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Where did you get all those inflatable reindeer?

I bought most of them in 1991 at Walgreen's (on Neperan Avenue) in Yonkers, New York during the holiday season. A friend also gave me some a few years ago.

Where can I get some inflatable reindeer like yours?

According to someone I talked to at Intex (the company that made them) they were discontinued a few years ago, which is a shame because they're by far the nicest inflatables I've ever seen. A friend of mine found a few in a closeout store in New York.

Can I buy one of your reindeer?

Sorry, my reindeer are not for sale. If you really want one, try e-bay, but keep in mind because they're so rare they sell for $100 or more. I've seen the price go as high as $400.

What inspired you to make this webpage?

Boredom, actually. I was alone for Memorial Day weekend and by Friday evening was looking for ways to entertain myself. Having nothing better to do, I unpacked my entire herd of inflatable reindeer and blew them all up. Then I thought it would be fun to stuff them all in the hallway of my apartment. Then I decided to use up the last few pictures on a roll of film to take pictures of them. One thing led to another, and by the end of the weekend I had this webpage.

Why do you have so many inflatable reindeer?

Take a guess.

How big are the inflatable reindeer?

Fully inflated and ready for action, they stand about 4' tall.

What are their names?

Actually, I haven't gotten around to naming any of them. Maybe I should.

How many inflatable reindeer are there?

There are over six hundred inflatable reindeer in the picture. I just positioned them really well so it looks like there are a lot less. What, did you think I was going to give away the answer that easily? What fun would that be?

Most people who guess think there are a lot more than there actually are. Count carefully.

How do I know if I guessed correctly?

First, look at the picture on the main page. Then come back to this page and click here for the correct answer. (Please be honest and guess first... peeking at the answer ahead of time really takes all the fun out of this.)

Can I link to The Inflatable Reindeer Puzzle Page?

Please do! The main page is


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