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Here are some of the questions we've gotten.

Dramachick404 wrote:
are you dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, dunder, blitzen, or rudolph? or have you been named something stranger because the creator of the site was UIE (under the influence of eggnog) when he named you and decided that people could email you and hope in vain to get an email back?

We don't have names, actually. Suggestions are always welcome, though.

joeldearden wrote:
1. Why is a duck? 2. How old am I? 3. Is 'pop' a nickname for soda or father?

1. Because. 2. Old enough to know better. 3. Maybe.

steph wrote:
I note that you have amazing flexibility in some of your joints. Particularly those of you who seem to have double-jointed ankles and some whose ankles actually bend side to side. Is this a breed characteristic (e.g., do all inflatable reindeer have this amazing talent) or have you specially trained specifically for the purpose of hallway stuffing? Also, what is the mean density of a properly trained hallway stuffing inflatable reindeer?

Inflatable reindeer have many talents. We are specially trained professional reindeer, and you should not attempt to stuff your hallway with your pets or siblings or eggnog.

hartley123 wrote:
Hi! Is it comfortable laying down or does it hurt with everyone on top of you?

We can be put in virtually any position and be comfortable. We do not, however, enjoy being filled with eggnog.

fairwaydoug wrote:
am i talking to inflatable reindeer?


94pachothydec wrote:
are you real????


mccoyfam wrote:
Does it hurt being in that cramped space? Why do you look at me with envy? Why are reindeers brown? What does Santa do in his free time? Are you good friends with Rudolph? Or is he your enemy? Is that you who took a crap in my lawn last Christmas Eve?

No. We think you're cute. Because. Makes a list and checks it twice. Rudolph wasn't flexible enough to join our merry band of lunatics. He still sends us Xmas cards. I didn't do it.

patchofsun wrote:
Hello inflatable reindeer. I would just like to ask you, do you do a lot of yoga? You guys seem to be able to get in odd positions and stay in them at least as long as it takes to take a picture. And how do you keep in such great shape? Honestly, do you ever gain weight? I've never seen an obese reindeer. Have you? One night around the world with Santa can't keep you slim the rest of the year? So what's your secret? Thanks.

We practice using a combination of yoga, aerobics, and playing Dance Dance Revolution. We only get really big when filled with eggnog or attached to a high pressure airhose, but that doesn't happen that often. We spend most of the year deflated and smushed in the bottom of a storage container, so we don't have a chance to gain weight.

inflatable reindeer are cute!

laughtrey wrote:
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That's easy for you to say.

calfirefam wrote:

inafalblte redeeinr

my crush iz really shy and all hiz friends say he likes me but he doesnt want to admit it how do i force it out of him??!!!

Show him you care by pumping him full of eggnog. That always works for us.

brian900 wrote:
who are you?

Just this bunch of inflatable reindeer, y'know?

tucker wrote
I would like to know if you keep them inflated all year round? If I had some, I probably would. And have you ever gotten a hole in one of them? And if so, did you nurse it back to health? Oh well, thank you for your time.

We don't stay inflated all year round, unfortunately. There used to be more of us, but one Xmas there was an unfortunate incident involving a large quantity of eggnog, and a few of the other reindeer exploded. It was messy. Don't try this at home.

butterfly4790 wrote:
who are you??

We are tightly inflated vinyl reindeer. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

purrsnickittysnottykat wrote:
why do you have a "ask the inflatable reindeer a question" cuz you do not have fingers to type and you cannot talk you are just plastic or whatever witha ir in it. Whats the point?

Now you've hurt our feelings.

dragonsayer105 wrote:
Are yo' rilla a inflatable rainda? Yo, cuz I gots dis frend in Wesonconsin who haz dis fake ole pofee rainda dat's fake. He'd a like ta get ta see yo. Bye na.

Please have your friend send us pictures of inflatable reindeer full of eggnog.

pinkangel17 wrote:
i am looking for a large inflatable pig. i was wondering if you had one for sale, or know of anyone that does.

We don't have any for sale, sorry. Try eBay.

karrera.starr wrote:
hi. i am looking for an inflatable bull (a longhorn really). do you know where i could buy one? thanks!

We don't know where to get one of those either.

squashandonion wrote:
how much did they cost?

We cost about $9 each originally. Nowadays you'd be lucky to find one of us for under $100.

dholness2001 wrote:
Why do people fall for this stuff so easily? its obvious you're just a picture of inflatable reindeer with a human answering the e-mails. Yeesh!

Yeesh! Next thing you'll be telling us Santa doesn't exist or something. Fact is, we are tightly inflated reindeer with a sense of humor. Our sense of humor was trained in the remote hills of Bavaria and subsists mainly on a diet of loofah sponges. Well, not really, but it sounded a lot better than the absurd claim there was actually a human answering these emails. We're actually a very sophisticated artificial intelligence program. Yeah, that's it.

pmk wrote:

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

martinahenry wrote:
i was wondering have you ever seen santa NAKED .....Does any1 of you have a red nose????????

Well, we've never seen SANTA naked...

Caitie McLean wrote:
do you wear pants? I can fly. and did you know bob's pants are on fire?

I ate a bowl of entropy flakes and now I'm on a train.

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