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Modern Ruins Archive #4

Xtreme hobbies: Casting for VH1 show
Posted by Shafin Azim on 11/29/2002, 2:52 pm

Hi, My name is Shafin and i am writing on behalf of VH1. I am looking for people who may be interested in shooting a pilot with us, for a new show that we are doing. I will insert a fully detailed outline of what exactly the show will be about, below, for your convenience.

Basically we are looking for someone who leads a regular life by day, with a regular job, but then at night switches gear and gets a whole different personality and takes part in an activity which is a complete switch from his or her day job.

We wanted something extreme and we felt that perhaps an urban explorer would be perfect for this, therefore i was wondering if you may know of anyone who fits what we are looking for.

We are looking for someone who crosses boundaries and does things that noone would think you may do, only because you have a sheer passion to do so and not for money reasons. Someone who is motivated by the adrenaline rush and is not afraid to push the limits.

Thank you very much and I really appreciate your time.

Sincerely, Shafin Azim.

- - - - - -

Vh1 is putting together a program called "American Vampires". It is targeting people who lead "double lives". In short, the show would look at seemingly ordinary people who, by night, have bizarre fetishes, lifestyles, hobbies- people who are plugged into the American underground.


Conservative businessman by day and by night base jumps off of city buildings. School teacher by day, after work is a devoted graffiti artist around Manhattan. An accountant who cannot wait to leave the office at the end of the day to search the underground tunnels of NYC.

A 9-5 receptionist by day who is a member of a supremacist society at night A cashier at local supermarket by day and at night a full on dominatrix. We want people that do a full 180 switch between their daytime lives & nighttime lives. We want people that are driven to do this nighttime activity by an unexplained obsession or addiction. These obsessions have to be followed by addiction, NOT DICTATED BY MONEY . While $ may be a byproduct of your addiction, that is not the reason that you are obsessive about it.

This show is going to be shot documentary style and will be told through the eyes of the person telling it. We do not want to exploit anyone or make fun of them. We want people who lead out of the ordinary lives and are willing to share with us and teach us.

The subjects must be:

18+ years of age live in the New York area. We want people who would be comfortable being interviewed and not afraid to show VH1 and "the public" this dichotomy that we are looking for. Must be willing to have a portion of their day job taped as well as their nighttime activity. With this in mind, I am reaching out to you all because I am hopeful that you or people that you are involved with can assist me in tracking down some interesting individuals for our show. If you know of anyone or can pass this along to anyone you know, I would greatly appreciate it.

We are still in early stages of our research so any suggestions, insight, or guidance could be helpful.

Please email us at


Thank you for your time

Shafin Azim.

Hudson Valley Forts??
Posted by Dan on 12/1/2002, 4:40 pm

As a teenager, I used to go camping off the Appalachian trail next to route 9W in the New Jersey Palisades. I found an old fort approxiamately across 9w from Tenafly NJ. Someone told me it might be an old Revolutionary War fort. You could see it pretty easy during the winter months when the vegatation was dead. Any ideas? It was about 7 miles north of the GWB. Thanks, -Dan

Re: Hudson Valley Forts??
Posted by uno on 1/24/2003, 9:11 am, in reply to "Hudson Valley Forts??"

There are a few to my knowledge. I've only been to Fort Totten which is still, for the most part, in active use by the military, coast guard, police, and fire depts; perhaps even more also. They were on high alert after the bombings in Africa, so I don't even want to begin to imagine the security today. It has a stone structure along the East River? that looks like stonehenge. *to me anyway. Its most readily visible from the Throg's Neck Bridge.

Re: Hudson Valley Forts??
Posted by Andrea on 12/2/2002, 9:21 pm , in reply to "Hudson Valley Forts??"

It's so wierd that you posted this on 12/1. I was going over the GWB on that very day and reminised about a time when I was in college. A friend took my roommate and I over the TZ bridge to the "cliffs" in the Palisades. We hiked around there for quite awhile when I found an old fort. I was fascinated by it. I remember parking on a main road and walking in. I doubt my roommate would remember where we parked but I will ask her. It's been a long time. I think we were there around 1989.

