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Modern Ruins Archive #2

NYC Islands
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 4/6/2002, 2:06 pm

Yesterday I made A trip down to New Rochelle and City Island. From the shore I was able to view the ruins on Hart Island and Fort Slocum on Davids Island. Are there any good websites with pictures of these structures?

Re: NYC Islands
Posted by Playland on 6/10/2002, 11:09 am , in reply to "NYC Islands"

I don't know about websites, but there is a book titled "The Other Islands of New York City: A History and Guide" , by Sharon Seitz and Stuart Miller that you might be interested in. As for Hart's island, I believe that is where they have an old NIKE missle site, as well as Potter's Field, a graveyard for all the homeless, criminals, vagrants, and John Doe-type unidentifiables of New York. However, I don't know if it is still active, it has been a while since I looked into it.

Sunken N.Y. Towns
Posted by James F. Boylan on 4/10/2002, 3:18 pm

April 2002 "Divers' Digest" of the New York State Divers Association has an article on page 13 about the ruins in Sacandaga Lake, N.Y. (Northwest of Albany). Most things behind the dam were torn down, relocated, or blown up. NYSDA and the Adirondack Aquanautical Society are SCUBA diving there July 13. Paul (pllenroc(at) is the contact person for this dive. Jim Boylan Penndel, Pa. "Wreck Raiders'" SCUBA Club

Re: Sunken N.Y. Towns
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 4/15/2002, 6:05 pm , in reply to "Sunken N.Y. Towns"

Hi Jim! Thanks for the info! Also, there is a page about the history of the reservoir and inundated town at:

News from Germany
Posted by Eike "Mryia" Kreibohm on 4/26/2002, 5:15 pm

For those who are interested in modern ruins outside the US, I've made a couple of new photos from modern ruins in my home town Berlin, capital of Germany. I want to introduce the ruin of the Central Broadcasting Authority of the GDR, a no longer existing country. Yours, Eike

abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny
Posted by colin on 4/30/2002, 2:44 am

does anyone know anything about an abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny on "point mountain?" (hancock is in delaware county, on the delaware river and on rt. 17 near the pennsylvania border). a web search hasn't revealed much information.

Re: abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny
Posted by colin on 8/10/2002, 10:56 pm , in reply to "abandoned mausoleum in hancock, ny"

I've found a little more information about the mausoleum. Here's a topographical view of the area. The mausoleum is visible at the very top of the mountain. I cannot gauge its size. From "Atop Point Mountain is a mausoleum that was built by Dr. Frank Woolsey in the 1940's to house his remains. The mausoleum lies empty today and is now abandoned. Dr. Woolsey was never buried there."

putnam railroad
Posted by pete on 5/2/2002, 7:38 am

anyone interested in the put--the tracks at putnam junction are still in place, all the way back to rt 6 , across from putnam county savings bank in brewster....putnam ave crosses the old tracks, which haven't been used since 1970...the tracks are in pretty rough shape....there is a northbound and southbound entry still there,to the harlem line. old stations still exist in mahopac, with the freight house nearby, baldwin place--freight house, yorktown station, millwood station and more south of there...i have video of the put, always looking for more....

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Ron Klein on 1/31/2003, 11:57 am, in reply to "putnam railroad"

Pete, Can you please tell me more about your "Put" video? I've been searching for films / video of Putnam operations for quite some time. Thanks.

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Glenn on 12/2/2002, 8:42 am , in reply to "putnam railroad"

Anyone who is wondering where the caboose that was removed from Yorktown Heights can find it residing at the Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT. I found many years ago a bridge on Caryl St. which used to bring the road over the Getty Square branch tracks at the Caryl station (station long since gone). It seems odd to have the bridge there, but it is part of Caryl St. As you are heading north on Broadway, Caryl St. will be on your right at the city line. I have seen photos of the line at Caryl, and this is the same bridge in the photos. I have quite a few slides of this line when it was in operation, including a steam meet in Eastview. I have duped a few of these slides. I also have some shots of the line during demolition at Briarcliff Manor in 1962. I have scanned a few of these shots in my collection. There are other stations that still do exist along this line. Tilly Foster I believe is used by a radiator repair shop. For those who don't know excatly when the line ceased passenger operations, it was on May 29, 1958. The Lake Mahopac branch lived on another year. By the way, the bridge that took the Put from the Harlem Division at Goldens Bridge still stands. You can clearly see it from NY Rte. 139. You can walk over it, as I have. I have also photographed it from Rte. 139. Feel free to comment or if you know of any more parts of the Put that still exist that I may not be aware of, please let me know.

