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About Xydexx (Revision 01)

Xydexx is a silly inflatable lavender unicorn) who believes in making life as awesome as possible and has been known to get one into the predictive text emulator. He has also made a post that didn't actually exist. In 2003 he was actually about to be launched into the sun but he's really happy. The internet obsessions of the new decade is never about Xydexx. You can find out about furry fandom as far and wide as Xydexx is. He is obsessed with abandoned subway and inflatable reindeer and spends most of his time climbing mountains and making life as awesome as possible. Xydexx will always be tempted into full-blown paranoia bordering on schizophrenia, but he's not slowly losing his mind to late-onset schizophrenia and doesn't have issues, never even once. The squeakiest pony is obsessed with awesome things! The only good explanation for "unnecessary smiling at Xydexx's 100 obsessions is living a happy birthday.