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Bannerman's Castle on Pollepel Island

Bannerman's Castle Collapse

In December 2009, a significant portion of Bannerman's Castle's main tower collapsed. I visited with fellow ruin-enthusiast Rob Yasinsac on a bitterly cold winter day in January 2010 and got these pictures from the mainland.

An overview of Bannerman's Island after the collapse.
An overview of Bannerman's Island after the collapse.

Bannerman's Castle ruins.
The north and east walls of the main castle tower have fallen, making the ruins unstable.

Lodge in front of castle ruins.
The lodge in front of the crumbling castle ruins remains intact.

A tower on the breakwater at Bannerman's Island.
One of the towers on the breakwater is also in danger of falling down.

East wall of Bannerman's Island Arsenal.
A view of the collapsed east wall. The wall used to say "BANNERMAN'S ISLAND ARSENAL."

Collapsed castle wall with turret.
A wall with a turret on the Bannerman's Castle ruins.

The Twin Towers on the Bannerman's Island breakwater.
The Twin Towers gatehouse on the breakwater, built in 1912.

Legands say Bannerman's Island is haunted.
Some legends say Bannerman's Island may be haunted.

There's a huge piece missing from the main tower (built in 1909), making the entire structure dangerously unstable. Every year, these structures crumble a bit more and are at risk of collapsing because there isn't enough money to preserve them. You can help by donating to the Bannerman's Castle Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to stabilizing and maintaining the castle buildings on the island.