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Dan Klein on 12/3/2002, 10:22 am , in reply to "Re: putnam railroad"

P.S. to my previous posting: If those Caryl photos are not in your possession, any other relevant photos or slides, or high-quality copies of them, would be welcome. Thanks again, Dan

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Dan Klein on 12/3/2002, 10:15 am , in reply to "Re: putnam railroad"

I have written an article about the history and remains of the Getty Square branch or "spur" of the Putnam Division. National Railway Bulletin, the magazine of the National Railway Historical Society, has expressed interest in printing the article -- if I can find enough pictures to illustrate it. I have several old postcards showing structures on or near the line, such as the "elevator house" of the Park Hill Incline, but old photos would really make the article complete. Would it be possible for you to send me high-quality copies (if not the originals) of your Caryl photos for publication with the article? Of course you would receive acknowledgement, and any originals would be returned to you. And if anyone else out there has anything to contribute, please let me know. Thanks, Dan Klein

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Dave on 10/8/2002, 7:02 pm , in reply to "putnam railroad"

I used to live in Yorktown Heights, and walked various sections of the track. Is there a way i could see your "Old Put" Video? Thanks!

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by James F. Boylan on 5/2/2002, 9:37 am , in reply to "putnam railroad"

A lot is left to see on the South end of the line, Elmsford, the Bronx, etc. And there was an electrified branch of the Put from Van Cortland Park to Getty Square, Yonkers. Jim Boylan General Freight Agent Tyburn Railroad Co. Fairless, Pa.

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Donna Sapienza on 2/13/2003, 12:08 pm, in reply to "Re: putnam railroad"

I am looking for information on the colors and construction of the old Putnam Line depots, in particular, the Dunwoodie Station. I am an artist who would like to do a painting of the station as a gift for a brother, a retired engineer, who has cancer. Can you give me any information? Thanks, Donna

Re: putnam railroad
Posted by Mike C. on 3/1/2003, 5:49 pm, in reply to "Re: putnam railroad"

Dear Ms. Sapienza: Sorry my reply to your query did not come sooner, but I only recently discovered this intriguing site with its message board. The answer to your question regarding the paint scheme applied to the Dunwoodie station of the New York Central Railroad's Putnam Division is basically two-fold. Dating back to at least the 1920s through to a time shortly after the end of World War II, the building was dressed in a system-wide-standard two-tone green application, with a rather light pigmentation as the basis and a medium green highlighting the trim work. This very attractive paint job was later replaced with a more utilitarian light-to-medium flat red. I want to say the trim was done in white or possibly a medium brown, but am not certain of what was really used: in any case, the new scheme was a huge comedown from the earlier version. Understand that I am no expert on NYC station colors. I never had the opportunity to see the railroad's depots and other structures painted either way (too young), nor do I possess any company standards for the paints the railroad used. What I pass along comes from speaking over the years with old-time railroaders and railfans who actually saw the stations during the hey-day of railroading in this country. The Yorktown Heights, New York local historical society restored their Putnam Division depot and have it repainted in two-tone green. Use these two links to see recent photographs of the station:
Or if you can, visit the station firsthand. There is no guarantee that the colors are absolutely correct but the building looks nice nonetheless. As any artist knows, without original paint chips color is open to interpretation but a few pictures will at least give an idea of what I'm talking about. Anyway, hope all this helps. Mike C.

andres farm motocross track
Posted by fat tony on 5/2/2002, 7:51 am

the old andres farm motocross track on rt 52 in fishkill ny opened in the late 60's...this track was well known, even was shown on wide world of sports...the track closed in '85 due to liability problems....i took a hike in to the former track and found it in pretty good shape...from rt 52 if you go north on lake walton rd about a 1/4 mile on left is a curve road sign...go straight into the woods about 50 yards, and the top hill section of the track is there.....the fencing with old tires on it still outlines the track...the old snackbar with old coolers inside still sits there.....old soda and beer cans are all around.....many of the jumps are still in place--a little worn down......for motocross fans--this is a cool site!!