Bronx New York Central Customers
Posted by Dan on 12/1/2002, 4:44 pm

As a kid I used to walk the train tracks (not the safest passtime lol) and one day I wandered down a siding just north of the 225 street Metro North station, and it went between a large building and JFK High School, and led to an old factory looking building? I'd like to model it for a future model railroad, and am trying to get some info on it. Thanks, -Dan

Re: Bronx New York Central Customers
Posted by Bill C on 12/8/2002, 6:16 pm , in reply to "Bronx New York Central Customers"

That was a branch line off of the Putnam/ Hudson division that serviced a factory. The NYC used to store cars not far from there, it was know as the FH Yard. I believe that line might have been used to deliver large roolls of paper. The NYC RR had to keep that liner going because it was part of the contract for the railroad right of way. As long as the factory wanted to have its required items delivered by rail they RR had to keep deleivering it via that line.

Re: Bronx New York Central Customers
Posted by Dan on 1/15/2003, 9:37 am, in reply to "Re: Bronx New York Central Customers"

Bill, It took me a while to get back to this site, but I wanted to thank you for your response!! Do you know if theres a book, or another source I can get some more info from? THanks again, -Dan Jones SSGT USMC

The King's College
Posted by Greg on 12/2/2002, 4:48 pm

A friend and I recently took our third trip to King's College, and during this trip we made it our goal of getting into the pool house. We accomplished our goal, but on our way out of the Pool house we BOTH heard someone or something walking inside, just as if they came through the same entrance as we did. Then we heard this hollowing noise, a scream, which lasted about 10 seconds, and progessivly got louder. I am curious if anyone else had this encounter. Even after this, I am one of those people who are hard to convince supernatural life exists. I plan on going back to see if it will happen again.

Re: The King's College
Posted by Angie on 2/3/2003, 7:12 pm, in reply to "The King's College"

I've heard of people who live on those streets around the campus seeing things. People have gone up there, they see someone or something one minute and the next they're not there.

Re: The King's College
Posted by Emily on 2/4/2003, 1:19 pm, in reply to "Re: The King's College"

If they do plan to demolish this place, I think the supernatural beings who lurk around and spook people will try to stop them. There must be a reason why the place has sat vacant for almost 10 years. There have been a few different contracting firms hired and all have quit. My guess is that supernatural beings scared them all off. Someone or something doesn't want the campus destroyed.

Re: The King's College
Posted by uno on 1/24/2003, 9:05 am, in reply to "The King's College"

I've never heard anything weird at King's College, but even the tiniest crack, and the wind can sound just like screams, moans, words... I've been in many buildings that actually seem to moan and cry. Funny what the setting and some odd accoustics can do. I still love all the creepy sounds tho.

French Guiana prisons
Posted by Richard P. Cunningham on 12/11/2002, 11:37 am

Are there any good websites with pictures of the ruins of the french Prisons? Thanks in advance

Rhode Island
Posted by Shieldr on 12/21/2002, 11:25 am

Hey there-- Looking for ruincrawlrs that have experience in Rhode Island. Plenty of good stuff and stories there--shout out if anyone's interested in hearing.

Re: Rhode Island
Posted by uno on 1/24/2003, 9:03 am, in reply to "Rhode Island"

I'm always interested. Any abandoned hospitals?

Posted by Jon on 12/31/2002, 12:06 pm

does anyone have any information about the millwood train station in new york? send me an e-mail if you do.

Re: Millwood
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 1/22/2003, 11:06 pm, in reply to "Millwood"

What sort of information? It was originally located at Briarcliff Manor, but they moved it up the line when Walter Law donated the new Briarcliff Manor station (now a library).

Demon's Alley
Posted by Brian on 1/4/2003, 11:17 am

Can anyone provide detailed directions to demons alley in New Jersey

Re: Demon's Alley
Posted by uno on 1/24/2003, 9:03 am, in reply to "Demon's Alley"

it's just off rt 23 in west milford. turn off Old Germantown Rd. and its 1/8 of a mile or so on the left, no road sign. be careful, its patrolled VERY often, and please do not vandalise these houses further.

Posted by matt on 1/14/2003, 3:11 pm

are there any abandoned ruins in Arkansas fit for exploration?

