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Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island

Bannerman's Island Visitor Information

Bannerman's Island is off limits to the public and is best accessed via guided tours. Many of the abandoned castle buildings have become dangerous and are at risk of collapse. This website should not be considered encouragement to trespass.

Guided Tours

The Bannerman's Castle Trust offers 2.5 hour tours of Bannerman's Island from April 30-October 30, 2016 for $35. The tour leaves by boat from the Beacon Dock at nearby Beacon, New York and travels 30 minutes to Pollepel Island. During the cruise you will learn about Bannerman's Castle and its history. There is a guided walking tour of the castle ruins, as well as the Bannerman's residence and gardens. A visit to the castle can be an interesting an educational experience for the whole family. Advance purchase required! See the website for further details and schedule.


Bannerman's Castle is located about four miles south of Beacon, New York on Pollepel Island (Bannerman's Island) in the Hudson River. The castle and island are visible from the mainland. By train, take Metro North to the Breakneck Ridge station. By car, there are parking areas where Route 9D runs parallel to the river just north of the tunnels at Breakneck Ridge. There is a pedestrian bridge across the railroad north of the parking areas. (Watch for traffic!)

Bannerman's Castle map and directions