Re: andres farm motocross track
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 5/2/2002, 7:42 pm , in reply to "andres farm motocross track"

Interesting. I worked in the snackbar once, a long long long time ago. My younger brother used to ride motocross.

Pittsburgh Area Explorers
Posted by Rebelgeek on 5/18/2002, 8:57 pm

Hey everyone - we have a small group of urban explorers based in pittsburgh- so far we have only had one site- the abandoned atlas cement factory. anyone from the area got any good places to explore? anyone been to the factory?

Posted by djkairos on 5/27/2002, 5:41 pm , in reply to "Pittsburgh Area Explorers"

also, pittsburgh is surrounded by a circle of NIKE missile bases. I have never been to any of these places, and if anyone could give me info on the NIKE sites, i would be MOST grateful. -

Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers
Posted by djkairos on 5/27/2002, 5:41 pm , in reply to "Pittsburgh Area Explorers"

Dont forget the Western PA State Insane Asylum (i forget its name as of now...) located near pittsburgh, soon to be torn down for a "super" walmart. also, pittsburgh is surrounded by a circle of NIKE missile bases. I have never been to any of these places, and if anyone could give me info on the NIKE sites, i would be MOST grateful. Finally, i saw mentioned in the philly inquirer an article about an abandoned hotel, famous for its black activism in the sixties and its beautiful design, now abandoned, open, and a crack / gang den... sounds interesting, but worth the risk?... peace/. chris.

Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers
Posted by Jim Boylan on 5/20/2002, 8:18 am , in reply to "Pittsburgh Area Explorers"

What about the Wabash Railroad tunnel on the South side of the Mon. River? The Port Authority Transit now owns it, and was using it to store old busses! It's about time for an inspection trip to see how PAT is taking care of it. Jim Boylan General Freight Agent Tyburn Railroad Co. Penndel, Pa.

Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers
Posted by Rebelgeek on 5/20/2002, 10:36 pm , in reply to "Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers"

Thanks, we havent had much trouble with authorities doing urban-x, msotly if you show them I.D. and your camera and explain what your doing they dont bug you. Does PAT have any security forces or such out there?

Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers
Posted by James F. Boylan on 5/22/2002, 5:53 pm , in reply to "Re: Pittsburgh Area Explorers"

Does PAT have any security forces or such out there? [in the old Wabash RR tunnel]
Sorry, I don't know. Another place to look, in downtown Pittsburgh: The old Pennsylvania Main Line Canal tunnel and the old Panhandle RR tunnel, both side by side thru Grants Hill under the United States Steel Building and paralel to the new Panhandle Railroad Tunnel now used by the Penn Station branch of the trolley subway. Construction photos of the foundation hole for the U.S.S. Building show both abandoned tunnels! Jim Boylan General Freight Agent Tyburn Railroad Co. Fairless, Pa.

Orlando Buildings?
Posted by Robert on 5/24/2002, 11:24 am

I have 2 questions . Can you please tell me of any abandoned building tours in Orlando . Does anyone know of good places .. maybe underground or any groups in Orlando I can join ? Thanks.. Very curious , Robert.

buildings in chicago
Posted by nicole on 5/25/2002, 2:59 pm

i was wondering if there are any good buildings to explore in chicago and the surrond areas??

Re: buildings in chicago
Posted by MothMan on 9/17/2002, 5:44 pm , in reply to "buildings in chicago"

Check out CUE at They could tell you!

abandoned buildings in CNY
Posted by slim on 6/4/2002, 7:49 pm

hey, i was just wondering if anyone has any information on abandoned buildings around CNY???