Hartford abandoned hotel
Posted by kazin on 1/20/2003, 2:51 pm

There's an old hotel in the center of Hartford, CT, connected with Constitution Plaza, which has been abandoned for a few years now. I found out recently that several of the foundation support columns are cracked, so nobody wants to buy the building. The costs of tearing it down while not damaging the surrounding buildings, and the road over which it partly sits must be astronomical, and I've been told that the bank which owns it is planning to donate the building to the city.

CT ruins of an old mill
Posted by Kazin on 1/20/2003, 2:55 pm

On Laurel Grove Road in Middletown, CT, there are some paths out into the woods to Wadsworth Falls state park. If you park on the road, and walk towards the falls, but immediately turn left, and go down the embankment, there is the ruin of a concrete building that was probably part of some mill works. If I remember correctly, there were only two rooms, the one below mostly intact, and the one above mostly not. There are metal objects around, that look like they were part of some kind of machinery, but are all quite rusted now.

Pocono Mountains
Posted by Gracie on 2/3/2003, 8:04 pm

Hi there, I was in the Pocono Mountains of PA last weekend and found something that appeared to be abandoned. There's an old resort complex, pool, trails, a few buildings with guest rooms. There doesn't appear to be anyone staying there. I saw signs indicating that Stricklands Inn was in one direction, Pocono Gardens was in another and Mount Airy was at the center. There were makeshift signs pointing to a golf club but that too was closed. Why would an entire resort be abandoned, is it a summer resort only?

Re: Pocono Mountains
Posted by Emily on 2/4/2003, 1:17 pm, in reply to "Pocono Mountains"

Mount Airy Lodge opened in the early 1920's as a honeymooners paradise. In the 70's, they acquired Stricklands Inn and the Pocono Gardens Inn. The resort fell on hard times in the 90's and filed for bankruptcy in 1999. The owner committed suicide around the same time. In October of 2001, Stricklands, and Pocono Gardens were both shut down. Mount Airy is open in the spring and summer for the golfers and only a portion of the guest rooms are open in the winter. The rest of the resort is boarded up. The place was disgusting, dirty, out dated and dangerous. In fact, Dateline did an expose on the place about 3 or 4 years ago.

Re: Pocono Mountains
Posted by Salina on 3/13/2003, 1:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Pocono Mountains"

I was a front desk agent at Mount Airy Lodge for about seven years(1994-2001). In 1994 the place was still OK, a little outdated but OK. We had a lot of famous performers at the club and the occasional celebrity would stay at our hotel. By 1999 things had changed for the worse. The restaurant was serving powdered eggs, rotten produce and expired dairy products. The pool was cracked and covered with mildew and algae. The lounge chairs and tables around the pool were rusted and broken and the rooms were worse. Guests always complained about dirty linens, toilets that either wouldn't flush or would back up all over the bathroom. Patio doors would be cracked, dirty and broken. There were water stains on the ceilings, loose tiles in the bathrooms, broken tv sets, shag carpeting and 70's decor. The management was very cheap, they never felt the need to update the facilities. It was like a really bad 1970's porn movie. You almost expected to hear that cheesy music playing in the backround. I stayed till Stricklands and Pocono Gardens closed in 2001. They asked me if I wanted to stay on in a limited capacity. That meant 10 hours a week at $6.50 an hour, April to October. It wasn't worth it. Now I'm working at Caesars Cove Haven in the Poconos.

Re: Pocono Mountains
Posted by Aaron on 3/13/2003, 1:28 pm, in reply to "Re: Pocono Mountains"

My wife and I stayed at Mount Airy Lodge in 1999. The place was so disgusting that we only stayed for one night. Things in our room were broken, dirty, mismatched, and out dated. It was horrible. I'm sure this place was very beautiful and romantic at one time, but not anymore.

Re: Pocono Mountains
Posted by Cathi on 9/7/2003, 6:56 pm, in reply to "Pocono Mountains"

If anyone has any photos of Pocono Gardens Lodge (past or present), I would love to see them. Any sites out there or anyone willing to share their personal photos thru email? Thanks

Re: Pocono Mountains
Posted by Kinley on 6/12/2003, 7:53 pm, in reply to "Pocono Mountains"

According to a relative whom lives in Mount Pocono, Stricklands and Pocono Gardens resorts are both officially closed. Stricklands closed in October 2001 and Pocono Gardens closed in January 2002. Mount Airy closed briefly from October 2001-April 2002, but is now open again and operating as a Golf Resort. Not much renovating has been done though.

Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Sean on 2/4/2003, 8:28 am

Through a very reliable source i have found out the kings college is being prepared for its final days. Asbestos is going to be removed very soon then its time for the demolition. I know you have heard this many times before but this time its for real. The reason is that i work for a asbestos contractor who got the call to put a price in assisting on the asbestos.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Karin on 2/4/2003, 1:14 pm, in reply to "Say goodbye to Kings"

I can't believe that it's being demolished. I can't believe that the village of Briarcliff would let this historic landmark go to the wrecking ball. As an Alumni of King's, this news is very disheartening. I loved that place, and have such wonderful memories of my time there. They were some of the best years of my life. I can't believe it's going to be gone. This just isn't right. The area doesn't need senior housing. The roads can't handle the extra traffic and the neighborhood doesn't need it. That section of Briarcliff is so beautiful and peaceful, a senior housing complex will destroy the serenity and beauty. This is making me sick, I am just so sad, angry, and disgusted by this. This just isn't right!

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Lauren on 6/5/2003, 7:31 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

Kings holds a special place in my heart because of a very dear friend who was a student there. My friend Karin O'Kesson was a senior in the fall of 1993 when she was tragically killed by a hit and run driver in New York City. I remember Karin speaking fondly of Kings and the wonderful stories she had about the school and the community. I wasn't able to attend Kings because I was a junior in high school when it closed. Karin was the student teacher in my English class and was so excited about becoming a teacher. I miss her very much and I will miss Kings. Thank you for this site and for letting me get that off my chest.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by clay brown 85 on 3/13/2003, 1:16 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"


Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 3/9/2003, 11:11 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

It is truly a crying shame, and a travesty, and a dozen other words that i can't quite put my finger on to describe this gross destruction of monumental historic significance... As an alumnus of the college in the late 1970's, my heart is truly broken!!!!! Greed is one of the seven deadly sins (and destructive too!!!)

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Laura on 3/13/2003, 12:40 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

I had driven past there last week and saw that a lot of trees have been cut down and cleared away. You can now see a lot of things you couldn't see before. There are also huge blue dumpsters near the old Scarborough Road entrance. I'm afraid that it looks like the end is near.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by KellySue(Brubaker)Michalski'89 on 3/11/2003, 5:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

My eyes are wet, my throat is tight, and my stomach aches. I came to this message board via a link at: If you go there, you will find historical and contemporary information as well as glorious photos from "then", and horrendous photos of "now". It saddens me very much. I was hoping to someday return to Briarcliff to explore the campus and reminisce with my husband, Morris ('77). We met at King's and worked there until our first child was 18 months old. A dozen years have passed, and it appears that the days are growing shorter for us to have that opportunity to return and reminisce. However, it is comforting to know that the eternal value of TKC is not in the nostalgic buildings or beautfiul setting, but in the lives and ministries of the thousands of students who were taught to "walk with the King, and be a blessing." May we continue to change the world, for Jesus' sake.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Brenda (Rifflard) Grammer on 5/21/2003, 6:36 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

Hi KellySue! I remember you getting engaged before we left school. I'm so happy to hear you are together and raising a family. Congratulations!Do you keep in touch with Tracy, Mauren or Dorthea? email me. God bless!Brenda I am a 1985-1989 graduate of TKC. I keep in touch with Rob Y (of the ruins website). I brought my husband to King's a few years ago and had my heart broken when I saw the condition it was in! I did not expect to see it like that! I found Rob's website and kept updated from him! I found this site now and will check back to see if more of our friends post responses. I hope they will have some kind of reunion at the site or something in memory of our school. I had many happy memories and laughs and cried many tears as well. King's will always have a place in my heart. I am so upset! I cannot believe we are going to lose King's and a beautiful historical lodge as well. Brenda

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 3/14/2003, 3:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

Hey KellySue, Greetings!! No you don't know me but Morris and I were in the same graduating class!!! He is one of the kindest and most Christ-like persons I've ever met!! I have always liked Morris more than I was able to say without seeming insincere. God bless you both and your family!!! Please give my best to Morris. You can see me in an old yearbook ('74 thru '77). I used to cook for the college on weekends and played drums in the pep band for basketball for 3 yrs. (among other things). Love in Christ' Stephen Koehler

