Because making elaborate box buildings for your cat is a fun and low-stress thing to do.

How It Started

So, how did this all start?

The earliest picture I have is from November 2015. It was a simple little house for Strudel. Nothing too fancy.

A black cat sits in a yellow cardboard box house.  Photo by XYDEXX.
StrudelHaus, November 2015.

Later, we got more boxes, so I added on to it and moved it into the upstairs hallway outside our offices. It is filled with crinkly brown butcher paper, which Strudel enjoys playing in.

Strudel sits in front of his cardboard box house in 2017. Photo by XYDEXX.
Strudel looks angry here, but he's actually making slow blink love eyes at me.

In June 2017, I started thinking about basing these off of actual NYC buildings and started doing research.

Strudel sitting on the railing overlooking his row of cardboard box buildings. Photo by XYDEXX.
October 2017. On the left, the Snook Building (287 Broadway). On the right, a decommissioned firehouse at 173 Franklin.

176 Franklin was the first building I actually tried to build to scale. I started getting serious about tracking down measurements from fire insurance maps or historic building surveys or wherever I could find information.

A row of three cardboard box buildings for our cat, Strudel. Photo by XYDEXX.
StrudelCity in March 2018. Based on (L to R): 543 Broadway, 176 Franklin Street, 173 Franklin Street in New York City.

From October 2018 to January 2019 I worked on StrudelStation and improved my construction methods a lot. By November 2018, I would start replacing these buildings with the newer ones that are currently part of StrudelCity. Click here to see the latest buildings!