Because making elaborate box buildings for your cat is a fun and low-stress thing to do.

About Strudel

Strudel (a/k/a Captain Strudel McNoodles, Furry Baby, Purry Baby, Whiny Baby, Noodles, Foodles, Corner Loaf, Loafy Loaf)

A black cat witha snaggletooth and pirate accoutrements. Photo by XYDEXX

We adopted Strudel in 2014 from the animal shelter. Here is a video of Strudel shortly after we brought him home, letting him get adjusted to his new environment.

A black cat lying on a chair. Photo by XYDEXX.

Things Strudel Likes:
1) Boxes
2) His purple stuffed mousie
3) Anything he can chase
4) The crinkly plastic safety wrappers from bottles
5) His treat ball full of treats

Things Strudel Hates:
1) My unicorn slippers
2) Trips to the vet
3) Being picked up

A black cat peeking out from under a zebra blanket. Photo by XYDEXX.