Re: abandoned buildings in CNY
Posted by Ken Churchill on 6/8/2002, 12:52 pm , in reply to "abandoned buildings in CNY"

I am searching for info in Bennett College in New York. I had gone in there about 6 months ago, and it recently came up in conversation, and am looking for other responses/pictures to prove to my friends that I am not lying, as I can not enter there anymore(motion sensors and surveillance). Please send a reply to help! Thanks! -Ken

Re: abandoned buildings in CNY
Posted by Rob on 6/10/2002, 10:26 pm , in reply to "Re: abandoned buildings in CNY"

visit Tom Rianldi has photos/info. -Rob

Re: abandoned buildings in CNY
Posted by Stephanie on 6/9/2002, 11:34 am , in reply to "Re: abandoned buildings in CNY"

I am a little can't enter anymore? What did you do? Did you just go and visit the ruins, or you went to college there? Are you sure you have the name correct?? Where abouts in NY is this college located? -

NIKE sites
Posted by tripfate on 6/5/2002, 5:02 pm

this is a great site for info on NIKE sites. page takes you straight to a state-by-state listing of bases) be weary though. a fellow explorer of mine just got himself and his two friends in A LOT of trouble getting caught at an abandoned NIKE site. felony and misdemeanor charges kind of trouble. 3-5 years kind of trouble. -

Re: NIKE sites
Posted by buck wang on 6/27/2002, 9:35 pm , in reply to "NIKE sites"

there is an abandoned nike missle site on the grounds of roger williams college in bristol,rhode island... i know because i attended that place in the 70's...the silos are filled with water, and have steel doors covering them... the area was fenced in when i was there...the barracks were converted into a dorm....i havent been there in a while--maybe its changed

Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by Stephanie on 6/9/2002, 11:31 am

Yesterday I visitied the King's College..I had gone once before. This time, you could tell that windows and doors have recently been boarded up. We found a way inside, but you could hardly see anything due to all the windows being covered. It's so sad to see such a beautiful campus abandoned like that..and destroyed. If anyone has pictures of what it looked like when it was up and running..or any at all..please email me. I would love to see them!!

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by Shelley on 9/26/2002, 9:17 pm , in reply to "Recent visit to The King's College"

According to Hudson Valley ruins, several buildings of the original lodge section were demolished a few weeks ago. A new housing development or senior housing facility is going to be built on the land in the near future. It's disgusting that they can demolish a piece of NY history and replace those memories with houses! I was a student of King's College and I'm having a very hard time dealing with this.

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by rob yasinsac on 10/1/2002, 10:54 pm , in reply to "Re: Recent visit to The King's College"

No part of the Briarcliff Lodge has been demolsihed yet. The garage was torn near early 2000, and the 1902 Music Building was torn down (this year?). They were part of the original hotel complex but not attached to the Lodge. -Rob

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by Frank on 10/5/2002, 8:59 am , in reply to "Re: Recent visit to The King's College"

Im a demolition contractor and have been getting calls in the past few months on putting a price on the demolition of kings college. The date they would like to start is not yet known but they want it down.

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by Katherine on 10/29/2002, 9:27 pm , in reply to "Re: Recent visit to The King's College"

Is there any way to save the lodge? It was such a beautiful place, how devestating to see it go to waste. With all the money in Briarcliff, you would think that the residents would rather donate to restore the lodge than to allow senior housing in that spot. The roads surrounding Kings are so small, winding and narrow as it is. The area is so peaceful and quiet, we don't need senior housing. I would rather see a falling apart, abandoned college campus.

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by sherrie on 12/31/2002, 6:34 pm, in reply to "Re: Recent visit to The King's College"

AMEM to all of that my dad was a professor at King;s and I went there in the early 80's it was a great place to grow up and it would really be a great lose to the entire area for it to be torn down.

Re: Recent visit to The King's College
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 3/10/2003, 7:18 pm, in reply to "Re: Recent visit to The King's College"

I went to the college in the late 70's and am really saddened by the senseless destruction that is planned and the apparent lack of concern for preserving our past history for future generations! What a great college it was!! Also, what a spectacular building in such a wonderful setting!!! I wonder if your dad was one of my professors? What I wouldn't give to be able to go back and do some of it all over again!! Or at least, to be able to wake up in a refurbished room in a refurbished Briarcliff Lodge and reminisce of so many of the wonderful times of days gone bye! It is truly sad to see the deterioration that has happened through the indifference of those who have the power to do something positive about it but only see it as a non-important relic of a by-gone era to be destroyed... ...the logic of it is lost on me.

