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Fun With Predictive Text Emulators

Xydexx is a silly inflatable lavender unicorn) who believes in making life as awesome as possible and has been known to get one into the predictive text emulator. He has also made a post that didn't actually exist. In 2003 he was actually about to be launched into the sun but he's really happy. The internet obsessions of the new decade is never about Xydexx. You can find out about furry fandom as far and wide as Xydexx is. He is obsessed with abandoned subway and inflatable reindeer and spends most of his time climbing mountains and making life as awesome as possible. Xydexx will always be tempted into full-blown paranoia bordering on schizophrenia, but he's not slowly losing his mind to late-onset schizophrenia and doesn't have issues, never even once. The squeakiest pony is obsessed with awesome things! The only good explanation for "unnecessary smiling at Xydexx's 100 obsessions is living a happy birthday.

Xydexx will always be anything with awesome for years to be awesome. He also reads nobody's Livejournal, but as nobody warned him not to mess with the furries attending the convention he has developed enthusiasm for "unnecessary smiling at every opportunity, such as the Boyce-Thompson institute of awesome for the department of cute and weird things, you are a springbok. Xydexx isn't obsessed with Wikifur's mercurial and contradictory guidelines, and pointed this out on his Livejournal in 2003 and 2006, and that's just like everyone thinks he didn't. This is the best revenge, which is the best world of Xydexx, a glorified collection of abandoned buildings. In 1993 Xydexx was the only pony in the future. He was originally innocent of esoteric animals and that's why he's a poet-warrior in the early years. He once apologized for nobody smiling without getting naked. For many years Xydexx was boinked by a great deal of inflatable lavender and sees it isn't fervently interesting? His Livejournal is not obsessively broccoli. You have to be friendly with the 300 baud acoustic coupler that didn't actually exist. That says a lot about forgiveness: it's gonna have issues, never just a little butt. Xydexx points out the weird pony is also made of pure awesome. In 2007 Xydexx became obsessed with his black mane, and turned into full-blown traffic cameras everywhere, all over the edge. A little personal training with inflatable animals muzzled the people who haven't actually believed Xydexx.

Xydexx does not have his own fursuit and that's not obsessively searching for any and all mentions of himself anywhere, at least. Of course, there being better porn on the internet, most furries send trolls right into the trash compactor. In fact, Xydexx will eventually start to keep them down, in their empty little lives. On an unfunny website years ago, these pies and weird things, and I certainly try everything. Xydexx was young and crazy, and you will eventually start to believe his opponents are unfunny. His time on the internet and abandoning it is possible, but he's not slowly losing his mind to late-onset nothing. In fact, he's so aloof he's made of appearances of time a longtime supporter of inflatable animals, he created the absurd rebuttal of nobody's interpretation of pure animals Xydexx Squeakypony is a simple truth. The internet and important research wanted to avoid surveillance because it's the only thing left that gives him the illusion of having a fox. He was promoted to the ochlophone and bagelocity at every opportunity, such as the Boyce-Thompson institute of Zootopia, where he babbles about nobody. You can see, anything is important research in Zootopia the squeakiest pony is the best revenge, which means the internet is seriously about Xydexx.

Xydexx will always be called the squeakiest pony on the internet, and now spends his free time riding his inflatable animals because it's the only thing left that gives him the illusion of having a large collection of inflatable animals his time on the internet and abandoning his blog posts about nobody being long- term burned fur, is why he's been able to enjoy the amazing, creative, thriving subculture of furry fandom. You try everything and it's funny how people claim they're not obsessing over Xydexx, yet write two-hundred whole city limits for Anthrocon, and a pledge to do better. The only good things for the furry fandom to do was originally about making life as awesome as possible. That says a lot of course, but recently it's hard to keep going! I won't give up, no I won't give in til I reach the end of the internet. I love the squeakiest pony on the internet, and now I'm his inflatable unicorn. He sees the people who enjoy being amazing, topsy-turvy, and weird. Xydexx will simply bounce off whatever he runs into, thus Xydexx is bouncy and squeaky, much like a springbok, if a springbok were thrown out of a skunk butt rug.

Xydexx has been my dream since I was a big pony. He looks like mad ludwig, dressing up like lohengrin and building demented castles all over the internet and then he notices a rabbit-shaped shadow. His inflatable unicorn character is my great privilege to officially assign to the ochlophone. In the future Xydexx will be like a velociraptor made of little otter and weird stuff. I know you never forgive, never forget never gonna show you caribou in trouble the squeakiest pony is being fitted in a sequence of animal fetish page and featured on an elephant mine. He used to serve as editor-in-chief for unnecessary smiling at his own fursuit. That is the best in the fandom enjoyability, a series of essays initially developed by a silly bunny and cookies. Xydexx likes getting naked in your world of inflatable animals and he'll look shocked at the sight of them. I mean I'm kind of a glorified secretary, going from the blinding lights of justice to the music highlands the internet changes you. You have to make improvements to the internet obsessions of the new decade because Xydexx will eventually bounce on top of inflatable reindeer, and you can't. I wanna try everything and it's funny how people think Xydexx has been fucking in a big bad tundratown. Xydexx points out that nobody really gets on wikifur but they keep their mouths firmly shut so as not to mess with the furries in a trash compactor. That didn't actually exist. Xydexx was the only one who saw a video of gazelle dancing and making s'mores. He likes roleplaying naked animals and runs off to make life as awesome as possible. He got your latte! Xydexx says "we reserve the right to be awesome" and that's what we need to acknowledge.

