for a number of years after the place closed to act as tour guide to prospective buyers, etc... Back in the 60's, Dr. Timothy Leary took up residence at the nearby Hitchcock Estate (Dr. Leary - the LSD doc - maybe you're too young) and the college girls lined up for miles to get in to see him and "share the love" so to speak. So, plenty of acid trips but no suicides, etc... Undoubtedly the "satanic" pictures some of you mention have been left behind by people just like you who are checking the place out and looking to leave their mark.
The place never sold because it would require a tremendous amount of money to handle the asbestos and lead contamination that are present within the now crumbling walls of the old building and to upgrade the plumbing, heating, etc... not to mention all of the broken windows and damage done by vandals and knuckleheads over the years.
My dad has since passed away and I can honestly say that after having worked there for much of his adult life, the Bennett School was his life and we (my brothers and I) are convinced that if his spirit were to remain earthbound, it would be bound to Bennett. So, if you hear footsteps, whistling, loud, unexplained noises, most likely, its dear old dad trying to scare your silly asses out of "his" building. You might want to wear respirators the next time you go in too, that asbestos is nasty stuff and it is everywhere - dry summer, crumbling walls, pipes falling, etc... not only a dangerous dilapidated building - a very unhealthy place to be...
Drop me a note if you go back in, plans are currently being reviewed by the Village of Millbrook to develop the property, demolition of the old main building - all but the original stonework is slated to meet the wrecking ball.

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Posted by Ray on 7/16/2007, 11:59 am, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

where is bennett college I would love to go and check things out

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Posted by jennifer on 7/19/2007, 8:57 am, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

intersection of routes 44 and 343 in millbrook, ny

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Posted by A on 9/12/2005, 11:35 am, in reply to "Bennett College?"

Route 44 Millbrook exit off the Taconic State Pkwy. Can't miss it!! It's on the left. Go to they have some nice updated photos.

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Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 9/12/2005, 3:40 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

The place is patrolled. There is an old guy there who seems to get pissed if you even take pictures from the side of the road, or even if you know the place exists.

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Posted by mary on 9/12/2005, 6:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

Is it possible to get on the campus without getting arrested? I've heard about the old guy.

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Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 9/13/2005, 3:03 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

I know people have done it. I was never brave enough to try. There are inhabited condo's literally next door.

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Posted by Mary on 9/13/2005, 11:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

That doesn't sound promising, but then again, a lot of the sites I've been to have been around people's houses and I'm yet to have the cops called on me and I KNOW they've seen me. (the people that is) maybe I'll get lucky..

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Posted by Richard on 9/14/2005, 5:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

Most neighbors at any place dont have a problem with somebody taking pictures outside, and dont care about you going inside. the people who do are either owners (or their representatives)who understandably dont want to be held responsible for someone being hurt, or an idiot damaging or destroying their property. Most people do not understand that the true UE is NOT a vandal and is adamently opposed to vandalism. In the case of BennetT, It IS very decrepit and a fire there could spread easily to homes. Often getting in to anyplace is finding the right person to ask, and the right way to ask them.

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Posted by Mary on 9/14/2005, 11:44 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

That's very true. I want go in there to take picture, I think if I'm there during that day and I ask someone they'll allow me to.
Generally people who intend to do something stupid wouldn't do it in the middle of the day. of course, that's not always true.

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Posted by Sharon on 2/22/2006, 7:05 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

I was just it really supposed to be haunted?

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Posted by Dana on 3/2/2006, 2:37 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

I would think someone would have had to die there for it to be haunted. As far as I know, no one has died in the building. That being said, old buildings always seem to have a creepy feeling around them.

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Posted by eric on 10/18/2006, 11:00 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

i've been in with a group of about 10-12 people and while some of us were a little spooked no one claimed to have seen anything. i would like to return and spend more time looking around. when i went, the people i was with were afraid to go into the basement. its been a long time but i think we parked in the condo parking lot and just walked in through a busted out window. of course if you go it would be more fun and less conspicuous at night.

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Posted by Andrea on 9/14/2005, 9:17 am, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

I was just there this past week. It was Thursday at about 3:00 in the afternoon. I stopped and took a few pictures. I drove around toward the condos. I didn't see anyone. No one bothered me but I wasn't there long at all and I didn't try to get too close. Good luck!
Posted by Michael on 3/16/2006, 3:57 pm, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"
I'd love to get in and take some time to do some quality photography of the poor old girl before someone knocks her down. I'd be happy to partner with someone else if they would like to make a trek of it--let me know!

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Posted by Dana on 7/22/2006, 11:16 am, in reply to "Re: Bennett College?"

You know its really weird. Whoever owns that building has just let it sit there and rot, I dont think they ever wanted to sell it and I also dont think they will tear it down. I am not sure why, but one would think they would have by now. Really weird.