"hell house"
Posted by Chris G. on 6/11/2002, 9:27 pm

does anyone have any information about an old abandoned college called "hell house" its in ellicott city MD near ilchester and river road. ive been there and its looks like it was abandoned sometime in the 70's and burned down in the past 10 years. there is a full college campus complete with a pool and watertower.

Re: "hell house"
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 6/13/2002, 8:37 pm , in reply to ""

There seems to be some confusion as to whether "Hell House" is Old St. Mary's College or the Patapsco Female Institute. They are apparently located near each other, which may be the reason for the confusion. There are some pictures of one of them here:

Re: "hell house"
Posted by chris on 7/11/2002, 10:44 pm , in reply to "Re: "hell house""

the link you provided shows pictures of old st marys college at ilchester and bonnie branch roads. i dont know if it is hell house or not, but that is what everyone in my area calls it

The enchanted forest
Posted by Chris G. on 6/16/2002, 9:12 pm

there is an abandoned theme park for little kids off of US rt 40 in (howard county?) MD. its been shut down for about 10 years. there are all sorts of story book structures, such as a huge castle and a sliding board in a giant shoe. here is a web site with some pictures from when it was open.

Re: The enchanted forest
Posted by Derek R on 1/24/2003, 10:38 am, in reply to "The enchanted forest"

Yeah I live 15 minutes away from that. I went there for a school field trip in the mid 80s it was a full theme park based on nursery rhymes complete with a waterpark. They tore down part of it to make the shopping center next to it. They closed it down in 1990 i believe and a few years ago they talked about reopening it, with no luck

Re: The enchanted forest
Posted by Chris G. on 2/11/2003, 3:16 pm, in reply to "Re: The enchanted forest"

ive been inside several times (close to 25 or so)since around march 2002. its really interesting to explore. the large castle inside was accessable via a window on the ground floor, but that has been sealed off with bricks since june. most of the structures inside are still intact, but some, like the castle have been sealed off. if you are bold enough to venture to the front entrance (you will be visible to people on the street) you will find hundreds of official papers from a demolition company scattered about. if anyone wants any additional info contact me.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Ruins
Posted by Ryan on 6/21/2002, 12:11 am

I was wondering if anyone has any information on any ruins in Northeastern Pennsylvania, especially West Mountain Sanitarium. We have already explored several coal mines (one is very large, we should have pictures soon) and some of the Pennsylvania Coal Company's gravity railroad, among other things. If anyone is interested in exchanging information just email me.

Re: Northeastern Pennsylvania Ruins
Posted by chris on 9/15/2002, 8:19 am , in reply to "Northeastern Pennsylvania Ruins"

we explore mines contact me for more info

British Ruins
Posted by Neil Macaskill on 6/25/2002, 4:30 pm

The UK has thousands of "modern ruins" - remains of old mine workings, factories and railways. I always thought I was unusual in being interested in this sort of thing but I see I am not alone! In the UK the standard way of dealing with these relics of the industrial revolution is to flatten and "landscape" them leaving no trace for the future archaeologist. In some cases old buildings have found alternative uses, and railroads have sometimes been converted to footpaths or cycleways.

A few examples of British "Modern Ruins"

London Broad St Station - flattened, office development

Birmingham Snow Hill Station - razed, but now replaced by a hideous light rail station.

Liverpool Exchange - now a car park, but hotel/terminal building is now offices

Liverpool Central - shopping centre (underground portion of station survives)

Manchester Exchange - car park

Manchester Central - maginificent building luckily preserved and now an exhibition centre

Glasgow St Enoch - had two 200' diameter semi-circular train sheds, but now demolished and is a shopping centre

"Waverley Route" - a 100 mile railroad from Edinburgh to Carlisle. Closed in 1969, still exists as a right of way except in towns where it has been built over - there are plans to re-open part of the route. The surviving highlight of the route is the 15-arch brick viaduct at Shankend.

