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1009 Ruritan Circle

This was an abandoned house located at 1009 Ruritan Circle in Sterling, Virginia, just off the Washington & Old Dominion trail. I'd never been inside, since it was in a somewhat populated area.

1009 Ruritan Circle, Sterling, VA

abandoned house in Sterling, VA

abandoned house on Ruritan Circle

Tax records indicate it was owned by Rodger & Judith Delp up until 2001, after which it was sold to Elden Auto Body & Paint. The property is now owned by HNZ Corporation and zoned for commercial/industrial use.

These pictures were taken March 7, 2004. The house has since been demolished.

Nearby Points of Interest

I'm not sure how old the house was, but it looked pretty old. This area is near the site of the Sterling (Guilford) station on the W&OD. Ruritan Circle was formerly known as Old Church Road. Ruritan Road, which heads northwest, was known as Railroad Avenue. There are several old structures nearby.

At the South end of Ruritan Circle is a Methodist Church, built in 1897. Down the road a little farther at 1001 Ruritan Circle is the Guilford Baptist Church, which was built in 1882. At 1000 Ruritan Circle is Sterling Schoolhouse Antiques, occupying a former schoolhouse which was active from 1879–1947.