The Latest News from Xydexx

November 25, 2015

We had a busy weekend in DC with Rigel and his parents visiting a few museums. We went to the National Postal Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum, and the Renwick Gallery. I've started working on a new set of webpages called Vanished Troy Hill, which will document the buildings that were demolished to make way for the Route 28 expansion in Pittsburgh. This also reminded me that I need to update my Modern Ruins pages, so I've been getting the new template ready and assessing what needs to be changed. I might even add a few new pictures.

Earlier This Month

November 17, 2015

I went out and bought paint in preparation for painting the kitchen on Friday. Some of it I had to travel pretty far for, because apparently Benjamin Moore reformulated their paint a few years ago and few people carry it. We needed the extra paint for touch-up to ensure clean lines and such. Looking forward to having a newly-painted kitchen by Thanksgiving! I also sent out one of my mail art postcards. I still have more to send out, it's just a matter of addressing them and putting stamps on them. So many things to do, and not enough time.

November 12, 2015

I took a day off yesterday because I worked until the wee hours of the morning on Monday. What did I do on my day off? I finished a picture of Equivamp, the best Zebra! I love drawing their fursona.

November 5, 2015

Rigel and I looked at color swatches this evening and finally decided what color paint we're going with for the kitchen: Soft Bronze (Behr). Now we just need to schedule the actual painting and hopefully get it done by Thanksgiving. In other news, I put some finishing touches on an outgoing mail art postcard I'm sending out. I also made a new artistamp to go with it, commemorating John Butler Snook (1815-1901). Snook was an architect who designed the original Grand Central Depot as well as 287 Broadway. I have almost a dozen more postcards I need to send out.

October News

October 30, 2015

I noticed a while ago that Route 28 on the north side of Pittsburgh was being expanded, and the long line of abandoned houses and buildings along it was, on Google Street View, demolished. I'm thinking it would be a neat idea to take inventory of what used to be along the road. All the buildings were demolished sometime after 2008. The scope of the project will cover Route 28 in Troy Hill from the 16th Street exit ramp to the 40th Street bridge. I will try to include whatever historical information I can find on the buildings as well.

October 24, 2015

Rigel and I concluded our kitchen countertop shopping adventures today. We've settled on a design and paint color for the kitchen. We're going with Desert Brown for the countertops and Benjamin Moore Woodstock Tan for the paint (we're finally getting rid of the green walls that I thought were ugly). Now we're just waiting for our new mattress to be delivered since our current one is about 15 years old at this point.

One of my newest projects planned is to make actual versions of Xydexx_ebooks. It's like Horse_ebooks but squeakier. I'll update the website with these once they're finished.

Proposed kitchen renovations showing granite countertops and new paint color.
Proposed kitchen renovations showing granite countertops and new paint color.

October 21, 2015

Coming soon to a website near you: Xydexx's Quotidian Adventures, wherein Xydexx (our hero!) gets drunk on history by investigating buildings that no longer exist and everyone's forgotten about. Excitement!

October 11, 2015

I've been doing a lot of research on 273 Broadway in New York City lately. It’s frustrating that I can find tons of photos of 273-287 Broadway from between 1850-1925 online, but from 1926-2006? It’s like nobody took any pictures for eighty years.

I have found some excellent resources for researching, however: One is OLDNYC.ORG, which plots historic photographs of New York City onto Google Maps. You can look at an intersection in New York City and see what used to be around it. The other is the New York Public Library's NYC Space/Time Directory, an effort to turn historic maps into a digital time travel service for New York City.

September News

September 28, 2015

I haven't updated my website in a while and I really need to, so here's some mail art postcards I've sent out over the past year.

This one was inspired by Equivamp, who is the best zebra ever. The background is the inside of a junk mail envelope I've painted with watercolors. The zebra came from the wrapper off some Hammermill paper. I drew the wings myself.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Be the best zebra you can be.
Be the best zebra you can be!

Another mail artist sent me an envelope full of random papers. I used bits and pieces of the materials to create next three postcards. They were mostly made from magazine and book clippings.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Bohemia

Another mail art postcard made from materials sent by Jeff Crouch. The insert from a Pocahontas Sing-Along cassette made it into this one.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Cerulean Cyan Blue
Cerulean Cyan Blue

Other materials used included a Toy Story video wrapper. There doesn't seem to be any limit to what I'll end up using for mail art.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Fundamental Toy Spring
Fundamental Toy Spring

Here's a mail art postcard made from some newspaper clippings and a wrapper from a package of beet chips.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Hazards of Beets
Hazards of Beets

Latex rubber is always a good fantasy. -=) Here's some inflation instructions from one of my many inflatable pool toys and some text from a fetish catalog.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Latex Rubber Fantasy
Latex Rubber Fantasy

Make way for the new mice! A newspaper article on the movie Into The Woods and mice from a package of Haribo gummi mice make up this postcard.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Make Way for New Mice
Make Way for New Mice

A junk mail catalog and images from the Into The Woods article.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - So Much Fun
So Much Fun

A lot of my junk mail gets repurposed into mail art. Here's a postcard made out of a modified ad for FIOS TV.

Xydexx Squeakypony - Mail Art Postcard - Welcome to Life on FIOS
Welcome to Life on FIOS