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Angie on 3/13/2003, 1:16 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

I share the same sentiments. I too was a student at Kings (1990-1994), I was one of the last to graduate from the Briarcliff campus. I loved everything about Kings and miss it terribly. It breaks my heart to know that it will soon be just a memory in our hearts. I learned so much about myself, life, and about God during my time there. I made so many wonderful friends, and learned so many valuable lessons. I feel terrible about this. It just isn't right, this campus should be preserved for future generations, not destroyed. I wish that there was something we alumni could do to save it. Because of Kings, Briarcliff Manor will always hold a special place in my heart.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Shelly Crespy Marshall on 3/18/2003, 10:00 am, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

I was so saddened to look at the website and see the destruction of such a beautiful property. I graduated in 72 as did my husband Tom Marshall. We cried for some time to see our lovely memories destroyed. However, some great friendships were entered into there and those cannot be forgotton. Anyone remember the Christmas formals and us gals would come down one by one the main lobby steps from the women's dorm? Those were the days. I miss you all.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Stephen Koehler on 4/14/2003, 10:58 am, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

Hey Shelly, No, I don't remember any Christmas Formals as you describe (sounds pretty good!), but I do remember a formal Valentine's banquet, The T.K.C. tourney each year as well as Sadie Hawkins Day one year! SMK-'73-'77

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Shannon on 4/14/2003, 4:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

I do remember the formals at TKC. It was my favorite time of the year. I miss that place so much!

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by Brendan on 4/10/2003, 7:57 pm, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

My sister Shannon was a Sophomore in the spring of 1994 when the school closed. She had such wonderful memories of Kings and hated to leave it.

Re: Say goodbye to Kings
Posted by ron bradley on 4/15/2003, 10:07 am, in reply to "Re: Say goodbye to Kings"

hello TKC grads This is from an ENC alum ('73) who also has many fond memories of TKC and the tournament - my dad was the coach at ENC so I made several trips as a boy to Tournament - I am still in touch with Norm Wilhelmi the coach at TKC in those days because of my fond memories of the place it also broke my heart when I came across this web site Ron Bradley

Frostburg State University
Posted by Chris G on 2/7/2003, 11:29 am

Im going to be a freshman at Frostburg State University next fall, and im taking a trip up there shortly. i was wondering if anyone knows of any modern ruins in the area. because of its setting in the mountains of western maryland ruins should be in abundance.

Re: Frostburg State University
Posted by Mike C. on 3/1/2003, 9:43 pm, in reply to "Frostburg State University"

Chris: Can't tell you about any modern ruins in that area but make sure to check out the old Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad tunnel that passes under the town. Mike C.

Posted by Doug Thompson on 2/8/2003, 11:18 am

I enjoyed your page, and subsequently visited Centralia, Pa because of it. Please check my site on the Centralia disaster to view it from my perspective. thanks! Doug

Re: Centralia
Posted by Joe McCormack on 2/26/2003, 2:28 pm, in reply to "Centralia"

I visited Centralia on Feb 26th, 2003. I was actually surprised by how desolate it is there. I figured there would be abondoned homes and the like. But most of the homes in town that were still standing seem to be occupied. The smoke was billowing out of a dump area, and in certain spots you can feel how warm the ground is, and even hear the steam pushing its way out of the earth. It gives you a very uneasy feeling about the ground you are standign on. I'd like to see Centralia at night, I'm sure in spots you can see the red glow of burning coal. There is also a graveyard that has smoke pouring up out of the earth as well, pretty scary scene.

Re: Centralia
Posted by SAh on 3/30/2003, 6:33 am, in reply to "Re: Centralia"

I just visited Centralia with a friend of mine last night/way early this morning, approaching at night. YOu can see the clouds of smoke billowing up from the ground are underlit from what I assume where the burning coals, the smoke easily seen and marvelled at for miles around. We didn't get to go into the actual town since it was so dark and teh smoke was heavy enough to obscure our view, but even so it is a sight to see. We found an abandoned Ice Cream truck, a religious shrine of some sort, and a few abandoned buildings, not to mention a drop off that was once clearly a road (there is a large arrow sign indicating a turn, under the sign are street crosswalks and the stumps of previous metal signposts.) We are definately going again to explore duirng the day, and to confirm the unsubstantiated reports of Mole People attacks in the area...

