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43608 Ryan Corner Place

This is a house in Ashburn I saw one day during my morning commute. Some kids across the street nearby were playing soccer, but they were preoccupied and I was relatively inconspicuous.

The house was definitely vacant, and there was debris everywhere. Glass jars, plastic ice cream tubs, old magazines, greeting cards, moldy paperback novels, clothing; it was scattered all over the place.

I picked through some of the paper debris, and the most recent date I could find was 1995. Every single room was carpeted with personal effects. Old tax forms. Sketch books. A Gregg Typing manual. Huge piles of clutter in the attic which had obviously been ransacked for anything of value.

The house was owned by Robert Roderick until 2002, and then Salvatore Cangiano in 2003. In 2004, it was sold to a developer. It demolished to make way for the Parkside at Ashburn gated townhome community.

43608 Ryan Corner Place
43608 Ryan Corner Place.

back porch of abandoned house
Back porch of the abandoned house.

interior, looking into front hall
Looking into the front hall.

interior, looking down the stairs from third floor
Looking down the stairs from the third floor.

looking out the window on the third floor
Looking out the third floor window.

side view of abandoned house
Side view of the abandoned house.

rear view of abandoned house
Rear view of the abandoned house.

closeup of windows on mansard roof
Close-up of windows on Mansard roof

bottles on the back porch
Bottles on the back porch.


living room
Assorted clutter and an old TV in the living room.

cluttered third floor stairway
A cluttered third floor stairway.