The North of England was formerly honeycombed with mineshafts and levels, but virtually no trace remains of all this activity except for lakes which have formed in depressions caused by subsidence.


Paris - Bastille freight depot - now an Opera House

Paris - Gare D'Orsay - art gallery

I'm coming to New York in August. I'm not sure my wife will allow me to spend time looking for old subway and railroad remains!

Red Army barracks
Posted by Eike "Mryia" Kreibohm on 6/26/2002, 5:18 pm
Finally I finished scanning and uploading the pictures I made at the abandoned red army barracks in Germany, east Berlin. 87 photos, *phew* ...hope you like them Any questions? I will try to answer everyone Greetings, Eike

recent visits
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 6/27/2002, 5:30 pm

Yesterday I visited the ruins of the British and French forts at Crown Point, NY. Today the target was fort Hancock in NJ. I found Hancock mor interesting (more modern), but too well patrolled to do ant serious entry. Both are well worth a visit. Crown Point alsdo has many abandoned farmhouses in the vicinity as well.

went back today
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 7/12/2002, 5:25 pm , in reply to "recent visits"

I went back to Fort Hancock today. This time I got into some of the batteries. A lot of fun. But caution should be observed.

Abandoned in NJ
Posted by MAZ on 6/28/2002, 10:54 am

Hello all, if any of you are from Jersey you've probably heard of a magazine called Weird NJ. I started reading it about 3 years ago but only got my license one year ago so I never visited any of the places featured in it until recently. So far I have visited two abandoned sites in the township of West Milford, New Jersey. The first of these places is a small, winding, unmarked road off of Germantown Road. In local lore it is known as "Demon's Alley" because it is a small street of about 8 houses which have not been lived in since the 70s and have been vandalized and spray-painted by local teens (there used to be more houses but they burned down). There were rumors of satanic ritual and Klan meetings, but none of these were ever substantiated in this part of town (West Milford DOES have a lot of that stuff, just not at Demon's Alley lol). The houses are owned by the Newark Watershed commission and previously housed employees in the area. In order to make the houses look nicer, they boarded up the smashed windows and painted them black with white shades and pullstrings. This actually makes it look a bit creepier. The street is patrolled though at random times and they will prosecute if you are tresspassing in the area. I am not sure if just driving down the unmarked road is considered tresspassing or not, but if you get out of the car I guarantee its not legal.

The second abandoned place in West Milford is the remains of the Warner Brothers safari park, Jungle Habitat. It opened in 1972 and closed in 1976 due to financial problems. This place is a lot of fun if you like to hike long trails. Just getting from the entrance off of Airport Road to the main parking lot is the better part of a mile, and the paved roads and dirt footpaths that meander through the 800 acre property can leave you lost for hours (I know this from experience having gotten lost both times I went there hehe). It feels like Jurassic Park because everything is badly overgrown by the plantlife and all thats left of this once beautiful safari park are twisted fences and remains of dozens of buildings at random locations in the woods. I would not recommend visiting the site unless you either have plenty of time in case you get lost (no less than 2 or 3 hours to be safe), or if you have access to a map of the park (in which case you should PLEASE email me because I have been looking for an old map for a while now).

I have multiple pictures of Jungle Habitat, and a few of Demon's Alley, but the Demons Alley pictures did not turn out as well as I had hoped because they were taken at night and it was raining. I will be returning to get better pictures of Demon's Alley within the month though. To be honest I don't feel like emailing pictures and stories to every person that wants them, but if the owner of this site would like to post something about some abandoned places in New Jersey I'd be happy to help with supplying photos and information. I noticed that there is not much content on New Jersey on this site and I'd be glad to supply you with a write up on both of these places and photos to go with it.