Re: Centralia
Posted by Mike C. on 6/12/2003, 9:34 am, in reply to "Re: Centralia"

Please comment on the mole people attacks.

Re: Centralia
Posted by Jim on 6/23/2003, 11:17 am, in reply to "Re: Centralia"

Oh yeah, the Mole people are very real. Just go, take lots of acid and youll see hundreds of them.

Re: Centralia
Posted by jumbo on 7/6/2003, 2:00 am, in reply to "Re: Centralia"

Yeah i think my mom is one of the mole people

Abandoned Structures in NC
Posted by Justin Abandoned_NC on 3/1/2003, 2:08 am

I'm collecting any and all listings for abandoned buildings of all kinds in North Carolina for a database I'm putting together, I'd really appreciate any locations you guys can mention. I understand there's an insane asylum somewhere near the capital that may still be standing, but other than that, the only places I know are local.

Posted by Brad on 3/24/2003, 8:19 am

I've been driving through Centralia every year for 17 years. I drive through Centralia on my way home from camping at World's End State Park. It has been so interesting to see the people move out from year to year. The last time I visited, there were only a few houses left, the Speed Shop, & the fire department. The churches and school have been leveled. My wife and I got a laugh at how it appeared that someone still would come back to town to mow their empty lot (which had no house present). I would caution anyone who visits Centralia to be very cautious! There was an incident a while back where a jeep fell through Rt61 (where it is now blocked off). You can see how Rt61 was you come south through town, the road is re-routed. On the other side of the dirt mounds-the road turns. It happened there. So, just remember to be cautious. Brad from Secane, PA

Re: Centralia
Posted by Laurel on 4/10/2003, 7:56 pm, in reply to "Centralia"

I read in a Philadelphia newspaper that some production studio is contemplating a movie about Centralia.

Modern Ruins Message Board Archives Now Available
Posted by Karl Xydexx Jorgensen on 3/30/2003, 1:06 pm

Hi All- Just a quick note to say archives of previous messages from the message board are now available on the Exploring & Modern Ruins page. -Xydexx

exploration in NY
Posted by MIKE on 4/3/2003, 8:10 pm

I live in putnam county / ny...was wondering if there are any groups that go exploring in the area. I'd like to check out some of these ruins. I am a video producer and have tossed around the idea of shooting a documentary on hudson valley ruins. e-mail me.

Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Angelinna on 4/6/2003, 5:04 pm

I just moved into the town of Yorktown and drive down Quinlan Street everyday. I have noticed that there are two abandoned homes on Quinlan Street. They're covered with brush, debris, etc. so they're not very easy to spot. If I wasn't stuck behind a slow driver, I would have missed them. It's a heavily residential area, so it's surprising to see not one, but two abandoned homes. One looks like it might have been through a fire. There is also an ababdoned home on route 202 in Yorktown, across the street from the police station and next to a church. That too looks like it may have been through a fire.

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Brian on 5/19/2003, 6:56 pm, in reply to "Abandoned in Yorktown"

Kristen, I am a Police Officer in the Town of Yorktown. I did some research into the house on Quinlan St.. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions. According to the town tax map the official address is 2777 Quinlan St.. The property has been owned by the same family since 1946. The original owner primarily used it as a summer home for him and his family. The original owner's grandson had lived in the house off and on until late 1996. At that time it was left unused. The owner pays a local landscaper to maintain the lawn. There are no liens against the property and the house is paid for. Property tax payments have never been late. I cross referenced the address in our computer system and found that we responded to a fire there on 5-12-02 at about two thirty in the afternoon. The fire was deemed suspicious in nature. The only fuctioning utility in the house at the time was electric. The subsequent investigaion determined that the fire was most likely set be careless tresspassers. Part of the investigation revealed that the current owner has had numerous inquires to sell the land. However, he does not wish to sell te property. Hopefully this satisfies your intrest in the house. I too enjoy wondering what the history is behind various old and long forgotten places. However, I mostly visit the numerous iron mines scattered throughout the Hudson Valley area. This was a nice change of venue (research wise). If you have any further questions either put up another post or send me an e-mail. And , by the way "Welcome to Yorktown". Brian

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Kristin on 4/16/2003, 1:36 pm, in reply to "Abandoned in Yorktown"

Which Yorktown are you talking about? What state?

