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Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island

Bannerman's Castle Links and Information

Do you want to know more about Bannerman's Castle and Bannerman's Island? Here are some of our recommended sites that have additional information.

  • Bannerman's Castle Trust, Inc. - A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island as an educational, cultural, historical, and recreational facility. The Trust helps promote tourism in the Hudson Valley and stabilizes and maintains the remaining structures on the island, sells merchandise and books about the castle, and conducts guided tours throughout the year.
  • Bannerman Island History: A Mystery Island on the Hudson - Lenore Person's article about the history of Bannerman's Island and the Bannerman family.
  • Bannerman's - The Haunted Isle - Craig Poole's kaying website details the history and legends of Pollepel Island, from the Indians who believed it to be haunted to its importance during the Revolutionary War. Information on the many mishaps and incidents that plagued the island before it was finally abandoned.
  • Hudson Valley Ruins - Tom Rinaldi and Rob Yasinsac document the history and architectural details of sites around the Hudson Valley that are threatened by demolition and development. Well-researched information on Bannerman's Castle and many other locations around New York.
  • Forgotten New York - Primarily focusing on the vanished structures of New York City and surrounding area, Forgotten New York hunts down and documents a treasure trove of streets and buildings that are long gone, old signage, lampposts, trolleys, and more. They also regularly have walking tours!