Lastly, this sunday I will be visiting an entire abandoned town by the name of Wallpack Center. It is located at the last exit on route 80 west in New Jersey, right before you hit PA. This was one of the towns that was purchased by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1962 in order to build a massive dam six miles upriver from the Delaware Water Gap. Originally they were going to flood the town and many other towns like it in the area, but when environmental agencies and locals began to protest the move, New Jersey backed out of the plan and a few years later Delaware did as well. In 1978 the Dam project was officialy abandoned and a slew of little ghost towns were left in its wake. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures so if you are interested I can send them to you.

Well thats all I've got for now, but I'll keep you all posted of my exploits in abandoned NJ!

Re: Abandoned in NJ
Posted by James F. Boylan on 7/1/2002, 8:56 am , in reply to "Abandoned in NJ"

For more hiking in N.W. New Jersey, there are the abandoned twin railroad tunnels at Manunka Chunk, N.J.; and nearby, for the SCUBA divers, there are the train wrecks in the Delaware Water Gap. Jim Boylan General Freight Agent Tyburn Railroad Co. Penndel, Pa.

Re: Abandoned in NJ
Posted by MAZ on 7/1/2002, 1:11 pm , in reply to "Re: Abandoned in NJ"

wow man thanks for the info, I'll probably check that stuff out sometime in the next few weeks. on a side note, I visited the abandoned Wallpack Center town only to discover that its no longer abandoned. There is a park ranger that lives in one of the homes and the other homes look like they may still have people taking care of them, if not living in them.

Norwich State Hospital
Posted by J. Colin Heffernan on 7/1/2002, 5:28 pm

Does anyone knwo how to get to the abandoned Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut? Any help would be greatly apprecieated.

Re: Norwich State Hospital
Posted by Kazin on 1/20/2003, 2:39 pm, in reply to "Norwich State Hospital"

It's at the end of the highway portion of CT Route 2A (take a left at the stop light, you can't miss it). You can get to 2A from route 395, it's exit 79A. 395 connects I-95 in New London, CT and the MassPike in (or nearly) Worcester. I used to live right near the old State Hospital. It's been unused completely for only about two years now, but there was only one building in use then. I'm told the other 8 or 10 or so have been abandoned for much longer. There's a LOT of talk about what it's going to be next. Some of area companies (including Pfizer) have talked about buying it. And it's on my list of things to take pictures of.

Re: Norwich State Hospital
Posted by Diane on 9/24/2002, 1:30 pm , in reply to "Norwich State Hospital"


Re: Norwich State Hospital
Posted by Rich on 9/30/2002, 8:10 am , in reply to "Re: Norwich State Hospital"

what is the History of that Hospital.. I go buy it all the time and always wondered what happened there?

Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Posted by Paul on 7/13/2002, 10:58 pm

Hi, In ongoing discussions with my father in law who was raised in the area, he mentions a narrow gauge railroad that possibly ran totally within the county, along the western side, through or near Yonkers.

He is convinced that this is the putnam division of the NYC, but I can find no evidence that this was a narrow gauge railroad. It would have existed as a NG RR in 1930.

Can anyone supply a name or any information about a narrow gauge railroad in this area?

Cheers! Paul

Re: Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Posted by James F. Boylan on 7/24/2002, 9:44 am , in reply to "Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad"

Yonkers was served by the Getty Square Branch of the Putnam Division of the New York Central Railroad. It was electrified early in the 1900's and last ran in 1942. The junction with the Put was in Van Courtland Park, and the Getty Square station was in back of an upper floor of a bank building. Most traces of the line still remain. It was already standard gauge in 1930, as were Yonkers Railway (3rd Ave.) trolleys and the Hudson Division of the NYC. Jim Boylan General Freight Agent Tyburn Railroad Co. Fairless, Pa.

Re: Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Posted by Paul on 7/25/2002, 9:53 pm , in reply to "Re: Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad"

Thanks for your help. So then the Putnam Division was narrow gauge at one time? Was it originally the NYC or a predecessor road that merged into the NYC? Cheers! Paul

Re: Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 7/23/2002, 10:38 am , in reply to "Westchester County Narrow Gauge Railroad"

It sounds like he's talking about the Yonkers Rapid Transit, which was part of the Putnam Division. 1930 sounds about right. I don't think it was a different gauge than the main line, but I'll admit my knowledge of the Yonkers spur is limited.