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Brenda Lee on 4/17/2003, 7:39 pm, in reply to "Re: Abandoned in Yorktown"

New York State Yorktown! I know exactly what they're talking about.

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Keeley on 4/10/2003, 7:52 pm, in reply to "Abandoned in Yorktown"

I have seen those houses on Quinlan Street. It is very strange that on a street full of beautiful, well maintained homes, the town allows that. Those houses are falling apart, dirty, the grass and weeds are overgrown, and the windows are either broken or boarded up. It's disgusting. The house across from the Yorktown PD had a fire about two years ago, I don't know why nothing has been done with it. Obviously people are paying taxes on all three homes.

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown,school
Posted by rich on 8/18/2003, 9:30 am, in reply to "Re: Abandoned in Yorktown"

there is an abandoned school adjacent to turkey mt in yorktown, near golf course. the hill behind it use to be a ski slope in the 1950's

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Kally on 4/13/2003, 7:56 pm, in reply to "Re: Abandoned in Yorktown"

When I moved to Yorktown three years ago, a neighbor told me that there was a fire in one of the homes on Quinlan Street. A woman died in the fire and the husband just moved out of the house. He still owns the house, he just doesn't live there. He can't aford to make repairs and he doesn't want to sell it. I'm sure the bank and the town even could make some kind of arrangements with him. It's a sad story.

Re: Abandoned in Yorktown
Posted by Juditha on 4/14/2003, 4:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Abandoned in Yorktown"

I don't think so! The house is just abandoned. No murders, deaths, fires. Nothing like that.

A Camp in Briarcliff?
Posted by Lilly on 4/6/2003, 5:08 pm

I was driving on Chappaqua Road in Briarcliff Manor when I came across what looks like an old camp. There's a nice sized lake, some old cabins, picnic tables and your usual camp buildings. It looks too old to still be a functioning camp. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Re: A Camp in Briarcliff?
Posted by Chazz on 4/13/2003, 7:57 pm, in reply to "A Camp in Briarcliff?"

No, I'm pretty sure that camp is abandoned. I've driven down Chappaqua road recently and the place was deserted, no lights, no people, nothing. I think it's safe to say that it's abandoned.

Re: A Camp in Briarcliff?
Posted by Sherri on 4/10/2003, 7:54 pm, in reply to "A Camp in Briarcliff?"

That would be Camp Andree Clark, which is owned and operated by the Girl Scouts of America. It is used frequently in the summer, and definitly not abandoned! You can go to the Edith Macy Center across the street to get some information about it.

Abandoned ground school
Posted by mryia on 4/6/2003, 7:20 pm

Hi there, Here is the result of my latest exploration The old shopping center near my house is beeing demolished, and the old school is prepared for demolition too. The pics can be seen here:

Re: Abandoned ground school
Posted by Steve on 8/19/2003, 12:25 pm, in reply to "Abandoned ground school"

Hi Mryia. Just tried to check out your link but it's dead ...

Un-abandoned trolley tunnel in Pa.
Posted by JimBoylan on 4/10/2003, 11:37 am

The Electric City Trolley Museum is now taking passengers from Scranton, Pa. through the Lackawanna & Wyoming Valley "Laurel Line"

Railway's Crown Ave. tunnel in South Scranton. Trolley cars run Wednesday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m. Passenger service had been abandonned in 1952, and freight trains about 20 years ago. Check for photos.

Pennhurst, Spring City, PA
Posted by James on 4/11/2003, 1:50 pm

I browse a lot of sites regarding urban decay/exploration. There is one closed state hospital that seems to have limited amounts of pics and info- Pennhurst State Hospital, Spring City, PA. I rode my mountain bike trough there several times a week for excercise because it was peaceful and desolate. I've never been bothered by cops except for one time when I parked my Kawasaki and walked around upon which I was immediately asked to leave without any other questions after he realized I wasnt looking to get inside the building. Heres a link to what I've found as far as pics... This place is probably one of the most intersting and largest abandoned facilities in the U.S. so I'm really surprised that noone else has taken the time to explore the region more. 25 Miles N.E. of Philadelphia.

Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA
Posted by Phil on 5/10/2003, 12:10 am, in reply to "Pennhurst, Spring City, PA"

Do you have any other good sites in that area? I've found a few good abandoned houses nearby, but I moved out of the area not long after taking up the hobby. I was living in Collegeville at the time; pretty close to Spring City. If you're into houses and not just big stuff like Pennhurst, I'll give you some locations. I'll have to check out Pennhurst the next time I come back home; I'm surprised I didn't already know about it.

Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA
Posted by kris and danielle on 7/13/2003, 6:53 pm, in reply to "Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA"

just recently stumbled upon the facility, searched devon hall, found minimal documentations and info. apparently a fire tore through this particular building, some clothes, adult diapers,and magazines were some of the remains we found. still plenty of other buildings to explore. if anyone knows more history on the place or the fire that occured, or the underground tunnel system please contact.

Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA
Posted by Jim on 6/17/2003, 2:50 pm, in reply to "Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA"

Collegeville Eh? I grew up there. It is completley built up and theres probably not an inch of ground thats not either redone or brandnew construction. I do know of places outside of Collegeville towards boyertown and the surrounding areas. Be careful of security in Pennhurst, Im not sure how but the cops are quick to react to trespassing. If you have a camera and they dont catch you actually inside theyre more than likely to just kick you out with not even an ID check. Good luck. I would go on a holiday. jim

Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA
Posted by chaz on 6/20/2003, 12:19 am, in reply to "Re: Pennhurst, Spring City, PA"

be careful if ya go to pennhurst in the last couple months they've been cracking down on security they even blocked the roads so you can't just drive up anymore but if you do decide to go try and visit "fricks-locks too it's little ghost town outside of of north coventry about a 10 min drive from pennhurst

Places in VA?
Posted by Kristin on 4/16/2003, 1:34 pm

Hi, I'm just getting into all this stuff and have explored a few abandoned houses and such in VA, but I need suggestions about anything interesting in VA. Anyone know any places? Thanks

Re: Places in VA?
Posted by Sarah on 7/27/2003, 4:44 pm, in reply to "Places in VA?"

hi, where abouts do you live? i have done alot of urban in ma, mainly insane asylums, but im now here for a while and trying to find whatever i can, ive found old farmhouses and a few of the asylums here have abandoned buildings but in still used campuses. let me know if you want to hook up and maybe we can find some stuff...

Another socialist modern ruin
Posted by mryia on 4/17/2003, 8:45 pm

Here are the photos I made at the abandoned hostel for vietnamese guest workers in east Berlin, Germany. It's not as impressive as the Braircliff Lodge, but it's a modern ruin too Any comments or questions? -mryia

Wow, so many avid abandoned house fans!
Posted by Michelle from NY on 4/18/2003, 1:25 am

I never realized how many people share the excitement I have for exploring abandoned buildings. Around midnight tonight my friends and I attempted to get into an abandoned insane asylum (in middletown, NY 80mins from NYC.) We found an open window, but a skunk was blocking the way. We're going back tomorrow. I can't find anything online pertaining to it, so if anyone knows anything let me know. Also, there is an abandoned priest seminary in Goshen called the Salesian School. There's a large school, mansion, tower and graveyard. I've been in it numerous times, minus the tower. Tonight I went in it as well, but discovered a bum on the fourth floor. If anyone lives in that vicinty, and is interested in exploring abandoned buildings it's definitely a great place to begin. E-mail me with any questions, or any information about abandoned sites in and around orange county NY.

Re: Wow, so many avid abandoned house fans!
Posted by Jim on 7/8/2003, 12:33 pm, in reply to "Wow, so many avid abandoned house fans!"

Hi Michelle, I know of both places you are talking about. There were a few places here in Port Jervis but they are gone now. One was an old silk mill and then a shoe factory ( it is now condos) and the other was the skyline division of Kolmar labs. It is still there but part of it is being used by a packaging company. There used to be a few abandoned houses outside of town but they have been torn down also. I am looking for new places to explore and if I find any I will let you know. If you know of any others please let me know of them. Most of the group I used to explore with have moved away so I usually go alone. Not the best Idea in the world but sometimes you have no choice. Happy Exploring, Jim