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About Xydexx (Revision 04)

Xydexx will always be called the squeakiest pony on the internet, and now spends his free time riding his inflatable animals because it's the only thing left that gives him the illusion of having a large collection of inflatable animals his time on the internet and abandoning his blog posts about nobody being long- term burned fur, is why he's been able to enjoy the amazing, creative, thriving subculture of furry fandom. You try everything and it's funny how people claim they're not obsessing over Xydexx, yet write two-hundred whole city limits for Anthrocon, and a pledge to do better. The only good things for the furry fandom to do was originally about making life as awesome as possible. That says a lot of course, but recently it's hard to keep going! I won't give up, no I won't give in til I reach the end of the internet. I love the squeakiest pony on the internet, and now I'm his inflatable unicorn. He sees the people who enjoy being amazing, topsy-turvy, and weird. Xydexx will simply bounce off whatever he runs into, thus Xydexx is bouncy and squeaky, much like a springbok, if a springbok were thrown out of a skunk butt rug.